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Subject: Campaign 1 mission 5 questions (spoilers) rss

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1. Can Scorpio assist in gather/research/build actions?

2. Can Scorpio assist in a gather action on a different tile from where it was at start of the action phase? (If yes, then after resolving the action, does it stay where it performed the action or move back to where it was at start of the action phase?) In other words, is there an implied temporary HUB in the tile where Scorpio is at the start of the action phase, or does Scorpio itself act like a temporary HUB that moves only in the clean-up phase and not in the action phase?

3. It seems to me that the optimal strategy is to leave Scorpio on the starting space and I don't understand why it is useful to move it, so I must be misunderstanding some rule. Here is a quick action economy calculation. The FAQ states that we perform research actions where Scorpio currently is, taking tile costs into account. Since the starting tile does not have a -1[pawn] cost, and all the rest do, keeping Scorpio on the starting tile seems to save 7 actions (because you need to research 7 times). That is huge savings, and I cannot imagine a scenario where moving Scorpio generates anything better. In particular, moving the scorpio only one tile from starting tile is strictly worse -- it does not actually save any gather actions, and makes everything else cost 1[pawn] more. Moving 2 tiles away saves just 1 gather action on that tile, 3 saves 2, etc. But, by the time move that far, you should only have a few samples to gather and it seems unlikely that it will all add up to 7 saved gather actions... What am I missing?

4. I am confused about the cost of the refill action. When it says "add X [pawns], where X = distance between Scropio and the starting tile", is that simply a shorthand for counting the -1[pawn] costs printed on the tiles, or is it in addition to those costs? In other words, to do a refill action if Scorpio is adjacent to the starting tile, do I need a minimum of 2 actions, or 4?

5. One of the Engineer skills produces samples in the cargo bay. In this mission, how is it used? Is it: (a) produce samples on the mission sheet instead of the cargo bay, which can be used for the special mission research action; (b) produce samples in the cargo bay (which can be used for everything normally except special mission research action); (c) the skill cannot be used at all because it refers to the cargo bay which is not used in this mission.
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Thales Silva
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Any clues on the refill action? I'm lost as well
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