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At Juno, progress was relatively slow for the Allies. A minor victory was earned with the elimination of a company of 716.Inf.Div that had been holding the town of Banville. They had been whittled down to about 40 men and running low on ammunition – a final small mortar barrage did them in. It didn’t help that the 2./SS-Pz.Auf.12 (2 step recon unit) from the 12.SS.Pz.Div had been eliminated at the crack of dawn (0700 turn). Morale hit an all time low with this company mostly made of remnants equipped with relatively inferior equipment. With this loss, Leader Krug had to relocate his CP to one of the nearby AT gun companies just East of Banville. The AT guns continued to harass the Allies and Wn28 overlooking the beach simply would not collapse, even with repeated assaults, mortar fire, small arms and AT rounds.

The Germans continued to deploy rear guards and set up fortifications along Road B within the Juno sector. The initial two companies of 12.SS.Pz.Div artillery that had moved into the area during the night, set up artillery parks and made contact with leader Meyer – fortunately for the Allies, neither unit had enough range to drop their ordnance. The Panzer IVs continued their push forward toward the front. It was clear the 12.SS.Pz.Div infantry, although dug-in, needed armor support.

At Gold, the Allies continued to attack Wn37 - this was the main obstacle left to clearing the beach; with its dreaded 88mm protected in a casemate. In a stroke of luck, multiple “0” rolls inflicted step losses on Wn37 and it was lost for good. Commander Chob unleashed a yelp with a smile the likes never seen before (see pic). The Allies continued to press Southwest, preparing to take on the Germans who had dug into the nearby hedgerows (Bocage). In a somewhat evil maneuver, the German commander realized that an open hex existed within 3 of the Gold beach reinforcement hex…..and quickly moved a 2-step company of 352.Inf.Div to occupy it - with the sole goal of continuing to delay the clearing of the beach (one of the conditions to clear a beach: all German units must be eliminated within 3 hexes of the beach reinforcement hexes). Commander Chob was not pleased and his smile quickly turned to a grimace.

The remainder of the Germans in this sector were relatively quiet – the 5 units from Pz.Lehr.Div that had moved up to reinforce the 352.Inf.Div set up defenses in the surrounding hedgerows; these were elite troops and Bocage would give them additional defensive strength. It was becoming clear that Road B would be the key to this campaign.

Situation at the end of 0900 June 7th:

Juno Sector. Road B fortifications being constructed. At the top of the picture, 3 companies of Panzer IVs in column can be seen moving toward the front:

Commander Chob - very happy Wn37 no longer exists:

Chit Draw (right to left):

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