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Subject: AAR Duel in south Atlantic cold waters rss

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Balmer David
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Avril 1982

"Prime Minister...The Argentines have invaded Falkland islands !"

"...WHAT ? "

       "Yes, Prime Minister...they did it !"

"Argentines ?...the Falklands ? ludicrous  !"

From many years, something incredible, according to rumors,
would happen in freezing South Atlantic waters.
People would fall from the sky in the ocean.
Thousands would be engulfed in an immense blue and white shroud.

"How ludicrous ..."

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Balmer David
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Why so many argentine people had disappeared since 1976, without leaving any traces... ?

Who could have any answer to such a mistery ?

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Balmer David
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In 1982, the Prime Minister Thatcher was in a difficult political situation.
The Tory Party, she was leading, had won the 1979 elections and her policy had been centered on two objectives :
lower the inflation and the state spending, with lower taxes on higher income.
It looked like she didn't bothered about everything else
It wasn't very popular among many parts of the United Kingdom.
The new Falklands crisis, could be worse to her career.

John Nott, Defense Secretary, was against any military intervention.
The Home Fleet was built to counter any soviet submarine threat, not for long range sea borne invasion at the extreme south of the world.

Henry Leach, Chief of naval staff
Thought differently :

"Yes we can recover the islands."
"and we must!"


"Because if we do not, or if we pussyfoot in our actions and do not achieve complete success, in another few months we shall be living in a different country whose word counts for little."

The Prime Minister understood that it was no longer a political challenge, to go or not to go south, because she had to go, but a military challenge : win the war.
At all costs !

The lowering of the state spending, which was during these three years so necessary against the Welfare state ( created after WW2) became suddenly secondary...

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Robert Madison
United States
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Great start -- looking forward to the conflict!
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Balmer David
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In a few days the planning is done:

Troops, Equipments, supplies are on board, in a huge modern armada:

2 CV, Hermès and Invincible, 8 DD, 15 frigates, 6 Attack submarines (two of them nuclear), tankers, cargos, STUFT, around 60 boats, with forty sea harriers jets and many helos.

US Navy thinks the task is impossible, too far away, against too many Argentine jets.
The US republicans (US right near extreme right political party) since Nixon and Kissinger and now Ronald Reagan were pro South america Junta militar dictatures, helping them to make Coup against recently elected leftwing governments like Allende 's one in Chile the 9/11 1973, backing them in what they perceived as the holy crusade against communism.
But inspite of this, Reagan wanted to support the British government,
Mrs Thatcher and him were linked because they appreciate themselves and
were leading the same conservative revolution in USA and UK.

The Huge fleet sailed South in a fair weather during most of April.

But in the end of april, the weather changed...

TURN 1  April the 25th-30th

GALE !  (Skip the turn)  No air !

TURN 2  May the 1st - 3rd
FOG !   Ocean and sky are melted, no visiblity, no air.

The San Luis argentine submarine is detected near the Invincible task force, anti sub missiles were fired in a vain chase.

The Prime Minister use a diplomatic faint, "i want my islands back and i forget it all !"
Of course the Argentine dictator didn't reply, but BBC got +3.

Good communication job !

[/b]TURN  3    May 4th 66th
SQUALLS !  No air

UN proposed a peace plan

Mrs Thatcher didn't want to be involved in a long discussion process, with her Fleet isolated in autumn South Atlantic ocean freezing waters.

"Leave the Falklands now ! Then we'll negociate a peace plan !"

It sounded as a peace plan refusal,
BBC -3
from 18 to 15

A sea borne invasion is planned for May the 16th in san Carlos bay, in west part of East falklands island.

Until now, neither air nor sea threats , just a daring submarine which escaped Escort chase.

But the trial of strength is still ahead, the tension is becoming higher among the staff.

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Balmer David
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b]TURN 4 May 7h-9h
Fair !

SAS spoofed the Argentine Airforce.
Rio Grande zone Grupo is out of action this turn.

The british admiralty acts agressively against the Argentine Grupos,
Hermès' Task force doesn't contact the enemy in rio Gallegos zone but Invincible 's one does, Santa Cruz zone's Grupo retreats Under british AA fire, .
One air unit is placed in repair.
A limited success in this first Task force engagement.

Only Two Grupos in the Ocean, which launch ,each one , two air units over East Falkalnd island, in sector E (Port Stanaley) and sector C.

The 3 sea harriers units lauched by Hermès CV and one from Invincible, engage those over C sector.

The Argentine airplanes are no match for the Sea Harriers, the two units go to repair, it s the first air battle Victory for the british.

Black Buck raid ! Vulcan bombers, based in ascension island
(4000 miles away) Attack Port Stanley
to severe argentone Island garrison supply capacity.

The 4e Regimiento de infanteria morale is broken and the BBC is +6.
Max =19

The british officers show no signs of Victory but, secretly, feel better:
The argentine were neither great strategists nor good fighters...

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