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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 38 - Kill All Rats! rss

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"The Ravens of VGG - 2016-2019"
United Kingdom
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Today's Active Members:

Boris Heelbeck (Mr Boris)
Seidel Kraut (Jormi_Boced)
Grimwulf (wytefang)
Kristof (Lord_Kristof)
Feggins 'The Shadow Arrow' (MrFeggins)
Singlerage (allenjess11)
Augustus Wheatdust (starfishpaws)
Sylvester Ampersand (frumpish)
Klovis Finn (dokmatrix)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 2135 (Enemy 2258/Hard- +15% Damage, +15% HP)
Current Gold: 2185
Current Wyrdstone: 480 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


The Ravens are in the Noble's District. Have we been here in this part before? It's hard to tell in the desolation that is the City of the Damned. Night has settled over the ruins, but the streets are lit with a dimly green fog that carries sounds not altogether natural.

Klovis and Feggins emerge from the ruins and join the rest of the group at our wagon. They are clearly flustered. 'One of the biggest deposits of Wyrdstone we've ever seen lies in the street just to the South here', says Feggins pointing back the way they came. 'Good work lads', says Boris with a nod of approval. 'Let's get to it then!'. 'There's one problem with that Cap'n', grunts Klovis flatly and stretches his arm out to jangle something floppy and moist at the others. It's a Skaven ear. 'Rats', says Boris squinting at the grim trophy. 'We got this one', continues Klovis, 'but his pal scampered off- pretty sure they spot the stones too. We won't have long before they return like mice to cheese'. 'Well we better get moving then!', Boris shrugs. 'Ravens! Move out!'.

The first time I've ever seen every piece of Wyrdstone on the map focused into just one spot!

The Ravens stand ready in the misty darkness!

Turn 1
Feggins leads Boris down the street towards the Wyrdstone. They head into a building further along and Feggins takes Boris up the stairs into the destroyed upper level. There he signals for Boris to take a look out from around the ruins. Boris peeks out to see the street on the other side. Walled off behind it is the gardens to one of the Merchant villas. The dark shadows of ratmen lurk close to the building.

Illuminated in front of a fire down on the ground is the shape of one of the enemy- a Skaven!

'The wyrdstone is just in the street down in front of us' whispers Feggins. Boris nods and leaves the Marksman there as he heads down to meet Grimwulf, Augustus and Sylvester who have caught up to them outside. Boris warns them of the enemy and they prepare for attack. Grimwulf offers prayer to Ulric, casting Howl of the Wolf to invigorate his fellows. The Prayer's power overloads in the highly saturated magical environment, and a beam of white light shoots from the sky, cutting through the dark clouds and bathing the Priest of Ulric in a bright and invigorating spotlight! 'Well if they weren't sure where we are before they'll know now!', muses Feggins with a smirk.

Grimwulf's Prayer flares with power, making him visible on the map to everyone, friend and foe!

Kristof marches fearlessly down the other street straight for the Wyrdstone!

Kristof can see the Wyrdstone as he heads down the street!

Seidel sticks close behind him as the Ogre walks around towards the South and lays eyes on the Wyrdstone deposits. Klovis stays by the wagon, adding the ear to the others on his Skaven ear necklace! 'Come on man!', pesters Singlerage. Klovis spits irritably, 'What's the hurry? Rats always find us'.

Turn 2
A Skaven shaped shadow slips across the Wyrdstone patch and clambers up into the rafters of the building only paces away from where Feggins is still concealed. Feggins watches the Skaven silently stretch to peep at the other Ravens below and then draw its blade.

The first of the enemy prepares to jump down on the Ravens just a few paces from where Feggins is hiding!

It's an Assassin, and most probably the leader of the enemy! Feggins sneaks quickly down the stairs and out to the others where he warns them of the Skaven laying in ambush right above them. He pulls Augustus further back and shows him where to aim, drawing his Bow to match.

Over on the other street a Warpguard (the Skaven's heavy thug class of warrior) charges out in front of Kristof. It squeals fearlessly and rushes for the Ogre, leaping onto his torso and stabbing at him frantically!

A Warpguard fearlessly charges Kristof!

