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Timothy Madden
United States
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Here are the expansion I believe individuals should buy in order going into the world of Marvel Legendary. I’m basing this on Heroes only and not including Villains or Fear Itself since using alternative base cards in the game.

1) Dark City (1st Expansion, 1st Big Box Expansion)
Dark City introduces more base heroes and villains that the common passer of the Marvel universe and makes the game. The set has 17 Heroes, 5 Masterminds, 6 Villains, 2 Henchmen, and 8 Schemes.
Marvel Knights (6 Heroes)
Blade, Daredevil (His abilities involves knowing the top of you deck), Elektra, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist (Gets more powerful for the different cost cards you have in your deck), Punisher
X-Men (6 More Heroes)
Angel, Bishop, Iceman, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler (Teleport Master), Professor X
X-Force (5 Heroes)
Cable, Colossus, Domino (Vestibule Master), Forge, Wolverine (The X-Force version)
Two New Keywords were introduced for Heroes
Teleport - instead of playing you can reserve this card adding it to your next hand as an extra card
Vestibule - the card can either produce X Recruit or X Attack

Masterminds & Their Villains
Apocalypse (Leads Four Horsemen) 12 Attack
He increases the attack of the Four Horsemen and can win if four of them get in the escape pile. Along with his Master Strikes forces all your good cards to go on top of your deck meaning you’ll have to wait in order to hit him.
Mr. Sinister (Leads Marauders) 8+ Attack
Likes capturing bystanders as well as his villains which when capturing bystanders make their attack stronger.
Mephisto (Leads Underworld) 10 Attack
Gives wounds to players only defendable with Marvel Knights, and anytime when a player gets a wound goes on top of their deck.
Kingpin (Leads Streets of New York) 13* Attack
Sits with the highest Attack except introduces a new term with him, his villains, and the Maggia Goons henchmen Bribe (meaning you can spend recruit as if it was attack) He also makes you draw a new hand of 5 unless you reveal a Marvel Knight.
Stryfe (Leads MLF) 7+ Attack
Gets stronger with each Master Strike and makes the players discard at random unless you reveal an X-Force hero.

I can’t say anything negative about this expansion, it’s essential for your Legendary experience.

2) Paint the Town Red (3rd Expansion, 2nd Small Box Expansion)
Introduces New 4 Spider-Friends (Scarlet Spider, Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Symbiote Spider-Man) and the Marvel Knight Moon Knight. I know game veterans will raise their eyebrows at this since Spiderman has gotten a rap do to his constant two cost strategy being used over and over on all his cards. This set has Symbiote Spider-man in that, while the other Spider-Friends has one common card costing two or less. Which will become adulterated with Secret Wars Vol. 1 New Base Card Sidekick which costs two, in the original game cards costing two or less are rare breaking the Spider-Friends strategy. Moon Knight is amazing sharing one class with each of the Marvel Knights in Dark City. All heroes in this set has cards with the new term Wall Crawl meaning when brought this card goes on top or your deck instead of your discard pile. Also 4 New Schemes.

Two Masterminds from Spider-Man’s Rogue Galleries
Mysterio (Leads Sinister Six) 8 Attack
Having Each Master Strike become a new Mastermind Tactic Card requiring you to fight Mysterio more times than the standard four times.
Carnage (Leads Maximum Carnage) 9 Attack
He’s and his villains lead the other new term in this set. Feast which would KO the top card of your deck. Therefore, you must be rather cautious against this serial killer.

This set is very thematic to Spider-Man and his friends with the most recognizable villains from Marvel’s main man. I would suggest playing the Spider-Man strategy before it gets polluted with the introduction of Sidekicks. If played legendary before and tried the two cost strategy or just don’t like Spider-Man you can just stretch this request, and move on.

