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Subject: Siegfried Walks in the Dark rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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This is the half way mark for the Mirror Campaign I have
16 Heroes I use for Massive Darkness so Siegfried is the 8th
to take the walk through the Tutorial Quest.

FYI the enemies featured in this Quest are Blood Guard
(Troglodytes Brutes) Clan Falon Warriors (Troglodytes Warriors)
Legate Faction ( Necromances/Zombies) and Black Bloods(Evil Dwarves).
(only the Blood Guards managed to get into the Game)

Steel Hill( from the Midnight RPG) which is where I set my Massive Darkness Game
has a number of Wards and based on which Ward the
Quest takes place in determines the enemy faction used.

As I'm using this Campaign to get my Heroes some Experience
& equipment before going into a Full Story Mode I've made
the Town Phase the Arsenal Phase to fit into the Midnight
background Fluff.


Castle Ward
Early Morning, Shareel 12th, 5YS

The Dwarf moved with a steady tread down the narrow passage feeling his way through the
darkness pushing his way through the cobwebs that hung thick in the corridor. Siegfried
wondered how many years it had been since this passageway had last been used.The dust stirred up
by his tread clogged his nose & irritated his eyes forcing him to stop every so often to wipe his face.

The discomfort the Dwarf felt was mitigated by the fact that it allowed him to enter the under ways of the
Castle Ward undetected otherwise his Mission to destroy the Dark Mirror would have not been possible.
Prince Aushav's Blood Guard & Falon Clansmen patrolled the corridors & catacombs beneath the Castle but
the old map the King of Rags had shown this forgotten corridor.

Siegfried strode on approaching his goal with the same indifference that he had when he would enter the arena
fighting pit he would succeed or die suddenly he slammed into a stone wall. Cursing as the dust from the ceiling
enveloped him he fought to breathe. Catching his breath he began to explore for an exit it soon became clear
there wasn't any but a careful exploration of the dead end wall revealed that it had been sealed up with stonework
sometime in the past.The Dwarf's fingers worked the ancient mortar and gradually he loosened and removed
several large stones to allow him to squeeze through and enter a larger corridor. The room the Black Mirror
was being constructed would be just up ahead.

The Dwarf wasted no time in rounding the corridor the room he wanted had two doors the nearest door opened
into the store room but Siegfried was in no mood to slip in via the back door. His Pit Fighter blood was up and
he wanted a fight so he moved on to the further which according to the information the King of Rags provided
housed the Black Mirror. Pulling the chosen door open the Dwarf stormed in only to find it unguarded.

Ironically the guards were stationed in the storage room but they lost no time moving up to confront the Dwarf.

Siegfried now in his element swiftly attack The Blood Guards managing to kill the Trooper and wounding his
Sergeant. The wounded Sergeant counter attacked but Siegfried managed to block the blow.

The Blood Guard Sergeant now launched into a desperate attack but again the Dwarf with his years of Pit
Fighters skills sharpened in the arena block the blows.

Siegfried turn to the offensive at first the Sergeant parried the attack but Siegfried Mace found its mark and
the Blood Guard Sergeant went down. The Dwarf lost no time in smashing the Black Mirror and looting
the room picking up a Short Sword, Guillotine & Lesser Healing Potions and relieving the dead Sergeant
of a Plague Sword.

Siegfried listened but apparently the fighting had been had not been noticed so he figured with his Quest
accomplished he needed to get out while things were quiet.

Returning with the report his Quest was successful Siegfried was granted access to the Arsenal where he
traded in his Leather Armor for a set of plate armor and his Lesser Healing Potion for a Charm of Protection.


Another quick Game Siegfried was lucky in that the 5 turns it
took no Roaming Monsters were triggered & the Events were blessings.

The Brute 2 wounds made combat a tad bit more difficult but the
Dwarf got good rolls and his Bloodlust 1 Free Skill helped.


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