'OYE! OUCH!', Kristof bellows angrily as he rips the flailing Skaven free from his chest and chucks it down onto the cobbles. The Skaven spins around and side rolls to avoid Kristof's falling Axe blow which shatters the cobbles right next to it.

Kristof looks down angrily on his attacker!

The Skaven looks up at Kristof and hisses, blood and saliva dribbling from its muzzle. A Crossbow Bolt suddenly strikes it in the snout, penetrating it skull and sending it crashing to the ground in a heap. Singlerage nods to the others as he reloads his Crossbow.

Singlerage snipes the Warpguard, putting him down from a great distance!

Turn 3
The Assassin makes its move. It moves to the ledge right over Grimwulf and the others. Feggins and Augustus both fire, striking it as it reaches the edge. The Assassin cries out in pain, irritably chops the Arrow tails off to free up its shoulder and snarls. It jumps down to the ground, landing on all fours like an animal. Grimwulf charges for it but is stopped dead by a Skaven pressure trap that goes off, spraying a Foul Mist into his face! Boris steps up as the Assassin moves forwards. He stabs for it, but the Assassin rolls around his Spear thrust, grabs his Shield and uses it to vault straight over Boris's head and onto Augustus behind him! The Assassin hisses and spits in anger, hacking at poor Augustus with its Dagger. Augustus suffers heavy damage and is dragged down to the ground in a flurry of blows!

The Assassin dodges through the group and zeros straight in on poor Augustus, hacking at him with a flurry of blows!

'No!', shouts Feggins, quickly drawing and firing two arrows with one hand at the Assassin from only a couple of paces! The arrows hits full force at point blank range, sending the Ratman onto its side against the railings with a squeal.

Feggins stuns the Assassin down besides the already stunned Augustus!

As Boris turns to attack the Assassin another Skaven appears a little further down the street. It flicks both its arms out, sending Shuriken whistling through the air towards us! One pings off Boris's Shield as the others fly wide of their marks.

Kristof, Seidel and Klovis reach the Wyrdstone. There's so much of it- way more then they can carry on their own! Kristof is peppered with Shuriken from a Ratman up in the safety of the buildings nearby. Seidel and Klovis start to collect up the stones, but back up when several more Skaven warriors appear from in the gardens beside us- there's going to be a blood bath!

A gang of Skaven arrive near Seidel, Kristof and Klovis- things are going to get messy!

Grimwulf wipes the residue of the Foul Mist from his eyes, steps over to the prone Assassin and decapitates it with a single hate fuelled blow!

Grimwulf slays the Assassin before he has chance to recover!

He then strides towards the Shuriken-throwing Clanrat, chanting a Prayer against it. Icy particles start to build up across the Clanrat's body and it scratches at itself in a panic as it tries to stop the spell's effects. It shivers, steam clouds coming from its chilled breath as Snow King's Decree sets in. The Clanrat stoops and cowers, trembling in fear as Grimwulf stands over it.

Grimwulf stands over the cowering Clanrat!

Sylvester charges in from behind Grimwulf, kicking the cowering Clanrat to its back and hacking at it with his Axe.

Sylvester charges in to assist Grimwulf and crit-locks the Clanrat!

On the other side the gang of Skaven veer off unexpectedly, disappearing behind the wall rather then charging into us. Singlerage watches with a furrowed brow, his Crossbow aimed at the gap where they were only moments before.

Singlerage watches as the gang of Skaven move into the cover of the walls, where will they pop out?

Suddenly he realizes what they are doing- they are coming for him! A Warpguard charges from behind the wall right besides him. Singlerage fires, striking the beast, but its Heavy Armour absorbs the blow as it continues into melee. The Warpguard smashes into Singlerage, knocking the Crossbow from his hands, then slashes his chest with a harsh swing of its serrated Halberd. Singlerage stumbles back against the buildings, trapped by the Ratman.

A Warpguard bursts out on Singlerage and pins him against the wall where he cannot break from melee!