3) Secret Wars Volume 1 (5st Expansion, 2nd Big Box Expansion)
Secret Wars Vol. 1 was the beginning of when Legendary started taking comic storylines making them into expansions. Containing 14 Heroes, 4 Masterminds, 6 Villains, 3 Henchmen, 8 Schemes, and two sets of cards.
The first new set of cards are Sidekicks (15) a base card that can get placed right next to the Shield Agent. They only cost two and can only buy one per turn and when you play it you draw two cards then return the card back to the sidekick stack. An extremely great card for when you don’t want or afford anything in the HQ that can be used later. Why would you not want this card? The Heroes in this set will even give them to you with their abilities.
This set also using introduces Ambition Cards (30) allowing a player to play as evil against the others players. Controlling the city and attacking the other players winning with evil.
Heroes – In this set heroes became Multi-Class having two symbols great for synergy
Avengers (2 Heroes)
Captain Marvel, Lady Thor
Cabal (4 New Heroes – Secret Organization of Villains)
Maximus, Namor, Proxima Midnight, Thanos
Illuminati (4 New Heroes – Secret Organization of Heroes)
Black Bolt, Black Panther (Used multi-class heroes to improve his strength), Dr. Strange, Superior Iron Man
Spider-Friends (1 Hero)
Ultimate Spider-Man (another two cost Spider-Man)
X-Men (3 Heroes)
Apocalyptic Kitty Pyde, Magik, Old Man Logan (old Wolverine)
Teleport is the only special term used returning from Dark City.
Masterminds & Their Villains
Zombie Green Goblin (Leads the Deadlands) 11+ Attack
His Master Strikes KO Heroes that cost 7 or higher in the HQ and a players discard pile. Getting one attack stronger from each Hero he KO’d. If that wasn’t bad enough most of the Villains can ascend and become independent Masterminds with abilities a new effect repeated with Villains in other sets. As well as have the new term Rise of the Living Dead that he, his villains, and the henchmen Ghost Racers possess. Rise of the Living Dead whenever a villain enters a city with “Rise of the Living Dead” on it each player have to check the top card of their Victory Pile and if it says “Rise of the Living Dead” that Villain re-enters the City.

Wasteland Hulk (Leads Wasteland) 7+ Attack
He gets an additional three attack after each player takes one of his Tactic cards. Along with Cross Dimensional Hulk Rampage; which means each player must reveal a Hulk Hero or another variant of him from their hand or Victory Pile. Cross Dimensional X Rampage is used on other Villains in this set seeing Wolverine and Thor.

Nimrod, Super Sentential (Leads Sentential Territories) 6* Attack
In order to attack him you must have six recruit in addition to the attack. His Master Strike forces you to discard all cards in your hand with recruit or attack unless you reveal a Tech class hero.

Madelyne Pryor, Goblin Queen (Leads Limbo) 10* Attack
She captures Bystanders turning them into “Demon Goblins” needing two attack to defeat them and she can’t be defeated unless all Demon Goblins are defeated off her. Providing players wounds if they don’t defeat her goblins upon a Master Strike.

Several Villains in this set upon defeating them become Heroes in your deck instead of Victory Points like the invading Avengers form Manhattan (Earth-1610) and Thor Corps Henchmen.

This set fits in well like Dark City being very well balanced introducing the wonderful Sidekicks.

4) X-Men (11th Expansion, 5th Big Box Expansion)
This set is complete dedicated to the X-Men containing 15 of them. Highlighting the X-Men form the 90’s and early 2000’s. Also containing 6 Masterminds, 7 Villains, 5 Henchmen, 8 Schemes, and a new group of cards called Horror.

Horror (20) are cards that can tweak a game more towards the Mastermind winning. Therefore, making weaker Mastermind stronger having one time effects or continuous effects. These cards can be mixed in the Villain deck or play at the beginning of the game, using as many as you want. Great to increase the difficulty from the Masterminds from the Base Set or Dark City.

