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nick fury
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The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
Adventure game
Players: 4-8
Time to set up: Ten Minutes
Time to play: 60 to 120 Minutes
Complexity: Easy

Before you lies a vast tundra of snow and ice as far as your eyes can see, thousands of miles from the rest of humanity. You and your team are deployed to the worlds most isolated research facility, U.S. Outpost 31. Your routine mission has spiraled into chaos as you have come into contact with a hostile alien entity that can assimilate all species it comes in contact with. The imitation has assimilated one of your team members, making a perfect replica, it is now up to the team to identify the imposter.

Sweeping the facility, you search for needed supplies to complete your mission and purge the station of the imitation menace. Will your team be able to remove the threat and make it to the helicopter in time to warn the world that out there in the vast cold tundra, the invasion has begun?

In this hidden identity co-op game, your team will be racing against time to discover who among you has been assimilated by the alien life form. Each of you will take on the identity of one of the twelve characters that will be going on missions in the facility gathering supplies and equipment to clear the building and find the imitation among you. Tensions mount as time starts to run out, but who can you trust?

Thoughts on The Thing:

Michael Bruce owner of Emerald Dragon Games in Fleming Island Florida hosted a game night at his shop and had a Demo copy of The Thing: infection at outpost 31. Mike graciously offered to teach us how to play this game and we had a frightfully wonderful time. If you love games that are easy to learn, have solid mechanics, with a traitor aspect; set in a horror fiction universe and is fun, then this game should be on your short list of must have games.
We started out on our first mission and having to clear the first level of the facility, we knew that one of us was the imitation, but who?

Part of the fun of this game, was exploring the facility, finding needed equipment to finish our missions and clearing out the infestation. As the game progressed, each one of us started accusing our fellow team mates while pointing fingers and saying” Pick him, his the imitation , listen to how is is laughing maniacally!” This was a big part of the fun in the game, putting on our best poker face or acting skills to either convince our fellow players that we were not the imitation or that we were indeed human, not an easy task as everyone starts suspecting everyone else.

As we explored each sector (numbered 1-3) they got progressively harder and the tension on the team rose. Towards the end, we started running out of supplies and time to clear the final rooms and get to the chopper. We scramble frantically in sector 3 to find our final needed supply, the flame thrower and too defeat the final imitation, which got away from us twice before we were able to succeed. Everyone at the table, with the exception of a few, was being accused of being an imitation. Complicating our escape, was the traitor or traitors, throwing more and more sabotage cards into our missions causing them to fail.

With time running out we were able to defeat the final imitation life form, but now we had to make it to the chopper and escape. Knowing that there was at least on imitation among us it was time to find out who. If the imitation got on the chopper we would lose. Our captain had the flame thrower so he had the option of flaming two players that the group would vote on being the most likely imitation. The group voted and he flamed two of our players, both human, Oh the horror!

Next, one of the other operatives had a rope, he could tie up one of us who the group thought was an imitation as well, a vote was cast and I was tied up, dang, they chose wisely as I was one of the imitations, “I'll get you next time humans”, LOL. In the end, one of the imitations made it onto the chopper with the humans, my wife who no one suspected of being an imitation as she played her character beautifully the whole time. We all had a great time, and will be playing this game again very shortly.

The Thing: infection at outpost 31 borrows mechanics from games such as Battle star Galatica and dead of winter and is a social co-op game. There are three separate sections that must be explored and special objects found such as (a rope, a flamethrower, dynamite) and beat back the thing in each section. This triggers the end game were the players vote on who they thing the thing is and can leave them behind, tie them up, or in the case of our game flame-throw(er) them. Guess correctly and humanity survives, failing has dire consequences for all of us.

For a great explanation on how to play the game go to the following site

Best for: ... co-op social deduction players and large groups.
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