Turn 4
Augustus is shaken and badly wounded from the Assassin's assault. He winces and wails as Feggins drags him up from the ground and slings his arm over his shoulders. 'We need to get off the ground! Move yourself Augustus!', he encourages the boy. Feggins helps him up into the ruins where the Assassin was before. This spot is excellent, and although there is risk of the enemy reaching us they will have both the height advantage and better views of the enemy. 'Can you still shoot?', Feggins asks Augustus. The young Marksman nods, his chest heaving with pain from several wounds. Blood stains his clothing and drips to the floor. 'Yes', he replies with a nod, pulling his Bow ready.

Right below them Boris sprints through the ruined lower level and explodes out onto the street with a yell, colliding with the Warpguard pinning Singlerage.

Boris charges in to assist Singlerage!

Singlerage is still trapped and cannot brake free to retreat. He draws his Sword and Dagger- he has no choice but to fight up close and personal!

Not far away Kristof and the others realize the Skaven have flanked them and turn to take action. Before they can move a Night Runner rolls out in front of them and blasts Kristof with a brace of Warplock Pistols, the enchanted black powder weapons leaving searing wounds on the Ogre. Kristof roars and bull rushes forwards. The Skaven shrieks and covers its face as Kristof smashes into him like a battering ram, sending the Skaven flying into the wall behind it! Kristof follows it up and stuns it with a blow of his mighty Axe before it can recover.

Kristof nearly destroys a Skaven Hero in a round of hits!

Seidel runs for Boris and Singlerage, joining them against the well armoured Warpguard. This Skaven is clearly no rank and file Ratman- surrounded and against 3 to 1 odds it remains completely resolute, dodging and weaving our attacks effortlessly.

The Warpguard is unphased as it spars with not one but three Ravens!

Only a cut from Seidel delivers any success, but the Warpguard doesn't appear phased. It spins, knocking us back with a round swipe of its Halberd, before focusing its blade on Singlerage and cutting into him again! Singlerage is now at half life. Another Clanrat rushes out of hiding and gets in behind Boris who deftly bats its initial attack away with his Shield.

More Skaven join the battle as Boris fends off another Clanrat!

Grimwulf and Sylvester continue to bully the lone Clanrat, stopping it from getting up as they cut at it whilst it whines and cowers helplessly.

Grimwulf and Sylvester continue to pick on the Clanrat!

Turn 5
A Poison Wind Globadier skitters past Grimwulf and Sylvester, tittering as it disappears into the buildings close to Boris and the others. With the Assassin already dead the Globadier is probably now what passes for the Skaven's leader!

The fight against the elite Warpguard continues, as Boris and Singlerage work as one to try and best the powerful foe. The Warpguard has now sustained a few wounds, but its Heavy Armour and constitution keep it fighting. Above them Feggins and Singlerage shoot down into the fight, trying to aid the others as best they can.

Feggins and Augustus fire down on the Skaven, backing up the Ravens fighting below!

Klovis who has been suffering from Stupidity and standing idle for the last two turns finally passes his Intelligence check and can perform actions. However as soon as he tries to move and help the others he is immediately challenged by another Clanrat. The two start duelling, blades clashing as Klovis's mind sharpens to the only thing he is comfortable with- violence!

Klovis enters a duel with a Clanrat as the others continue to fight off in the distance!

Kristof grabs the Night Runner by the head and pushes it against the wall. The Night Runner flails for a few moments, its anguish quickly turning into panic as Kristof continues to increase the pressure of his palm until the Skaven's skull cracks and smushes with a squelch, brain and Skaven face splodging out from between his fingers! The Skaven's twitching body remains stuck in place when Kristof removes his hand, and he shakes the bloody chunks from his palm with a chuckle.

Kristof effortlessly slays the Night Runner!

Kristof turns and walks on to help the others. 'YOU NEED ME?', he asks Klovis casually as he leans over the duel. Klovis spits to the side of him and shakes his head. 'Nah', he grunts. 'OK DEN', shrugs the Ogre and lumbers onward towards the main fight.

It's chaos here as the Ravens and Skaven continue scrapping in one large group!

The combat focuses in one spot as most of the warriors on the map end up in the same fight!

