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Arkham Horror: The Card Game – The Path to Carcosa: Expansion continues to enthrall with the first mythos pack Echoes of the Past. After two extremely different opening scenarios, Echoes of the Past returns to familiar Arkham Horror: The Card Game adventures. This one is heavy on exploration and light on combat — my favourite kind of scenario.

At this point, The Path to Carcosa is really fulfilling the promise of the system. Choices I made previously are constantly haunting or hindering me. Characters who you may have met in the first two scenarios could re-appear here, a feature I really enjoy. My concern with this has always been the fear of missing out. If I find that a character I hadn't met is important in a later scenario, would I feel like I didn't get the full experience. So far this isn't a problem. Previous characters could help or hinder the investigation. When reference is made to a character I haven't met I'm as likely to breathe a sigh of relief as exasperation!

Echos of there Past employs a standard lock-and-key structure. There are people and items you must find to unlock more of the story. This builds towards the final act, where I found myself in a desperate race to accomplish the final goal before the big bad found me. These scenarios make me feel like I just barely survived. The capper is you may have a choice of item that could help (or hurt!) in later scenarios. Getting unique items for my deck was one aspect I thought was under utilized in previous campaigns — I'm so glad to see it being used here.

I've been playing solo with Akachi Onyele. This is my first time using a spell casting character. It has taken some adjustment. More than any other type, spell casters must cycle through their deck, finding the right spell at the right time. Brute force just doesn't cut it with this character. The advantage is that many spells don't take slots, so I can have several spells prepped. Even though Akachi plays completely different than other characters, the campaign so far seems balanced and tailored to this specific play style. The more I play, the more confident I am that each scenario is carefully balanced for every archetype — an impressive feat.

Echoes of the Past continues what is looking to be my favourite Arkham Horror Card Game campaign. Many promises of the game system are fulfilled, showing it's true depth and versatility. For fans of the game, there is no reason not to continue with this mythos pack.

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