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Subject: Hero Card: Wasp, Envoy of the Queen rss

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Cregg Y
United States
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Below is the Scrivener exported text for the hero card for Wasp, Envoy of the Queen (guess it wasn't as time consuming as I thought it would be to post the text for the 9 main heroes):

9 Wasp: Telekinetic, Lane-Pusher, Dominatrix
9.1 Character Card
9.1.1 Roles

Telekinetic: Wasp Move other units adjacent to her or push them away.

Lane-Pusher: Wasp can defeat or remove multiple minions in a round using a combination of skills and attacks.

Dominatrix: Wasp can charm enemy minions to add to her defense.

Tesla Blast: Whenever you Target a hero with a skill or attack, that hero must play a Hold card next turn, if able.
9.1.2 Skill Tracks


Lockdown: Shock, Electrocute, Electroblast
Moderate damage melee attacks that cause enemy heroes to discard to card they played this turn, without using it. At higher tiers, this also affects heroes adjacent to the target. The full effect of these skills do require Wasp to win initiative. Recommend building attack and initiative for this track.

Hook Shot: Charged Boomerang, Thunder Boomerang
Below average damage, short-ranged attacks that can not target units that are in a straight line from Wasp. While this may seem detrimental, these skills could allow Wasp to position between enemy attack lines of fire. These skills seem to be most useful for killing minions. Recommend building range for this track.


Minion Removal: Daunt, Coerce, Conspire
These skills allow Wasp to simply remove an adjacent minion. At tier 3, Wasp also triggers minion combat afterwards. These skills are good for adding extra lane-pushing for the win.

Telekinesis: Telekinesis, Magnetic Harpoon
Ranged skills that allow Wasp to pull a target unit to a space adjacent to her. These can be useful to couple with the Lockdown track.


Dominate: Persuade, Charm, Dominate
These are Wasp's prime defense skills. However, to be most effective, they do require that she keep herself surrounded with enemy minions, as in they have to be adjacent to her. This is probably the better defense in combination with her Lockdown track.

Repealing Shield: Static Shield, Tesla Armor
These defense skills are weaker than the Dominate track, but they have the benefit that they push enemy heroes away as part of the defense. This can be useful against teams that are heavy on melee, not only for pushing them away from Wasp but also pushing them out of position. Probably combine with the Hook Shot track.
9.1.3 Strategy Tips

Wasp’s most powerful winning strategy is probably to combine Hook Shot with Minion Removal for maximum lane-pushing if not fighting teams with a lot of minion defense (Miss Swift, Sabina, and Brogan). Otherwise, it would probably be better to go with Lockdown, while also having Minion Removal.

Wasp needs to keep herself surrounded with enemy minions to make her Dominate defense cards most effective. Against teams with high damage heroes, you may also want to have the Telekinesis track to pull minions adjacent to Wasp.

Wasp’s Lockdown track is good for harassment and opening enemy heroes to attacks from teammates. However, because they are melee attacks, requiring Wasp to get close, combining with her Dominate and Telekinesis tracks would probably be good.

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