Heroes include Banshee, Beast, Cannonball, Dazzler, Havok, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Longshot, Phoenix, Polaris, Psylocke, and X-23. Along with several Divided Heroes returning from Civil War having two Heroes on the same card and choosing one side to activate when played with Aurora & Northstar, Colossus & Wolverine, and Legion.
New Hero Terms
X-Gene – Will specify a Class Type and if that Class is in your Discard Pile you get that effect
Berserk – Discard the top card of you deck and if the card has attack it gets added to the heroes attack
Soaring Flight – When you recruit a card with this ability it will get added to your next hand as an extra card
Piecing Energy – Is a new alternative cost used to fight villains that can by-pass any bystanders (ignoring Human Shields and Hidden Witnesses) that might be protecting villains or masterminds. Attacking though their Victory points gaining enough energy to hit them gaining the villain in the process. Used on Heroes like Banshee and Psylocke being the heavy users, and occasionally seen on others heroes.
Lightshow – A player can only perform one Lightshow effect each turn needing to play at least two Lightshow heroes to activate them. Heroes that use Lightshow are Aurora & Northstar, Dazzler, Jubilee, and one common card for Havok.

Masterminds & Their Villains
Dark Phoenix (Leads Hellfire Club) 13 Attack
Who will KO’d one class type from the hero deck and will win when the hero deck is empty.
Onslaught (Leads Dark Descendants) 10+ Attack
When playing against this Mastermind all players hand size is reduced by one. KO’ing Dominated Heroes on him, following by Dominating each player to give him a non-grey hero. Dominate means a villain gets a hero of a type gaining one attack point for each one he as on him, except when that Villain is defeated each player gets a hero.
Shadow King (Leads Shadow-X) 7+ Attack
KO Dominated Heroes on him, followed by him Dominating each players discard pile for a non-grey hero.
Deathbird (Leads the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and a Shi’ar henchman) 8+ Attack
She gets plus one attack for each Shi’ar villain in the city. When a Master Strike if any Shi’ar villains are in the city each player gets a wound and a “Shi’ar Battle Cruiser” enters the city with seven attack*.
Arcade (Leads Murderworld) 3* Attack
At the beginning of the game Arcade starts with five Human Shields. Human Shields are face-down bystanders placed on the villain or mastermind. Which in order to fight the villain has to fight the human shield which will have the same attack strength as the villain they are protecting. Each master strike Arcade will take a bystander from each players victory pile and make it a Human Shield.
Mojo (Leads Mojoverse) 6* Attack
He starts with three Human Shields. When a Master Strike happens gains a Human Shield, then each player must reveal a tech hero or discard a card randomly from his hand.

These are the toughest Masterminds in the whole game and they are double sided having an EPIC side making them harder. Villains can ascend to become Masterminds and villains that become Heroes as they did in Secret Wars, along with each group has a new type of cards called Traps. Traps don’t enter the city instead they sit on top of the Villain deck until the end of the players turn that they must complete if not execute the effect of the trap. Villains and Masterminds might as for Token Cards being additional cards to keep aside to bring into the city like the Shi’ar Battle Cruiser.

Wow! Just wow a lot of new keywords are introduced. This set has the toughest villains and masterminds in the game. A lot of veteran players welcomed the change having it be more of an effort to defeat the Mastermind together. Which is why they made the heroes stronger too. This set does have some internal use play integral to itself except works well mixed with others. It will double your amount of X-Men bringing the total to 30 making Avengers second with eight. This set brings a new set of rules and difficulty to the game if not ready, you can proceed to the next expansion and comeback to X-men.

5) Civil War (8th Expansion, 4th Big Box Expansion)
This set is dedicated to the Civil War era in the comics having Avengers vs Avengers after the villain Nitro destroyed a Middle School. Starting the Epic Battle between Captain America and Iron Man. Containing 16 Heroes, 5 Masterminds, 7 Villains, 2 Henchmen, 8 Schemes, 15 Special Sidekick cards, and 15 Grievous Wounds cards.

