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Subject: Game Clarifications rss

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M Newby
United States
New York
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I enjoy this game, but a few components are ambiguous; after a few plays I decided to write down the clarifications we came up with.

These terms are covered in the rulebook, but may be easy to miss:

-Control: You control a location if you have ships in it.

-Invasion: An invasion involves attacking from one location to another, and may last for several battles (dice rolls).

-Conquer: A location that was taken through combat (an invasion). You cannot conquer locations you occupy.

-Expansion: Movement into an empty location. Moving into an empty location is not considered an invasion.

-Engagement: A single roll of the dice during an invasion.

-The Entap Nebula in Klingon space counts as a (passable) border to every space it borders. It is not a space itself (be wary of house-ruling it as a space, as there is no location card for it and is therefore exempt from most Q-vents).

-Tribbles: At the start of each player's turn, add 1 tribble to every location that contains a tribble, then check for expansion. Any location with more than 9 tribbles expands by moving one tribble from that location onto all adjacent locations, starting with the "12 o'clock" position and proceeding clockwise (alternatively, progress in alphabetical order). After moving tribbles, check to see if another location now has more than 9 tribbles, and spread again. Then, if tribbles have moved into occupied spaces, treat them as attacks as per the normal rules.

Tribbles count as alien lifeforms.

-Alien lifeforms count as ships.

-Manhunt tokens must be claimed through expansion or invasion. These tokens are replaced once claimed (that territory stays attractive due to this bonus for the remainder of the game.

Clarifications not in the rulebook, but logical (although interpretation or house rules modify these).

-Mission: "Conquer 2 locations from two opponents in same turn": At least 4 total locations must be conquered, with at least 2 being conquered from each single opponent.

-Mission: "Conquer 3 locations from 4 different sectors on the same turn": A minimum of 12 locations must be conquered each turn, at least 3 from each of 4 sectors. (Possible house rule: Control 3 locations in 4 different sectors)


-First Officers (Spock, Riker, Kira, Chakotay, T'Pol): The +1 affects all attack dice (but not defense dice) for a single invasion. A roll of 7 may be achieved with this ability when rolling natural 6's.

-Doctors (McCoy, Crusher, Bashir, The Doctor, Phlox): You may reroll any dice that you roll at any time. This power may be activated during rolls for Q-vents, invasions, or any other roll involving you (but not for neutral events, like rolling defense for alien lifeforms).

-Engineers (Scotty, Geordi, B'Elanna, Trip): This ability only acts for one engagement, (one roll of the dice during an invasions, not the entire invasion), offensive or defensive.

-Operations Officers (Data, O'Brien): You may use this ability to draw a location card even when claiming a Q-mission. This is necessary to allow the "Use all crew abilities in one turn" Q-mission. (You must still have conquered at least two locations in a turn).

-Security Officers (Worf, Odo, Tuvok): This ability is only beneficial to you when you are defending.

-Deanna Troi: This ability may be used at any time, but only before the the current Q-vent has begun changing the conditions of the board (i.e., adding/destroying ships). This caveat prevents order of actions issues that may occur if Q-Vents can be cancelled in the middle of acting.

-Jadzia Dax: For an entire invasion, all 1's rolled may be rerolled, including 1's that result from rerolling other 1's.
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Thomas Dylan
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Very helpful

We had some issues as well as some of the wording is unclear.

Think I'll collect a list of my own as well...
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