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Subject: Custom made USS Aventine expansion (Vesta Class) rss

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Bob J
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Hello everyone,

this time I made cards for the Vesta Class USS Aventine from the Destiny Novels.

USS Aventine
4 2 4 6, EVADE, SCAN, TL, BS, 3 Tech, 1 Wpn, 2 Crew, 31 SP, All of your TECH Upgrades cost -1 SP. WHEN YOU WOULD DISABLE A TECH UPGRADE EQUIPPED TO THIS SHIP: Place 3 TIME Tokens on this card instead.

The ship was captained by Ezri Dax. Therefore, after the Captain Ezri in my Runabout expansion we have another Captain Ezri.

Ezri Dax 6
4SP, Range 1, Ezri Dax my field the 'Assisted Target Lock' Talent Upgrade. ACTION: Repair 1 Hull or Shield on a friendly ship in Range. The target ship cannot attack this round.

Talent Assisted Target Lock
3 SP, Range 1-2, When a friendly ship within Range
attacks an opponent with a secondary weapon that needs to spend a
TL Token, you may spend a TL Token on the same opponent from this ship instead. Disable this card and place an AUX Token beside the friendly ship.

Since the Vesta Class is at the time the most modern starship class equipped with a lot of gizmos, most importantly ist Slipstream Drive, there are a lot of Tech Upgrades.

Upgraded Launch Platform
3 SP, When docking, instead of needing to overlap the ship's bases, a friendly shuttlecraft may dock to this ship being within Range 1. ACTIVATION PHASE: When launching a shuttlecraft: Disable this card.
You do not need to place AUX Tokens beside this ship or the shuttlecraft.

Chroniton Integrator
5 SP, WHEN YOU MOVE THROUGH OBSTACLES OR AFTER EXECUTING A MANEUVER OVERLAP ANOTHER SHIP'S BASE OR OBSTACLE: You do not lose your Perform Actions step. If you take damage from an obstacle, you roll defense dice.

Quantum field focus Controller
5 SP, Range 1, If this ship has Damage Cards assigned to it:
ACTION: Disable this card. Target an opponents ship and perform an attack against that ship with 4 attack die. If this ship has Damage Cards assigned to it: ACTION: Disable this card. Repair one Shield.

Quantum Slipstream Drive
6 SP, If you reveal a maneuver with a speed of 5, before performing the maneuver, you may disable this card to remove your ship from the play area and discard all tokens from beside your ship except AUX Tokens. Then, immediately place it back in the play area, but not within Range 1-3 of any other ship. You cannot attack during the round you use this ability.

Phaser Cannons
4 SP, 6 attack dice, Range 1-2, Forward arc only, ATTACK: Place 2 TIME Tokens on this card. If this attack hits, you may immediately make a second attack with this weapon against the same target and -2 attack die for the second attack. Place an AUX Token beside your ship, if you perform the second attack.

Simon Tarses
3 SP, ACTION: Discard this card. Choose 1 of your CREW Upgrades that was discarded from your ship on a previous round. Redeploy that CREW Upgrade to your ship and place an AUX Token beside your ship.

Generic Vesta Class and Maneuver Template

One could probably think of even more stuff with this ship, but this is it for now. If have have comments or suggestions feel free to share them!
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Henry Grossen

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Man; I just LOVE the assisted target lock card.
Really cool!
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