Special Sidekick are different types of pets that can get shuffled in the Sidekick deck (introduced in Secret Wars Vol. 1) making the deck face-down have them go on the bottom. These sidekicks do have a class type and wide variety of abilities. You can play with the special sidekicks or not it up to you, I’d say make the decision based on if playing with Avengers or full spectrum of classes.

Grievous Wounds are shuffled into the Wound deck making the deck become face-down. These wounds will have different abilities to heal. Which can make the game interesting. Just like sidekicks why wouldn’t you play with them?

New Warriors (1)
Speedball (the only surviving New Warrior after the battle with Nitro)
Avengers (15)
Captain America Secret Avenger, Daredevil, Falcon, Goliath, Hercules, Hulkling, Luke Cage, Patriot (gets more powerful with different heroes in your deck), Peter Parker (new two cost Spider-man), Stature, Tigra, Vision, and Wiccan. All heroes in this set have at least one card being Divided Heroes, which means the card will have two heroes’ sometimes actually different heroes with different Heroes. We have two Avengers paired with another hero with all their cards divided Black Panther & Storm (X-Men) and Cloak & Dagger (Marvel Knights).

New Hero Terms
Phasing – A card with Phasing on it can be exchanged with the top card of your deck. Then the phasing card will be your next card you’d draw.
Size-Change – Will be associated with a class-type and if you played at least one card of that class type with a Hero having Size-Change ability in the HQ. You can purchase that card for two less recruit, this ability is on Villains too that can reduce his attack in the city.

Masterminds & Their Villains
Authoritarian Iron Man (Leads Superhuman Registration Act) 12* Attack
Iron Man the ability of Fortifying the city. Fortify means typically when a villain will escape goes into a different location having an ability activate, and can be defeated at the said destination. Each Master Strike will him move the Bridge to the Sewers. Then if a villain is on that spot they gain three attack.
Maria Hill, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Leads S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite) 7* Attack
She can’t be attacked if S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents are in the City, she also has Double S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance. S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance means a player must a S.H.I.E.L.D. hero from their hand in order to fight the villain. All S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite villains and Cape Killer henchmen have S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance. Each of her Master Strikes will have Shield Agents enter the city as villains.
Baron Hemlet Zemo (Leads Thunderbolts) 16* Attack
For each Villain in your Victory Pile Zemo loses one attack. During each Master Strike a player must KO one hero from their Victory Pile or gain a Wound.
Misty Knight (Leads Heroes for Hire) 14* Attack
Misty Knight and her Heroes for Hire villains have Bribe returning from Dark City. Having her Master Strike have you reveal four cards in your hand that has recruit.
Ragnarok (Leads Registration Enforcers) 6+ Attack
He gains two attack for each different type of Villain in the HQ, and his Master Strike has you discard all “Zero” or “Non-Zero” cost hero cards in your hand.

This set is a good set with a heavy push on Avengers even if introducing a Team New Warriors having only one hero in it. Divided Cards are good even though their over used. More cards and a henchmen group called Mandroid that starts with two attack and goes one attack stronger with each Mandroid in your Victory Pile, no longer having two attack be meaningless.

6) Captain America 75th Anniversary (7th Expansion, 4th Small Box Expansion)
Happy Birthday Cap! This box is full is dedicated to the first and oldest hero in the Marvel world seeing the history he spanned those 75 years. Having Captain America 1941 (Avenger), Agent X-13 (S.H.I.E.L.D.), Steve Rogers, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America (Falcon – Avenger), and the unaffiliated Winter Soldier. This small set has two new terms in this 100 card set. Savior all has a dedicated effect afterwards that can be triggered if you have three bystanders in your victory pile and Man (Woman) out of Time acts like a Duration card from Dominion that will stay out in front of you for one additional turn.

