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Subject: Hero Card: Ignatia the Rune-sorceress rss

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Cregg Y
United States
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Below is the Scrivener exported text for the hero card for Wasp, Envoy of the Queen:

4 Ignatia: The Bomb, Waller, Rogue Rumbler
4.1 Character Card
4.1.1 Roles

The Bomb: Ignatia explodes, literally, or makes other things explode to kill minions or disable (force to discard cards) enemy heroes.

Waller: Ignatia can create an impassable wall of fire as she walks about.

Rogue Rumbler: Ignatia's attacks hit friends and foes alike, if she is not careful. This often forces her to be solo and come at enemies' rear.

The Avatar of Flame: Ignore the text on your attack cards.
4.1.2 Skill Tracks


Heat Seeker: Magma Thorn, Magma Spike, Magma Spear
Moderate damage ranged attacks that have the unfortunate limitation that they must attack the closest unit; this means allies and friendly minions can be hit by Ingatia's attacks if they or Ignatia are not well positioned. Recommend building attack and range for this track.

Earthshaker: Tremors, Earthquake
Below average damage attacks but can affect multiple targets at tier 3. However, which enemy unit is affected by the attacks is decided by the enemy team. Once Ignatia has her ultimate, Earthquake becomes a devastating radius AoE that just hits everything in it, friend or foe. Recommend building radius and attack for this track.


Fire Walker: Path of Ashes, Path of Cinders, Path of Flames
These are movement skills for Ignatia that, as she walks, leave behind impassable magma tokens (note: tokens are removed at the end of the round). Ignatia can use these skills to separate enemy team-members or block off minions from enemies. Recommend building movement for this track.

Earth Walker: Earth Walking, Stone Walking
These movement skills allow Ignatia to fast travel (use fast travel rules) from a space adjacent to an impassable space to another space adjacent to an impassable space. The Stone Walking card can also be used as a defense card, giving Ignatia the potential to have two such cards with Fiery Retribution.


Demolitionist: Ignite, Explode, Denotate
Ignatia can cause a friendly minion to explode and disable (force to discard a card) enemy heroes adjacent to that minion. This is a nice surprise to spring on enemy heroes just as they are about to attack a minion that can't be saved anyway. Recommend building range and initiative for this track.

The Bomb: Searing Vengeance, Fiery Retribution
These are defense skills that cause Ignatia to explode and kill an adjacent enemy minion if she is defeated. These skill allow Ignatia to get a minion kill regardless of the enemy team's effort to stop her. The nature of this skill is such that building additional defense is an optional strategy.
4.1.3 Strategy Tips

Ignatia is a very difficult and dangerous hero to use. Her attacks are just as likely to hit friendlies as well as foes. For this reason, Ignatia is probably best being solo at particular moments in the game, depending on which red track is used; the Heat Seeker track should be played solo until acquiring her ultimate, while the Earthquake track should be played solo after acquiring her ultimate.

Careful positioning is key with Ignatia to avoid accidentally hitting friendly minions and allies with Ignatia's attacks. In this regard, Ignatia's best approach is probably to approach enemies from behind to attack them.

Ignatia's Demolitionist and The Bomb skills can put enemy teams into dilemmas about whether to attack her or minions within her range.

Ignatia's Fire Walker skills can be used creatively to either separate enemy heroes (divide and conquer tactics) or wall off friendly minions from enemy heroes. Her Earth Walker skills can be used to quickly get behind enemy lines and put them in a pincher position with Ignatia's allies. Keep in mind, the magma tokens do not impede enemy heroes with teleportation or jumping skills (Arien and Miss Swift) that allow them to evade obstacles.
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