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Subject: Hero Card: Tigerclaw the Outlaw rss

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Cregg Y
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Below is the Scrivener exported text for the hero card for Tigerclaw the Outlaw:

8 Tigerclaw: Stalker, Thief, Poison
8.1 Character Card
8.1.1 Roles

Stalker: Tigerclaw can remain 1 space away from his target and then jump in for an attack.

Thief: Tigerclaw can steal coins from a target, slowing their progression, and then sneak away.

Poison: Tigerclaw cripples his target (forces them to discard cards) using poison.

Shadow Walk: Each round, you can’t be targeted until you resolve an attack.
8.1.2 Skill Tracks


Hit and Run: Hit and Run, Combat Reflexes, Blade Dance
Moderate damage melee attacks in which Tigerclaw jumps in to attack the target. At the higher tier, he also jumps away. These attacks are likely good against squishy targets or targets with weakened defense. Recommend building movement and defense for this track.

Lurking Assassin: Backstab, Backstab With A Ballista
Moderate damage melee attacks that do more damage if the target has a unit friendly to Tigerclaw adjacent to it. These attacks could be good for assassinating melee heroes positioned to attack minions. Recommend building attack and movement or defense for this track.


Dodge: Dodge, Sidestep, Evade
These are probably Tigerclaw’s best defense skills and allow him to ignore a single non-basic attack. At the higher tiers, he can also move after dodging the attack. This is useful against both melee and ranged attacks.

Parry: Fend, Parry
Like the Dodge skills, allows Tigerclaw to ignore an attack, but it is limited to only melee attacks. Naturally, these are useful only in cases when Tigerclaw is closely stalking a melee enemy or is facing a team of only melee heroes.


Pick-Pocket: Quick Fingers, Pick Pocket, Master Thief
With these skills, Tigerclaw can steal a coin from an adjacent hero (friend or foe); at the higher tiers, he can move after the skill. While he can use this to rob his allies, it is best used against enemy heroes to slow their progression, while expediting his own. Recommend having a defense card handy.

Poisoner: Poisoned Dagger, Poisoned Dagger
Ranged skills that force a target hero to discard a card. Recommend building range for this track.
8.1.3 Strategy Tips

Tigerclaw’s attacks require him to stay close to his intended target. So, it is highly advisable that he keep a defense card handy at all times before stalking his prey (or entering combat).

Make good use of Tigerclaw’s harassment from either his Pick-Pocket or Poisoner tracks to slow enemy progression or cripple their usefulness.

Get to ultimate quickly to make Tigerclaw unable to be targeted (until after he makes an attack). This is the one means for him to remain safe against Min’s attacks.
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