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The Astro-Rangers race to stop their enemies from acquiring a weapon that can destroy all intelligent life in the galaxy!

{Credit where credit is due: The background idea for this campaign is unabashedly lifted from Larry Niven’s Known Space universe}

Once, a powerful alien race ruled the galaxy through terror. They had developed a weapon that would allow them to send a powerful telepathic command across the entire galaxy, forcing every single intelligent being to commit suicide. For some reason, that weapon was used. Intelligent life ceased to exist and had to develop again from scratch.

Now, that weapon—divided into six Components—has been rediscovered. The Zard, the Blaarg and the Space Pirates all race to recover enough of the Components to reverse-engineer the weapon and use it to force the rest of the galaxy to submit to them.

Six Astro-Ranger ships are out to recover the Components first. Only their success can prevent the galaxy from either a reign of terror—or galactic genocide!

This is a two player campaign, consisting of 4 to 6 scenarios. One player is the Astro-Rangers, who win if they save the galaxy. The other player are the various other factions and wins if the galaxy is conquered or destroyed.

A player wins if he recovers 4 of the six Components to the super-weapon. The Astro-Rangers can then make sure the weapon is never re-assembled. If the villain player recovers 4 Components, then the Blaarg, Zard and Pirates are assumed to engage in a serious of short alliances, betrayals and backstabbings until one of them is able to reverse-engineer the weapon, forcing the galaxy to submit or die.

If each side ends up with three Components, then the game is a draw. The danger that one of the villainous factions can make the weapon will always exist, while it is uncertain whether Earth scientists can use their Components to design a counter-measure.

Each scenario ends if a player recovers a Component, then leaves the map by entering on of the corner spaces. A scenario also ends if one player gets 12 victory points. In this latter case, it is assumed the losing player panics and flees, leaving the Component behind (even dropping it or ejecting if from their ship if they possessed it at that point).

When a crewman recovers a Component, that crewman is carrying it until he reaches the hatch inside his ship. If the crewman is killed, the Component is placed in the space he occupied at that moment (either on a ship or in space). Another crewman may pick it up by spending an action point.

Components are indestructible, so if it is on a ship when that ship is destroyed, place it on the space the ship had occupied.

Use the Data Disc Token as the Component in each scenario.

NOTE: These scenarios are written with the expectation that the players have access to the Mercenary captains that came with the Kickstarter campaign. If the players do not, then simply use the standard captains for each faction in all scenarios. If a specific captain is killed in an early scenario, then the assumption is that captain was only knocked out and later recovered. Or that clones of key personnel in the future are common. Or twins.


The first Component was found by a Blaarg ship. But the crew of that ship then died in a radiation accident and the ship is now disabled and drifting in space.

Astro-Ranger Captain for this scenario: Jessie Novastar
Villain: Space Pirates with Count Ventura as captain

Set up normally, then the First Player places the Blaarg ship on one of the four center spaces on the map. Keep the Blaarg ship tile handy. Place a raygun in center turret of the Blaarg ship. Place three Blast Markers anywhere on the Blaarg ship except the Hatch or center turret.

Use the Data Disc token for the Component. Place it in the Hatch of the Blaarg ship.

The Blaarg ship may be entered and exited by either faction as if it is an enemy ship. A crewman may recover the Component by performing an successful “Search the Hatch” action on the Blaarg ship. Any crewman occupying the enemy raygun may fire it during his faction’s Rocketship shooting phase.

The Blaarg ship may be targeted by Rocketship and destroyed normally, though the Hatch may never have a blast marker placed on it. Players on the Blaarg ship may perform “Extinguish a Fire” actions if they choose to do so.

SCENARIO #2: Asteroid Hide-and-Seek

The second Component is hidden inside an asteroid or iceteroid

Astro-Ranger Captain for this scenario: Jack Blacktail
Villain: Blaarg with Professor Vulkov as captain

Starting with the First player, players alternately place Asteroids on the map until four Asteroids and four Iceteroids are placed. They may not be placed adjacent to Each other. Each of these may be destroyed during the game by a successful raygun hit. It is removed from the map when destroyed.

When the first Asteroid/Iceteroid (A/I) is destroyed, roll a die. If it is a 1, then replace it with the Component, which then may be picked up normally. When the second A/I is destroyed, then the Component is placed on a roll of 1 or 2. The chances increase by one with the destruction of each successive A/I.


The third Component is drifting in space near a neutron star that is emitting dangerous radiation.

Astro-Ranger Captain for this scenario: Jace Jett
Villain: Zard with Fangland Varnus as captain

The First Player places the Component in one of the four center spaces on the map.

SPECIAL RULE: The radiation in the area is very dangerous. At the end of a player’s crew movement and combat phase, roll a die for each crewman out in space (separate roll for each crew). If the result is 7-8, the crewman takes one Blast Token.

SCENARIO #4: Teleportation Blues

The next Component is located in an area of space where the fabric of space/time is weak and material objects can suddenly be teleported to different locations.

Astro-Ranger Captain for this scenario: The Battlin’ Box
Villain: Space Pirates with War Wulf as captain.
The First Player places the Component in one of the four center spaces on the map.

SPECIAL RULE: After completing his crewman movement and combat phase, roll a die. On a 7-8, the player MUST choose one of his crewmen (other than the Captain) and swap positions with one of his opponent’s crewmen (other than the Captain).

SCENARIO #5: Booby-Trap!

The fifth Component is embedded inside a powerful bomb!
Astro-Ranger Captain for this scenario: Princess Persevone
Villain: Blaarg with Master Brain as captain.

The First Player places an Atomic Core in one of the four center spaces of the map. The other player than places a second Atomic Core in one of the remaining center spaces. These are Ultra-Atomic Bombs

A Crewman who reaches a Bomb must deactivate it to find the Component. The Crewman spends an action token and rolls a die. On a 5-8, the bomb is deactivated. If this happens with the first Bomb that is searched, then roll the die again. On a 5-8, the Component is found and the Crewman takes possession of it. Otherwise, the Component is not there.
If the deactivation roll fails, the Bomb goes off. All crewmen and ships within two spaces take 2 Blast Tokens as damage. The Bomb is removed from the board. The other Bomb is unaffected.

If the Component is not in the first Bomb searched, then it is in the second. When the Bomb is deactivated, the Crewman gains possession of the Component. If the Bomb detonates, then it is replaced with the Component after all nearby crew and ships take the appropriate damage.


The last Component is cloaked and must be detected by sensors before it becomes visible.

Astro-Ranger Captain for this scenario: Blaze Meridian
Villain: Zard with Kirth Al Marl as captain.

The Component is not initially placed on the board.

At the end of a player’s Rocketship Movement and Combat phase, IF he has a crewman at his Control Panel, he MAY perform a sensor search by spending an Action Token. Roll a die. Ona 7-8, Zeta Rays bounce off the cloaked Component and make it visible. Roll a die again and place the Component in any space exactly that many spaces away from the detecting ship. The player has complete freedom as to where to place the Component other than the distance must match the die roll.

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PK Eiselt

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This looks like a fun campaign.

Although you may want to proofread for typos.
For example: Scenario one:
Set up normally, then the First Player places the Blaarg ship *ON* one of the four center spaces on the map

Scenario three:
Second(?) component

I can't wait to dig into this game, and scenarios, a bit more with my play-group.

I feel like I also need to track down these Captains and mercenaries.
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