Nils E
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The tie rules for Maki suggest one philosophy for awarding points, and the tie rules for Uramaki suggest a different philosophy. Specifically, after a first-place tie for Maki, second place is awarded, whereas after a first-place tie for Uramaki, third place is awarded. Am I reading the rules correctly? Is this intended?

Maki rolls:

End of the round: Compare how many maki roll icons you have at
the top of your played maki roll cards. Whoever has the most scores
6 points. Whoever has second most scores 3. If multiple players tie
for most or second most, all players receive the full points. A player
must have at least 1 maki roll card to receive any points for maki rolls.

Example: Chris and Meredith have 5 maki roll icons, Kerry has 3 and
Andrew has 1. Chris and Meredith each score 6 points and Kerry
scores 3.

Uramaki rolls:

During a round: If you are the first to have at least 10 icons at the
top of your played uramaki cards, you immediately score 8 points.
Move your pawn on the score track and then immediately discard
your uramaki cards. The next player to collect 10 uramaki icons
scores 5 points, and the third player scores 2. Again, these points
are scored immediately and the cards are discarded. If multiple
players reach 10 or more icons on the same turn, ties are broken
by the highest total number of uramaki icons on the tied players’
cards. If players are still tied, they both receive the full points for
the place they are contesting. If this happens, the next place is
skipped in scoring.

End of the round: The player with the most uramaki icons still in
front of them scores points for the next unclaimed place (8 points
if no one has scored uramaki in the round, 5 if only first place has
scored, 2 if both first and second place has scored, 0 if all three
places scored). If multiple players tie for the most, they each
receive the full amount. It’s possible that one player may be
awarded multiple placings for uramaki in a single round.

Example: Chris and Meredith play uramaki cards on the same turn,
and now both have 12 uramaki icons. They are the first players to
pass 10 icons and so both immediately score 8 points. Second place
will now not be awarded, so the next player to pass 10 icons will
only receive 2 points. The round ends and no one else has reached
10 icons. Out of the players left with uramaki cards, Kerry has the
most icons, so she scores the 2 points.
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Joseph Coe
United States
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We play them as "intentionally different".
Maki - If you collect enough through out the round you get points.
Uramaki - It's a race; you have to get them fast. Races don't award everyone points, only those who get there the fastest.
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lip poe
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Thanks, this was helpful as it does come up fairly often in both cases.
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