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Subject: New Terrain, Morale, Campaign System, & Weather rss

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Paul D
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Here’s a collection of variant modules I’ve been tinkering with lately. Feel free to tinker further!

New Terrain
This one would require that you make new tokens with Hills on one side, Crossroads on the other.

Two new simple terrain types:
-Hills: A tank on a hill gains +1 to all its Range rolls
-Crossroads: +1 movement when leaving space
(e.g. a Medium Tank could, by moving through a crossroads, move a total of 3 spaces in a turn; A Heavy Tank would have to move into a crossroads and stop, but it’s next turn would be able to move 2 spaces)

VPG’s Napoleonic system uses morale in interesting ways. And it sounds like Bowen will be using it in innovative was in her Bonaparte at Marengo (2nd ed.). Morale could be incorporated here in something like this:

Each time you destroy a tank, you gain a morale token. If you ever fail a Damage roll by 1 (e.g. roll a 4 against a Heavy Tank), you may spend a morale token immediately move the targeted tank, and exhaust it. In the process, it cannot be moved closer to your side of the board.

Campaign System
This is a very simple campaign system, wherein the results of previous battles in the campaign carryover to the next. The idea is to give the “let’s fight a war” feel instead of just “let’s fight a battle” feel. Players here will likely play more conservatively or boldly, as a Pyrrhic victory (where you only have a few of your own tanks left) will leave you in a tough spot for the next battle.

For this one, you'll need a ‘Campaign Track’ with a total of 11 spaces on it. Something like this:

blank blank blank blank blank X blank blank blank blank blank

You’ll also need a token (e.g. wooden cube). During initial setup, place the token on the central space. During the initial setup, the players will also need to decide if they want to play a Short (3 battles), Med (4 battles), Long (5 battles) war.

After winning a battle, the victor moves the token one space towards his opponent’s end of the campaign track. A player wins the campaign if the token is closer to her opponent’s end than her own at the end of the decided number of battles -- i.e. the player who won the most battles wins the war. If tied, i.e. if at the end of the final battle the token is back in the center space of the Campaign Track, then the player who won last battle is the winner.

While the setup for the first battle is the same as in the basic rules, the setup of subsequent battles in the campaign is revised as follows:

The victor of the previous battle keeps her existing forces (i.e. her undestroyed tanks that were on the board at the end of the previous battle), any leftover reserves, and gains +3 more reserves – these will be her forces in for the next battle. The player who lost the previous battle starts fresh in the next battle: 5 new tanks and 2 reserves. All other aspects of a battle setup remain the same.

Weather Table
This is really just a simple random event table. With this sort of thing, player have to react to the global changing conditions. Loosely inspired by the weather rules in games like Fading Glory and Holdfast: Russia.

At the start of each player’s turn, roll 2D6. If the player rolls doubles, the weather will change (otherwise no effect). When the weather changes, the new weather condition is based on which doubles were rolled:
-5-6: Nice & Overcast: No effect
-4: Bitterly Cold: +1 to all Damage rolls
-3: Clear & Sunny: +1 to all Range rolls
-2: Thick Fog: -1 to all Range rolls
-1: Rain & Mud: -1 movement to all tanks, to a minimum of 1
I think it’s good to have 5-6 as ‘No Effect’. I think it’d also be good to have 1-4 reflect 4 different states. These might not be the most exciting weather effects, but they maintain the basic level of simplicity that’s the hallmark of Bitskreig.

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Robert Seater
United States
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I help designers improve their games.
I'd like to see a simple scenario system, to go with the campaign track. E.g. asymmetric victory objectives or scenario-specific units would be easy to explain and fit into the format.
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