Masterminds and Their Villains
Baron Heinrich Zemo (Leads Masters of Evil WWII) 9+ Attack
Whenever you fight a villain with Zemo you may buy a bystander for two recruit, and if you’re not a Savior Baron Heinrich gets plus nine attack. His Master Strikes will force each player to KO a bystander and any who cannot gets a Wound.
Arnim Zola (Leads Zola’s Creations) 6+ Attack
This Master has Ultimate Abomination and his Creations have Abomination, meaning the Hero in the HQ below this Villain with Abomination in the city his attack point’s increase by the amount the amount the hero produces. Ultimate Abomination will get all the attack points the Heroes in the HQ produce.

This set works well by itself as well as with other heroes groups in others sets having two more Avengers and re-introducing S.H.I.E.L.D. which you haven’t seen since Nick Fury in the base set. You might be seeing more Captain America, except he’s way better seeing then the continuous two cost Spider-Mans, and his in this set has a huge variety.

7) Secret Wars Volume 2 (6th Expansion, 3rd Big Box Expansion)
Brings back everything from Volume 1; Villains ascending Masterminds, Villains that become Heroes, Cross Dimensional Rampage, Teleport, multi-class heroes, and plenty more new contain among their 16 – Heroes, 4 – Masterminds, 6 – Villains, 3 – Henchman, 8 – Schemes, and 10 more Ambition cards.

Avengers (1 Heroes)
The Captain and the Devil (pre-historic Captain America with Devil Dinosaur)
Cabal (2 Heroes)
Black Swan, Corvus Glaive
Illuminati (2 Heroes)
Beast, Captain Britain (gets stronger with heroes from different teams)
Marvel Knights (2 Heroes)
Dr. Punisher, Solider Supreme, Shang-Chi (loves to shuffle your deck)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (1 Hero)
Elsa Bloodstone (goes with the rare times this team is used)
Spider-Friends (3 Hero)
Silk, Spider-Gwen (two more two cost spider-man cards), Agent Venom
X-Men (4 Heroes)
Phoenix Force Cyclops (loves KO’ing cards especially himself), Ruby Summers, Soulsword Colossus, Time Traveling Jean Grey
1 Unaffiliated Hero
Arkon the Magnificent

Besides having returning terms from Secret Wars Volume 1 they have new terms.
Spectrum – If you played three different class symbols before this card you get to enact ability listed
Patrol – will have a place to look weather it’ll be HQ or specific place in the City, depending on the listed effect an ability may activate
Wall-Crawl makes a return from Paint the town Red

Masterminds & Their Villains
King Hyperion (Leads Utopolis) 12 Attack
During a Master Strike King Hyperion will enter the city if not already there and Charges three spaces. Charges as pushes him deeper into the city and any villains in front of him. If King Hyperion ever escapes the city each player gains a wound, and his tactics give you effects if defeated and returned to the Mastermind Stack.
Immortal Emperor Zheng-Zhu (Leads Kun-Lun) 7+ Attack
7th Circle of Kung-Fu, Circle of Kung-Fu that Zheng-Zhu and Kun-Lun have associate with a number where when fighting must reveal a card costing at least X amount, and if not their attack is increase by that much. Each Master Strike each player must reveal a card that cost at least seven or discard three cards.
Shiklah, the Demon Bride (Leads Monster Metropolis) 9 Attack
Each of her Master Strikes reveal the top three cards of the Villain Deck putting the Scheme Twists back on top and all others to the bottom. Each of her Mastermind Tactic Cards, Monster Metropolis, and Magma Men henchmen have Fateful Resurrection. When fighting a villain with Fateful Resurrection after defeating them reveals the top card of the Villain Deck and if that card is a Scheme Twist or Master Strike the Villain returns to the City instead of going to your Victory Pile.
Spider Queen (Leads Spider-Infected Henchmen) 8+ Attack
Spider Queen plus one attack from each bystander in the Escape Pile. During a Master Strike each player must return a Spider-Infected Henchmen to a vacant City space, and if they don’t gain a Wound. FYI when a Spider-Infected enters the City they gain a bystander.

