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This is my first attempt to create a game, excuse my lack of knowledge of lingo, I hope to pick it up as I go on.

Currently working on a game build, trying to refine mechanics right now. Looking for general advice on my game.

Game is called Fratricide, it is a card based game in which players compete against each other for the title of Regent. Competition is based on cards, which are leveled depending on court faction which player aligns themselves with.

I'm working on mechanics right now, flavor will come through in card description, balance will be addressed in play-testing.

Game Pieces:
Crown Hex
Multiple Influence hexes (6 different colors, correspond to players)
Colored marker cards corresponding to each players hex color
Valor cards
Subterfuge cards
Event cards

3-6 players
Ideal playtime is 45 minutes

Here is what I have so far in regards to rules:

Fratricide – The Game
I.) Game Pieces:
Crown Hex - Placed in middle of table at start of game. Each side
corresponds to a political faction
Influence Hexes – Used to build influence within political
factions, must be placed on a side of crown hex, or adjacent
to an existing owned influence hex
Action Cards – Played during action and event rounds, can have
positive or negative effects. Divided into two categories –
Subterfuge (generally negative effects against other players)
and Valor (generally positive effects on yourself)
Event Cards – Played after conclusion of action round. Starts
event round, in which players compete for points using
remaining action cards. Winning event cards yields succession
Color Cards – Each player is given a card corresponding to every
other player’s hex color, these cards are used during action
and event rounds to signify which player action/subterfuge
cards are directed at
II.) Initial setup.
1.)Beginning crown hex is placed in center of table
2.)Action cards are shuffled and placed face down on table
3.)Event cards are shuffled and placed face down on table
4.)Each player is given one color card corresponding to each player
on the board
5.)Each player draws 5 cards
6.)Turn order is determined

III.) Turn Phases:
1.)Action Round - Turn order decided by lowest ranking player
A.)Player draw 2 cards (base)
• Each player has 2 actions available - Actions can be any
combination of the following:
a.)Play a card
i.) Place card to be played face-down on color card
corresponding to player which it will affect (cards can
be played on yourself).
•Valor or Subterfuge
•Power based upon allied faction level
•All cards are flipped simultaneously after last player has
taken their actions
•Player effected based upon paired colored card
b.)Consolidate influence
•Place an influence hex
•Unoccupied side of hex crown or adjacent to existing owned
•Level progresses as consecutive hexes are placed
C.)Scoring - When all players have placed cards all players flip
simultaneously, tally points awarded and removed by cards.
The amount of points each player receives can be spent on
actions in the Event round
2.)Event Round
A.)Immediately after conclusion of action round
a.)A card is drawn from the event deck and read aloud.
b.)Number of actions available to each player is determined by
amount of points awarded in action round
c.)Each player may use the amount of actions they won in the
action round to play cards during the event round. Each
point allows play of one card.
•Cards are played in the same manner as in action round.
•Player with the highest score in event round wins the card.

•Each event card corresponds to a specific amount of
succession points.

IV.) Victory:
•Each event card corresponds to a set amount of succession points
•The first player to amass 10 succession points wins.

V.) Action Cards:
1.) Valor:
• Playable in action round and event round
• Scales in power with faction alliance
• Generally used to earn action points
2.) Subterfuge:
• Playable in action round and event round
• Scales in power with faction alliance
• Generally used to effect action points of opposing players

VI.) Faction Alliance:

During action round player can elect to build their faction alliance power at the expense of an action. Initial alliance is determined by placing player’s hex adjacent to side of crown hex that corresponds to their chosen faction.

To build power within the faction player must place hexes outward from center hex. Level is determined by number of consecutive hexes player has in their faction radius. Only consecutive hexes count towards level progression, and only hexes within the straight-line radius are counted when determining level. The player with the highest level controls the faction, and gets the corresponding bonus. Players can build laterally towards other factions, however, only hexes within faction radius count towards level progression. In the event of a tie, control goes to the player who has the most hexes in the faction radius.

Players can elect to block progress of another player within a faction by building laterally from their owned faction line.
There are six factions. Each Faction corresponds to either valor or subterfuge, this is evident on the starting position of the factions. Each action card has three levels, increasing your level within the faction will allow you to play higher level abilities on the action cards which correspond to their chosen play style .

Each faction grants bonuses to the player that has the highest level of influence within the faction. Influence is determined by level. In the event of a tie in level, the player with the most hexes in the faction radii gets the power, in the event of a tie in number of hexes, neither player gets the power.

VIII.) Factions:
1.) Church
Effects: Valor Cards
Bonus: ???????
2.) Knightly Orders
Effects: Valor Cards
Bonus: Each turn player can play an additional action card
3.) Peasants
Effects: Valor Cards
Bonus: Valor Cards award double points
4.) Merchants
Effects: Subterfuge Cards
Bonus: Each turn player can draw an additional action card
5.) Aristocracy:
Effects: Subterfuge Cards
Bonus: Each turn player can place an additional influence hex
6.) Bandits:
Effects: Subterfuge Cards
Bonus: Subterfuge Cards deduct double points

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