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I've enjoyed several playings of this title and as with most other games it's worth having in your library. The verdict that this is "Bulge-less" is certainly true given the restrictions on mechanized movement and the supply considerations. Trucks are not allowed to move off road and everything must stop in ZOC unless paying heavy fuel allowances so unless the German can tackle Bastogne or another major crossroad like La Roche, he has absolutely NO CHANCE of getting much further west.

In the attached file, I think I've addressed most of the problems. One thing I have not touched on are Victory Conditions. I think the German must capture a Meuse river city to gain a full victory in the game, but you may have your own house rules about victory.

The file comes in three parts and hopefully all set correctly to print off. A revised AT START which is more historical (no 3PG Div yet) and the divisions are beefier in general. Overall, a regiment equivalent is a unit for medium to elite formations. Volkgrenadier are less. There is also a revised Reinforcement chart given the new division sizes.

Then there's the House Rules to work with this new expanded OB. I tried hard to not tamper with the Supply mechanisms of the game and because costs are paid by hex, the increased OB didn't really put more strain on the German supply net.....so I've left that alone! Mech units and Supply have much better movement capabilities and there are some other features in there to give the US the ability to dig in at key points on the map.

Hopefully this works, but it's just an experiment anyway! Enjoy

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