Even Seidel, usually our enemy champion killer, is having trouble hitting the Warpguard! Have we been duped, is this Skaven the warband's real leader!? Was the Assassin just a cutthroat? Whatever its real rank the Ravens get a break when the Warpguard finally fails its All Alone check, stopping it from attacking and giving Singlerage a turns grace!

Over on the other side Grimwulf and Sylvester are still trying to best the Clanrat. Although off to a good start, the Clanrat has now righted itself and is demonstrating an equally impressive ability to dodge nearly every blow we make for it! Grimwulf finally catches it with a back blow, staggering it long enough for Sylvester to cleave its spinal column. Sylvester stoops to check over its belongings and finds several pieces of magical equipment. 'It looks like the Skaven menace has put more resources into our destruction', Grimwulf observes coldly as Sylvester strips the quality gear from the creature.

These Skaven seem to be surprisingly well armed for a Warband of scavengers!

Turn 6
The Globadier reappears and attacks Grimwulf, showering him with Shuriken before chucking a glowing purple orb at him. The globe shatters with a blast of negative energy that leaves Grimwulf feeling sickened and sapped of strength.

The Clanrat duelling with Klovis strikes the Raven's Sword from his hand with a defensive blow of its Mace before going for the kill with a direct blow to Klovis's scar covered face. The Club connects with a crunch, smashing Klovis's face brutally.

The Clanrat crits Klovis, hoping for an easy kill!

Klovis stumbles back for a moment, then straightens up again and spits out a mouthful of blood and a tooth. 'Is that all you got, rat!?', he leers evilly. The Skaven shivers in fright at the seemingly invulnerable foe and turns to flee! Klovis stamps his foot on the Skaven's tail, stopping it from escaping. The ratman swings back around in a panic, lashing out for Klovis. He grabs its arm with his free hand and sticks his Dagger into the side of its neck. The Skaven whines and gargles as Klovis stabs its throat a couple more times, driving it to the cobbles where it bleeds out.

Klovis passes a Crit Resistance test avoiding being knocked down allowing him to swing it about and murder the Clanrat instead!

Seidel finally bests the mighty Warpguard. Distracted by Boris and Singlerage, the Youngblood makes a double handed hack for its head. The Warpguard turns as the blow falls and Seidel's Greatsword cleaves into the Warpguard's face, cutting right through its Helmet!

Seidel finally brakes the Warpguard's defences, slaying the formidable foe!

Now only a Clanrat remains, so some of the Ravens break off to collect the Wyrdstone whilst Kristof and Boris keep it occupied. 'Sigmar's Hammer!', says Feggins as he looks at the blood covered face and torso of Klovis. 'It's not all mine', says Klovis standing to his feet having retrieved another ear. The Ravens start collecting the many Wyrdstone fragments whilst the others continue the fight.

Turn 7
The Skaven's Morale holds, the remaining Skaven refusing to surrender! The Globadier flings Shuriken down onto the Ravens collecting Wyrdstone, chattering excitedly to itself.

Klovis is struck with throwing stars from the Globadier!

Kristof grabs the last Clanrat from behind, allowing Boris to impale it with his Spear.

Boris takes out the last Skaven on the ground- now only the Globadier remains!

This fight finally over, Boris sprints through the ruins and down the street to the weakened Grimwulf who points up a ramp to the Globadier who is still attacking the others below him, back turned. Boris quickly sneaks up on him and jabs the Globadier hard in the back.

Boris sneaks up on the Globadier and brings him down, ending the battle!

The Skaven squeals and falls clumsily forwards onto the cobbles below. As it draws itself up the Ravens close in around it. The Globadier whimpers and raises its hands up nervously in surrender.



New Items Acquired:
67x Gold Crowns
Duelling Pistols of Flight x1
Master Crafted Lucky Trinket x1

Shuriken of Dismay x1
Shield of Heroism x1
Sword of Carnage x1
Fine Greatsword x1
Fine Clothing x1
Fine Light Armour x1

Dagger x2
Shield x1
Formula of Rogues x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x7
Wyrdtsone Shards x8
Wyrdstone Cluster x4

(Surplus items sold for additional 130x Gold Crowns)


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = N MADE LEVEL 8! +4xp!
(4xp For Decisive Victory!)

