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SPOILER WARNING: Adventure sessions 2-4 involve the Dark Waters and Three Rings scenario supplements.

The party:
Ragar the barbarian
Axio the rogue
Alana the cleric
Ethilia the elf

ADVENTURE 1: 4AD Base Book Dungeon

Scenario: Kidnap

The party entered the dungeon with the quest to find the minions who had kidnapped the "chosen one" foretold by the sages.

The party encountered a medusa and the cleric was turned to stone. The remaining members won the battle and the elf advanced a level. Without a blessing spell, the survivors had no choice but to move on and leave the statue of the cleric behind.

After fighting through some vermin and some minions (who were not the kidnappers), the barbarian, rogue and elf defeated a mummy and gained a fireball staff. The rogue advanced to second level.

Later, in a hallway, the adventurers encountered a group of hobgoblins who had the chosen one! They were quickly defeated. Afterward, the party tried to loot a statue, but it came to life and had to be broken apart.

Upon leaving the dungeon the three survivors ran into the kidnap leaders, twoorc brutes. The barbarian raged and quickly finished one, then ran to help the other two adventurers defeat the second brute.

The party gained 500 gold for rescuing the chosen one. They used 200 of it to stage a rescue party back to the dungeon to turn Alana back into flesh and escape.

ADVENTURE 2: Dark Waters Chapter 1

A local collector of antiquities had a shipment stolen by a band of corsairs. He particularly wants returned a statue of the Shark God, Tezany. The party travels to a port city and learns of the location of the corsair lair.

The party entered via a secret entrance, but three of the four members fell down the rickety ladder. A Wand of Sleep was found in a storage box. The party killed a green slime and the cleric added a level (she was behind after being turned to stone almost the entire previous delve).

The kitchen was discovered next - containing an ogre cook! He tried to throw scalding soup at the adventurers, but everyone avoided it. He was quickly dispatched and the barbarian gained a level.

Later in the lair a sea witch was encountered, who hexed the entire party. After she was slain, the cleric gained a level. Moving down a corridor, a blade trap was disarmed by the rogue.

The corsair captain was found, but he handed the statue to a deep demon who then escaped. The captain is then left to face the party. After a rousing battle, the brigand was killed. The door to his personal room was locked and had to be bashed, alerting 7 goblin pirates. Within his room, the party found jewelry and a magic bow.

ADVENTURE 3: Dark Waters Chapter 2

The adventurers gain an enchantment that allows them to breathe underwater and they travel to a sunken temple under the sea.

Multiple drowned zombies and barracudas were encountered along with a deep demon lord and great shark. Finally, a large cavern was found with 8 cultists, who are attempting to summon an avatar of Tezany. The party could not kill them all before they summoned the avatar of the shark god. Only the cleric saved versus terror. After a very difficult fight, Tezany was killed and the party gained a sword +1 and the elf advanced a level. Upon returning to the surface, the statue was drained of its magic and returned to the collector for a reward.

ADVENTURE 4: The Three Rings

Between adventures, the barbarian had enough of this magic-toting group and left. He was replaced by Zaxar, a warrior. Ethilia loaned him her +1 sword as she preferred her +1 bow.

A local nobleman was ambushed by orc reavers in the forest and had three rings of his seal of office stolen. A reward is offered to regain the rings.

The party was surprised by a boulder beast, but won the battle. Later they tracked down Garutt, an orc reaver. The elf launched a long range arrow while the other members tied to catch up to the fast orc. Only the rogue managed to overtake the reaver and he had to fight one-on-one until the elf showed up three rounds later. Fortunately, the rogue had a health potion and held out until help arrived. Garutt was defeated and the first ring was located.

Later, the party encountered a fungus ogre and after subduing the monster, they found the second ring. The warrior gained a level.

An encounter with a jolly halfing rewarded the party with a clue. This lead to finding Morkar, another reaver boss. He is a heavy drinker, but was sober for this fight. The party won, but didn’t find a ring.

Next the party investigated a web and defeated a giant spider. The elf added a level and a ring of teleport was found in the webs.

Seeing a small cabin, the adventurers went to investigate. Unfortunately, a forest hag called the cabin home and she turned the warrior and rogue into frogs. The cleric and elf fought valiantly and defeated the boss. A fireball staff was found in the dwelling.

By this time, while wandering around the forest, the heroes had defeated 30 wolves and four serpent men.

The party came upon another web in the forest and this time there was a trapped orc inside. He produced a clue, which allowed the party to find Zorr, another orc reaver boss. After defeating him, the third ring was found.

After this quest, the characters advanced to expert (5th) level.

ADVENTURE 5: Four against the Abyss

Before entering the dungeon, the party engaged the services of the shield maker, the sage and the herbalist.

Upon entering the dungeon, they encountered some hairy goblins in the first room. The second room contained a puzzle, which the rogue solved for a 200 gp gem. However, while the party was engaged with the puzzle, a giant constrictor snake attacked. The rogue was squeezed for several rounds, but survived until the party could slay the snake. As a reward, the rogue gained the stabbing attack skill. In the next room was the final boss (already!), a mirage drake. The party was tricked by the mirages multiple times, but because the encounter was so close to the start, they had plenty of life points to wear the drake out over time. The party found 2 blessed stakes and loaf of elven bread.

ADVENTURE 6: Four against the Abyss

The party killed a zombie minotaur and obtained elven chain armor. In the next room, a mind screamer was subdued and a 240gp gem found. In a library, the rogue obtained a clue, but gained a madness point too. Ratmen and their leaders harassed the party three times. The rogue solved a puzzle in a room, but only found 10 gp. The rogue was on a roll, because he also thwarted a trapdoor and a metal ball trap. The party was then surprised by eight ghouls. The save vs paralysis is 7 - the elf made the save, but the other party members failed. The elf used a scroll of Blessing to unfreeze one party member, but eventually they all failed their saves and the party was lost in the abyss.

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