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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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The 9th Quest features Sarah a Elf Noble Warrior & as my Game is set in the
Midnight RPG- Forge of Shadow Source Book - a few home rules are used.
The Blood Guard Mobs are the Troglodytes Brutes Cards and use Blood Rage
figs (Raven Clan). The Troglodytes Warriors are Clan Strachen & use the MD Warrior figs


Breantas , SE of Steel Hill
Early Morning, Shareel 6th, 5YS

Sarah felt the heat from the Torch on her face it was just shy of blistering her skin but she needed the
oily small of the burning rags to overcome the horrid stench of the corridor. Her High Elf senses had
been dulled since finding refuge in the catacombs of Steel Hill but the rancid odor as she approached
the object of her Quest in Breantas were almost too vile for her.

Sarah had first been pleased that the King of Rags had given her the Quest to destroy the Black Mirror
which was outside the catacombs of Steel Hill proper and the Breantas area just to the SE of the city
seemed like a chance to get out of the claustrophobic warrens beneath Steel Hill.

Instead she found herself traveling through and ancient damp corridor with uneven flooring and
then she had doubled over when the malodorous odors had reached her. She had understood that
Breantas was a collection of Tanneries,Slaughterhouses and Stockyards but nothing in her
experiences of living in the forest of Erethor had prepared her for such stench. How could Humans
stand it ? Nevertheless she moved on her sense of pride as an Elf Noble Warrior kept her focused
on her Quest.

She doused her torch seeing light up ahead and forced down her gag reflex realizing that the
object of her Quest was just up the corridor .She chose the first door thinking she needed to get
away the overpowering smell of the corridor as quickly as possible.

Opening the door she was instantly ambushed by a pair of Blood Guards the Elf Warrior
trained reflexes allowed her to respond with an instant attack wounding the Soldier.
The pair counterattacked but Sarah blocked the blows from landing.

The Blood Guardsmen then launched their own attack and managed to wound the Elf.

The noise of the combat however drew the attention of a huge Blood Seeker Minotaur
which had been stationed just up the corridor to provide protection to the Evil Dwarves
constructing the Black Mirror.

Sarah now realizing she had to finish off the Blood Guard quickly before the Minotaur
could join the battle attacked her opponents but could not overcome their defense . The
Guardsmen counterattacks also failed.

The Guardsmen continued their attack on the Elf still unable to overcome her defensives
but pinning her in place which allowed the Minotaur to move to enjoin the combat.

Matters quickly got worst as a Dwarf Defender Patrol alerted by their guard Minotaur
appeared , Sarah quickly lost all thoughts of her Quest.

The Elf tried to escape from the Blood Guard who her keeping her occupied but they blocked
her efforts so Sarah made desperate attacks. She managed to take out the Blood Guard soldier
but his Sergeant kept her pinned.

The Sergeant pressed his attack and gave the Elf another wound. The evil Dwarf patrol now
joined the fray but Sarah managed to parry their attack. The Minotaur now moved to add his
massive bulk to oppose the Elf.

Sarah luck now completely ran out as the Minotaur acting as a rear patrol manage to activate
and make an attack. Sarah however was elite warrior and manage to fend off the monsters

The Elf knew her death was going to be the outcome if combat continued and made one last
effort to escape by ducking under the Minotaur whose massive bulk blocked the other minions
and allowed her to flee back down the corridor to safety.


Lesson Learned Sarah sucks by herself in a Quest.Her Free Skill & Signature Skill
are useless she has other Heroes with her.

The Tutorial Quest is usually fairly easy for a Hero unless he/she gets hit with
minions that take 2 wounds and Roaming Monsters show up. This Game got hopeless
in a hurry the Ambush by Brute figs and then the Events piled on .

I have a Home Rule "Cut & Run" which allows a Hero to break off a Game if it's obvious
the Quest Goal cannot be obtained and/or he/she is stuck in a Combat that is unwinnable .

It's not automatic as it requires a d6 roll at the start of the Hero's Activation modified
by any wounds 5-6 results does it)

For the Record the results of 9 Walk Quests it's 7 wins & 2 losses both of which were
from the Elves. The Campaign requires that 12 of the 16 Mirrors be destroyed to win.


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