Boris Heelbeck = N MADE LEVEL 8! +8xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +4 Skill Points! +1 Offence Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Grimwulf = +8xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Seidel Kraut = +8xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Kristof = MVP! +9xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp Most Valuable Warrior)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Feggins 'The Shadow Arrow' = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)

Singlerage = +8xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Augustus Wheatdust = N MADE LEVEL 6! +7xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement! +2 Skill Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)

Sylvester Ampersand = N MADE LEVEL 9! +8xp! +2 Martial Advancements! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Klovis Finn = +8xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory!)
(1xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)



Klovis Finn = Light Wound
Klovis has suffered some bad flesh wounds that will take a little time to recover from! (Recovery Time: 2 Days)

Augustus Wheatdust = Light Wound
Meshell has suffered some bad flesh wounds that will take a little time to recover from! (Recovery Time: 2 Days)


Post Session Warband Updates:

Boris Heelbeck: +1 Weapon Skill.
Seidel Kraut: +1 Strength, +1 Alertness, learned Weak Spot.
Grimwulf: +1 Leadership, +1 Accuracy.
Kristof: +1 Agility, +1 Alertness, learned Fatality.
Klovis Finn: +1 Leadership, +1 Accuracy, swapped Sword for Sword of Carnage.
Singlerage: +1 Alertness, +1 Ballistic Skill, learned Sniper Shot.
Augustus Wheatdust: +1 Alertness, +1 Accuracy.
Sylvester Ampersand: +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Accuracy, +1 Alertness, +1 Toughness.


Our Armoury:

Complete Map of Mordheim x1
Master Crafted Lucky Trinket x1
Master Crafted Healing Draught x2

Master Crafted Mandrake Root x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x4
Master Crafted Crimson Shade x2
Master Crafted Anti-Toxin x2
Master Crafted Mad Cap Mushrooms x2
Master Crafted Poultice x6
Master Crafted Draught of Focus x2
Master Crafted Draught of Clarity x2

Fine Healing Draught x3
Fine Poultice x3
Fine Mandrake Root x2
Fine Elven Wine x5
Fine Oil Bomb x4
Fine Draught of Clarity x1
Fine Mad Cap Mushrooms x2
Fine Crimson Shade x2

Smelling Salts x2
Draught of Concentration x2
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2

Master Crafted Halberd x1
Dagger of Havoc x1
Hammer of Alacrity x1
Mace of Misfortune x1
Mace of Slaying x1
Greataxe of Slaying x1
Greatsword of Havoc x1
Greatsword of Distraction x1
Greatsword of Retribution x1
Staff of Speed x1
Fine Axe x2

Fine Hammer x1
Fine Spear x1

Fine Great Axe x1
Fine Greatsword x1

Dagger x2
Spear x1
Sword x2
Halberd x1
Great Hammer x2
Staff x1
Ulrican Great Axe x1

Duelling Pistols of Flight x1
Pistols of Havoc x1
Fine Longbow x1
Fine Crossbow x1

Fine Duelling Pistols x1
Fine Handgun x2
Fine Blunderbuss x1

Bow x2
Longbow x1
Crossbow x1
Duelling Pistols x1
Hunting Rifle x1

Shield of Shielding x1
Shield of Absorption x1
Shield of Health x1
Shield of Heroism x1
Amulet of Climbing x1

Fine Clothing x2
Fine Light Armour x1
Fine Heavy Armour x3

Pendant x2
Amulet x2
Shield x1
Helmet x2
Clothing x1
Light Armour x2

Tome of Abilities
Magical Formula: Rune of Commanders
Magical Formula: Rune of Deviation
Magical Formula: Rune of Disciples
Magical Formula: Rune of Clarity
Magical Formula: Rune of Pain
Magical Formula: Rune of Rogues
Magical Formula: Rune of Shielding
Magical Formula: Rune of Focus

Master Formula: Rune of Hardness

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit [article=22789564]The Armoury[/article]


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Nate Parker
United States
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"Skaven," Klovis spits, wiping blood from his face as it continues to bleed. "It's always them. And always hittin' me in the head." Klovis proceeds to crumple into a bloody mess on the cobbles, rubbing his bloody face.
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