This set has a good wide variety, all while having some lack luster characters, cough Time-Traveling Jean Grey, and several new terms with a wide team additions. Truly completes the Secret Wars Volume 1. This set has far more obscure heroes then the first set.

8) Fantastic Four (2nd Expansion, 1st Small Box Expansion)
This set bring the first Marvel Heroes to Legendary the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and The Thing) along with the unaffiliated Silver Surfer. All these heroes have abilities dealing with Focus. Focus will have a number associated with it which means you can recruit equal to X to do the ability listed afterwards any amount of times if not specified.

Masterminds & Their Villains
Galactus (Leads Heralds of Galactus) 20* Attack
Galactus and his Heralds have Cosmic Threat which will associate with a class, and for each Hero you play with that class reduces its attack by three. Then with this being Galactus devourer of worlds each of his Master Strikes destroys a piece of the City and after five Master Strikes he wins.
Mole Man (Leads Subterranea) 7+ Attack
Mole Man gets plus one attack for each Subterranea villain in the escape pile. Each of his Master Strikes will have all Suberranea villains in the City escape, and if any escape each player gets a wound. All Subterranea villains have the effect of Borrow, meaning that if you defeat a villain that’s not in the Streets and the Streets are empty the villain will escape getting defeated and Borrows to the Streets location in the City.

This set is a little integrated with itself having the heroes work better with themselves, and it’s not likely getting new Fantastic Four characters in other sets of Legendary since this is the primary team. Galactus is an amazing and Focus is a great alternative to spend recruit yet somehow haven’t made a return in other sets. I had a hard time putting this set higher up being an earlier set except it introduces a new team and the large box sets introduce more.

9) Guardians of the Galaxy (4th Expansion, 3rd Small Box Expansion)
This features the rock-stars of the galaxy, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord. The heroes in this set have Artifacts, which act like Constructs from Ascension. Artifacts are brought like other cards going to the discard pile, except once you play them from you deck they stay out in front of you not returning to your discard pile having their special effect activate each turn.

This set also comes with 18 tokens beside the typical 100 cards from small box expansions. These are known as Shards, they have multiple effects a majority of the villains in this set have abilities to put them on villains, which adds one attack to the villain for each Shard it has. Afterwards once defeated the player may take one Shard to their supply returning other to the stock pile. Players may collect Shards from defeating villains and the hero abilities in this set to spend at any time since you don’t have to spend them the same turn you get them, to get one additional attack to defeat a villain returning the Shard to stock.

Masterminds & Their Villains
Thanos (Leads Infinity Gems) 24* Attack
Thanos loses two attack for each Infinity Gem villain in play. The Infinity Gem villains are worth zero victory points and act like Artifacts. Then each of Thanos Master Strikes capture a non-grey hero in you from your hand.
Supreme Intelligence of the Kree (Leads Kree Starforce) 9 Attack
Each of his Master Strikes he gains one Shard. Then each player discards a card equal to and card one cost higher to the number of Shards on the Mastermind.

This set is fun adding to great mechanics, the only thing about this expansion it’s very internalized both the Artifacts and Shards are game changers. If not going for them you’ll fall behind having an ability every turn and having a token to influence getting an extra attack to defeat that tough villain or mastermind. Yeah, why wouldn’t I want them cards every does and their only in this small set. These guys don’t play well with others, and if always looking to mix everything up you might want to move on this list. You can buy this one at any time that’s why it’s hard to put the small box sets in the large box sets give you more.

10) Noir (10th Expansion, 6th Small Box Expansion)
This set is focused on the heroes of the Noir comics including Angel Noir (X-Men), Iron Man Noir (Avenger), Daredevil Noir, Luke Cage Noir (both Marvel Knights), and Spider-Man (Spidey Friends, another two cost Spider-Man card). All these detectives Investigate allowing a player to search the top or bottom two cards of their deck for a specific card to draw into their hand unless otherwise listed returning the other cards back to you deck.

