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Subject: Simple Difficulty ramp. Additional spawning rules. rss

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Gu├░brandur Magn├║sson
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I made these for my group and myself that likes a sterner challenge. These rules require an additional D6 at the table and mostly modify spawning.

These rules often refer to levels, to clarify:
Hero level is the level of the highest level ability currently possessed by a hero.
Zone level is the level of the tile in question (That triggers the effect).
Quest level is equal to the current active level token.

Action changes:
Transmuting costs 4 items instead of 3. Or 3 items instead in a game with 4 or more heroes
When using the transmute action you may instead discard 2 cards to draw a new card of equal or lower level.

Spawning changes:
Mob spawning:
1) Each time a mob is spawned roll a D6, if the result is equal to or lower than half the current Quest level (Rounded up) spawn an extra minion in that mob.
2) Each time a mob is spawned, if the quest level is lower then the Hero level, spawn an extra minion in that mob.

Agent spawning:
1) Each time an agent is spawned, roll a D6, if the result is equal to or lower than the current Quest level spawn a minion of that agent's race alongside him, this minion has health equal to the Zone level and acts with the agent the same way minions act with their bosses (Including protecting them from hard).

Wandering Monster spawning:
1) Each time a Wandering monster is spawned, if the Quest level is 4 or higher, roll a D6. If the result of the roll is 5 or 6 cancel spawning the Wandering monster then discard the top card of the 3rd level guardian deck until an Agent is discarded, then discard the top card of the current level guardian deck until a mob of the same race is discarded.
Spawn the discarded agent and mob in the same space as the wandering monster would have.
The mob and agent never deliberately separate, their movement is dictated by the agent. If separated they attempt to regroup as quickly as possible.
The mob's minions and boss protect the agent in the same manner that a boss is protected by his minions, so long as the mob and agent share a space.
If no agent and/or race appropriate mob is discarded as a result of this spawn the Wandering monster as normal instead.
The additional spawning rules above apply to this unique spawn.

If any of the rules above would be impossible to obey due to modelcount, ignore it.

Edit: Bonus rule:
If a mob would spawn on a non-existent tile, spawn it on the closest level tile instead in an accessible zone.
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