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Subject: Dive Dice Variant Rule rss

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I really like the original official rule where Sea Serpents move 1, Sharks move 0-2, and Whales move 0-3.

I really like everything the Dive Dice do...except they allow ALL sea creatures to move 0-3. It makes them all the same as far as movement capability, which I don't really like at all. With the original rules, each sea creature had unique movement, giving them character, with the DIVE DICE, they are now all the same, taking away that character.

So my FanMade Dive Dice rule is this:

Use both the Blue Dive Dice and all the rules for those except use the original movement amounts for all the Sea Creatures and unoccupied Boats instead.
Whales move up to 3, Sharks move up to 2, Sea Serpents move 1.
Giant Squid move up to 3 if using the Red Creature Die or the blue Dive Dice movement.
Dolphins move up to 3.
Unoccupied Boats move up to 3.
All Sea Creatures may Dive and unoccupied Boats may Drift on a D result.

You may use any amount of movement showing on the second of the Dive Dice to move as many unoccupied Boats or Sea Creatures of the indicated type rolled as you choose.
You cannot move the same unoccupied Boat or Sea Creature more than once on the same turn.

A Starfish result means you may choose any combination and amount of Sea Creature types and unoccupied Boats to move.

Leftover movement that cannot be used is lost. (For example, you roll a 3 and a Sea Serpent, and there is only 1 Sea Serpent on the board, leaving 2 leftover movement. The 2 leftover movement are lost and cannot be used).

If you really want maximum danger also use the Red Creature Die and all the rules for it.

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John Reynolds
United States
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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but wouldn't it be simpler and make more sense to just:

Roll the dive dice. Unless the creature rolled is a dolphin, or the number result is a D, just use the base game movement rules for the rest of the creatures. (If you roll a dolphin you move however many the second die says)

Boats use the normal dive dice rules

If using the squid expansion, you can move a squid instead of a whale.(as normal)

This way we retain everything about the base game that we like, while adding in the Drift result/boat movement of the dive dice expansion.

Or maybe I'm missing something?

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