Balmer David
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This game puts you in the shoes of John Fieldhouse the commander of the
British task force.

You face a tight timetable : winter is coming ! At the end of the 19th turn (June the 21st to 23rd )
the operation Corporate will be over !
Time slips away...
If you haven't your three ground forces columns next to Stanley, you have lost !
The task force can't stay in the south atlantic harsh winter weather.

You don't control the political events which are designed in a somewhat dynamic way, but you must live with their conséquences:

Against you are most of the worldwide politicians who will play their game in a weird logic way of them.

Against you are the ever changing public opinion, symbolised by the BBC level, the higher it is, the better, beware if it falls down too much
you don't wage a total war but a limited war.

But you control your 4 task forces, two CV (with a small inhérent attached Task force escort) and two huge escort task forces.

You have to make choices, each one is a dilemma.

1 You can choose to try to contact and engage the Argentinian Grupos (aerial forces) in some of the six sea zones, to force them to retreat to Argentina mainland
(and sometimes put some argies air unit in the repair box).
The less Grupos in the sea zone, the less Argies air units over East Falkland island, the less sector with argie air superiority.

2 You can send one or two Escorts Task force to San Carlos to supply one or two more ground column, giving them the move capability towards their objective : Stanley.

3 You can give some naval gunfire support to your columns fighting ground combat in the Stanley Sector.

Will You play it safe with your Task force ?
OK, you will not lose much ships !
(which could cost you many points of BBC level)
But your troops ashore will be poorly supplied and 2/3 of your ground columns will not move.
The Argentine airplanes will often gain aerial superiority over East Falkland and support their ground forces in ground combat.
And if, by chance your forces moved near Stanley before winter,
you would face superior argentine ground forces without naval gunfire support.

Playing safe is a short term strategy, with a long term tragedy:
winter will come and your three columns will not be adjacent to Stanley...

Will you play it agressive ?
Using your task forces to enhance your operationnal goals each time you need it.
OK, but don't be unlucky ! Because each ship loss will cause a BBC level drop,
and a CV loss will leave you with only half of you Sea Harriers units and a BBC level of 0 !
Hope then that US Iwo Jima Political event happens,

It's like Formula One racing :
too cautious and you are far behind,
too rash and you could get out of the road or have an accident.

Can you anticipate the best compromise  ?
You can't .
Because the political events, each turn, are out of control, and they change the political situation
(BBC level).

You must take decisions in an ever changing situation, you are alone, you are the task force commander !
If you win the war it will be Mrs Thatcher war !
If you lose it, it will be your defeat !

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Robert Madison
United States
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Ah the joys of narrative gaming!

Thanks for the enthusiastic reaction. You reminded me that I somehow managed to design this game without ever once saying "winter is coming."
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