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I wanted to make a topic where I could share some theories I made about this game's future. I love making born-dead theories so do notice I will probably have a very low score when the subjects I spoke of arrive. Furthermore, I will mostly speak of how I do see the elements I will base my theories on, so there will be about 90% of explanation and 10% of theorizing, and I would understand you could call me clickbaiter with the subject title I used.

First, we all know now about the 7th die. But what bothers me is: why a 7th? Why not... a 4th pair? I tried to figure out how did dice pairs worked. Is Natural/Ceremonial and Charm/Illusion a pair the same way Sympathy/Divine is? And while I guess I sought a very unplausible answer, I eventually got one.

When Rin and Brennen were launched, there was the confirmation of a pair of purists coming along the reveals. A pure Natural and a pure Ceremonial. And with the Turtle confirming a 7th die, I wondered if 1st generation purist pairs were randomly made or not. And I found a link between both pairs, as:

In pairs, there is a die relating to reality, and another relating to more fictional/conceptual things.

Ceremonial/Natural refers to what is physically un/real, super/natural. Ceremonial is all about supernatural powers, magic and creatures (Brennen is roughly satanist, Jessa uses voodoo to handle litteral puppets, Noah calls demons...) while Natural is about... Nature, like elements and animals (Aradel has jaguars, Koji has panthers, Maeoni gives mice for her snakes to eat...).

Charm/Illusion refers to feelings in an un/altered state, like a perception of something un/fictional. Charm is obviously playing with feelings by making use of physical beauty (Saria gets poors to her with food, Leo uses his cliché latino handsomeness, Astrea clearly mocks touchable opponents with crying cuties meant to die) while Illusion is deceiving senses (Victoria is a trickster magician, Aradel lives in misty lands, Noah can multiply himself...)

And Sympathy/Divine is all about personnality. Sympathy uses kindness and empathetic ways to be (Namine has musicians to regulate the atmosphere, Echo is a lot about Nirvana and wellness, Koji cannot be more nature-friendly...) while Divine is about power and conquering territories (Odette clearly is proud of being a divinity, she even has lions (the African King of Animals), she and Echo have Laws (like they are too much of a kind to not be dictators)...). And if Divine can be a reality, the term DIVINE would more refer about fantasy and holiness, so it remains more unreal thing, only conceptual and/or fictional.

All that to ask: why a 7th and not a 4th pair? And then I remembered Time was more of a dimension. Something we can understand in a linear way. There are numerous ways of speaking of nature (elements, fauna, lands, meteo), fictive perception (good-bad, belief, mirages...) etc. but Time is a thing like a dimension going its way from A to B. So while I do not predict an 8th die (even though I would be fanboying if it happened to appear), I would try to say if there were more dice, they would be standalones like unrelated to another. As of now we have 3X2 like

Natural + Charm + Sympathy
Ceremonial + Illusion + Divine

Maybe 2 new dice with no relation to the others. (For this theory, I took inspiration on Netrunner, which has 6 Runner factions but 3 of them are standalones - if we put influence points aside).

Second theory: the unrevealed decks themes. And once again, if I refer to my understanding of the dice, then:

Aradel uses mist (Illusion) and flora (Natural) to support animals (Natural)(jaguars, butterflies...)
Jessa Na Ni uses voodoo (Ceremonial) and intimidation (Charm)
Noah calls demons and wolves (Ceremonial) while answering to enemies rushing (Illusion)
Maeoni pets snakes and mice (Natural) and helps (Charm) piercing and destroying with damaging
Saria gets favors (Charm) with food, luxe, and punishes the lucid ones (Illusion)
Coal makes use of ironly creatures and weaponry (Nature) while using supernatural powers (Ceremonial) to avenge and strengthen

For the purists it is always the meaning of the die they represent, but turned to its paroxysm:

Rin uses ice (the life element turned to its coldest side) and bears (the strongest meat-eating terrestrial mammal)
Brennen is so world ruling she affords sacrificing her allies with bloody magic to summon Death harbinger (well, to me her conjurations are like the last step before Death Itself)
Leo makes both men and women fall in love with his beautiful face and sexy body (I'm not gay, just trying to be realistic)
Victoria is so tricking that all her magic tricks are really magically made

For the 2nd generation forerunners:

Namine is like a mum to her village
Odette is a conqueress
Echo is somewhat a chaotic person, conquering and empowering himself but having genuinely nirvanatic intentions and powers which seem to be by far the most powerful ones among PB (I mean, his outfit, his creatures, what his powers look like etc. are more of a cosmic entity)
Jericho, as her fully-basic dice say, seems to be the only human (in the game she IS a PB but she does not seem to be a PB in the lores, she only looks more dangerous than average humans, and able to stand against PB).

For second generation expansion PB:

Koji is in link with (Nature), helping animals (Sympathy) and living in the forest with some wild people
Astrea is the first God among PB (who were previously demigods or human (Jericho only) and so uses her worship (Charm) and artifacts (Divine) to
turn opponents into submission.

And while Sembali's deck is likely to come very soon, I will only theorize about other second generation decks.

Divine/Natural: Divine PB really seem to be linked to holiness if they don't happen to be actual gods. Natural PB have lots of flora and fauna among elemental powers. So a Divine/Natural could be a PB with action spells about cataclysms, creatures like dragons (or even dinosaurs) both being high-cost cards (for the creatures, would they be allies or conjurations).

Divine/Ceremonial: Ok for this one I do want to hope the deck will resolve about new mechanics (the same way as Between Realms, Parallel Costs) while the environment would be otherworldy-based (fitting the new mechanics of course). Maybe extradimensional monsters or artifacts, or even horror icons (ghosts, zombies, werewolves). However, I also want some new twists (you remember Golden Veil, Vanish and Choke? maybe a new member for example!)

Sympathy/Ceremonial: Guess I didn't try enough but for now I want to bet on pragmatism and diplomaty. Sympathy is being kind, and Ceremonial is signing covenants with forces beyond one. So if you are kind and bad, maybe are you sadomachistic? You inflict pain but do not mind getting it too, so probably such a deck will have effects applying to both players, and only your deck will be less of a pain since your whole deck will compensate your suffering due to your effects (like, self-damaging while damaging the opponent too).

Sympathy/Charm: So we have seducing and kind behaviour. Redudancy in goodness. Then I suppose it will be that Charm way of dealing with opponents resources, but to its ultimate way. We have deck milling, removal from deck/discard, hand discarding. That deck could include all of these but giving benefits to your own cards by doing so. Currently, no Charm card really has it. Only focuses worsen situations (focusing Summon Weeping Spirit, focusing Nightshade Swallow...) So maybe this is going to be benefitting from opponent's worsening instead of only worsening.

Sympathy/Illusion: ... Phew, this one blanks my sheets. But if Illusion plays on alterate reality, and Sympathy on kindness with one's people, some purely defensive play? Big shields, lots of reaction spells, guarding from everywhere and maybe even a conjuration which can be called by its own effect (and with a secondary effect like game removal upon the player's side (their hand, their field...) or a 1/round condition, so it cannot be abused) which once it's resolved gives a compensation like drawing once per that conjuration's copies gone, or something like that).

And while I thank you for reading, whether you like that subject or not, I would be glad to read YOUR theories about the next decks before the Time Die, what you would like to see appear in the game (a mechanic, a theme... in either Die, card... category) and your thoughts about mine.

I remind you I don't trust myself too much about my theories veracity, so while it is not a disclaimer, I hope you understand I want you to be a bit indulgent. ^^ (but just a bit huh)
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