Masterminds & Their Villains
The Goblin, Underground Boss (Leads Goblin’s Freak Show) 10* Attack
He starts the game with 2 Hidden Witnesses. Hidden Witnesses are face-down bystanders placed on Freak Show villains or The Goblin mastermind that you need to spend two recruit before you can fight the villain. During each of his Master Strikes each player place two bystanders on the Goblin as Hidden Witnesses and player that cannot gains a wound.
Charles Xavier, Professor of Crime (Leads X-men Noir) 8+ Attack
He gets plus one attack for each bystander in the HQ and City. Each of his Master Strikes four Hidden Witnesses are placed on Heroes in the HQ.

This set has all heroes we’ve seen before except in their Noir skin they’re decent some aren’t as good as their previous counter parts like Daredevil Noir or Spider-Man Noir like we haven’t seen enough two cost Spider-Mans. Iron Man Noir and Luke Cage Noir are amazing, this set does mix well with other sets as other small box sets have had difficulty. Investigate is a real simple mechanic compared to other keywords that have previously came out. The Masterminds use Hidden Witnesses as other masterminds have used bystanders in a similar fashion.

11) Deadpool (9th Expansion, 5th Small Box Expansion)
This set is for Deadpool lovers of our favorite or not-so-favorite merc with a mouth. Having its five heroes for a small box set four Mercs for Money (Deadpool (Me!), Slapstick, Solo, and Stingray) heroes or anti-heroes and one Hydra Agent known as Bob (A group from Villains. Ha! Ha! He’s so stupid, he’s a hero!). My friends here can produce an additional half point of recruit and/or attack that you need to get another half point to make it useful. My guys also have Excessive Violence that if they spend one extra attack to defeat a villain they can do a special ability, but this can only be done once per turn.

My Friends & Their Friends
All want Revenge meaning each time I kill a friend of theirs they gain an additional attack for each on I killed that’s laying in my victory pile.
Evil Deadpool (Leads Evil Deadpool Corpse) 11+ Attack
Revenge for Mastermind Tactics Master Strike: Without talking, each player simultaneously discard a card. Whoever discarded the lowest costing card gains a wound.
Macho Gomez (Leads Deadpool’s “Friends) 9+ Attack
Revenge for Deadpool’s Friends Master Strike: Put this Strike in front of you as a “Bounty on Your Head.” Then, each player gains a Wound for each Bounty on them. Any number of times during your turn, you may pay one recruit to move a Bounty from you to the player on your left.

This set is like how I wrote about this expansion crazy having commentary on the cards and rulebook from Deadpool. Deadpool is the only character that’s recognizable in this set from the average passerby comic book fan, and introduces another new team of heroes and returning team from the Villains set. Excessive Violence and Revenge are good new terms in Legendary. The schemes in set are odd being extremely strange like the Masterminds.

12) Spider-Man Homecoming (12th Expansion, 7th Small Box Expansion)
This set is dedicated to the hit movie having all the cards having screen caps from the motion picture. Having five heroes’ two of which being two cost Spider-Men being the total up to nine, one of his friends, Happy Hogan, and Tony Stark. Masterminds being Adrian Toomes and his villain persona Vulture, having one of the villains group being Vulture tech on his suite.

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Thanks for your contribution!

YMMV: After Dark City and X-Men, the general consensus is to buy expansions with your favorite hero in them. Mechanically, I find that the Fantastic Four is easily the best small-box expansion and the second-or-third-best expansion overall. Of course, opinions disagree.
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Arianne H
United States
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See the Legendary General Forum for Back to Basics League information -- Dark City and Base Set only
Join the Dark City and Base Set only monthly league -- See Legendary general forum for information
Thanks for the thorough write-up. I have bookmarked for use down the line (I literally just got the core set yesterday)
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Morgan Albertson
United States
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ArianneH wrote:
Thanks for the thorough write-up. I have bookmarked for use down the line (I literally just got the core set yesterday)

Welcome to the boards! It's a pretty rad place around here, if I say so myself.
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