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This is likely the Kickstarter expansion that I would pick up first. I think the game shines with more maps as it really shakes things up and gives you more to do. Some maps are harder/easier than others.

There is a really fun "epic" scenario where you can put two maps together and try a huge march to the bunker. This is fun, but it does take more time to play the game.

This is a really fun expansion map and I like the new additions. I found this a little bit harder than the other maps I had played up to this point. There is a little bit of "bookkeeping" in the amount of icons things you have to watch out for. It is amazing how different the two maps play for such a subtle difference.

I highly recommend these maps for fans of the base game. This is a great place to start your journey into the expansions (and there are a lot!).



The rules are printed on really nice paper. I love the feel of this paper. The board is hard nice cardboard. They should be commended for this as it could have easily been cheap paper. The icons are easy to read and to use. Excellent job.

Rule Book:

The rule book is really good and explains the new features and the new maps. It includes a new scenario where you can use two maps together. The rules are very good and it is easy to read. Great job!

Flow of the Game:

This is one battle map (double sided).

Optional Rules:

1. Elite Gunners - Roll more die for machine guns and use the best result.

2. Random Sector Tokens - Instead of rolling dice, use the tokens that are numbered 1-6.

3. Riva Vella Casino Map :

4. Sword Beach II Map:

-- Each of the maps play differently. The sword beach relies upon random sectors more and the Casino utilizes the Elite Machine Gun fire. There are not any new rules per se, but they do mix things up to give you a new feel and/or experience.

5. 2-4 Player Scenario: Two-Handed Sword: This uses both Sword beach maps and this creates one giant beach. The Atlantikwall expansion can also be used to integrate the German player.

Should I buy this game?:

With a game like this variety is also good. This gives you more maps and more strategies and things to think about. This is much appreciated. This is more important than the other expansions that give you more cards. I like having different boards to put my soldiers through even though they act the same overall.

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