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This is part of a series of posts discussing the various combinations of set and expansions in the DC Comics Deck-Building Game series. For a more in-depth look at the other sets and expansions, read my post with the same title on their respective forums.

Teen Titans only
Most Super Heroes in this set can lead to some moments that feel overpowered (ex. Raven getting Speed Force or Teen Titans Go! from her discard pile with her ability or Beast Boy if he gets Logan Garfield) throughout any game you play, but on a turn-by-turn basis most of the time they're pretty balanced. That said...
Wonder Girl is somewhat underpowered, because the only Ongoing Equipment cards are Detonator x3, which are cheap enough (and good enough) for opponents to just snatch up from her. Consider adding some Equipment cards from some other set, expansion, or an additional copy of Teen Titans to help her out.
Starfire WILL mill her entire deck, no matter what. I recommend banning her.
Kid Flash, a promo intended for this set, gives basically no benefits, since high-power turns where you don't buy a Super-Villain aren't too common. I recommend never using him.
Skitter requires too many cards to make her ability useful, even in a 2-player game where you'll get more Ongoing cards. Using her ability successfully either means you're not using your Ongoing cards (just leaving them out in front of you, at risk of being discarded), or are filling your deck with potentially useless or weak cards. Only use in a 2-player game, and even then I recommend not using her.

There aren't many Attack cards in this set, and of them, Jericho x2, Geokinesis x2, Phobia x2, and Match x1 are all better suited to games with 3+ players (and in general, game balance is dependent on there being 3+ players, so I won't mention any other cards that become unbalanced in a 2-player game).
Cybernetic Enhancement should probably be given some sort of cap where it can only give up to +5 power (similar to how Man-Bat Serum destroys itself if it gives +5 power or more), especially in a 2-player game.
Bunker only costs 4, but almost always draws 2 or 3 cards. Consider changing his cost to 5.

Terra turns you into an even better Starfire, so I recommend removing her from the Super-Villain stack.
Superboy Prime is quite possibly the card with the single most modifications that would need to be made to it. Swapping your Super Hero for one outside the game (which must be capitalized on in order to be a good card) brings up tons of questions as to who you should be allowed to switch to. Are ones you don't own allowed? Are completely overpowered ones like Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern allowed? Are ones that weren't possible for a player to start as allowed? Are Crisis Super Heroes with abilities that are broken in a competitive game allowed? Which cost playable Super Heroes and Super-Villains from Rivals and Confrontations are allowed? Should you be allowed to play as a Super Hero or Super-Villain that will give you exclusive access to being able to Time Travel cards in the Line-Up, put cards under your Super Hero, gain VPs, or Teamwork foes? Are playable characters from non-DC Comics Cryptozoic Deck-Building Games allowed because all of them are compatible with one another? What's the point of even swapping if you've already been buying cards to capitalize on your current Super Hero's ability? If you've already swapped and you play Superboy Prime again, what's the point of swapping again? How can new players be expected to choose from anywhere between 2 and 139 (and growing) options that they're unfamiliar with? It's not that I don't know the answer to some of these questions, but rather that I don't want to figure out what the answer should be for every group that I play with. Unless you're willing to answer all of those questions and are playing a game with only experienced players familiar with all the various sets and expansions, I recommend removing Superboy Prime from the Super-Villain stack to avoid all this confusion. Cool idea, infinite problems.

Silly, stupid variant to help speed up games with 4+ players: Everyone is also Starfire.


Crisis Expansion 1, 2, and 3
Unlike the other main sets, there is no Crisis Expansion intended to go with Teen Titans. I recommend using these expansions with the Original Set, Heroes Unite, and Forever Evil respectively. Because of this, I shall keep my recommendations more concise.

Recommended Playable Super Heroes (Crisis 1)
Zatanna Zatara
Constantine (somewhat weak)
Swamp Thing (only if modified to be considered in control of all Ongoing cards that don't get abilities from discarding them instead of just Locations, and even then only with 3+ players)
Robin(somewhat weak)
Crisis Superman
Crisis Martian Manhunter (if you really want to)

Recommended Playable Super Heroes (Crisis 2)
Crisis Hawkman (if you really want to)
Star Sapphire
Indigo-1 (Hero and Villain equivalent to Cyborg)
Red Lantern Supergirl (4+ players only)

Recommended Playable Super-Villains
Killer Frost

Recommended Crisis 1 Cards include all of them EXCEPT:
Quiver of Arrows x2 (useless in competitive)
Magician's Corset x1 (3+ players only)
Animal Man x1 (I already put two of them in)
House of Mystery x1 (overpowered Location)
Flight x2 (I already put two of them in)
Power of the Red x1 (I already put two of them in)
Avatar of the Rot x1 (unless playing with the Arkham Breakout Crisis)

Recommended Crisis 2 Cards:
Escrima Sticks x2
Nth Metal Mace x2
Skull of Batman x1
Star Sapphire x2
Crystal Shield x2
Rage Blood x2 (my favorite card in the entire series)
Possession x1 (4+ players recommended)
Black Lantern Aquaman x2
Black Lantern Green Arrow x2

Recommended Crisis 3 Cards (all x1 because there's only one of each)
Sniper Rifle
Tarot Cards (4+ players only)
Madame Xanadu
Black Orchid
Cat-like Reflexes
Shadow Thief
Copperhead (3+ players only)
Joker's Daughter

Blah blah blah I don't recommend using the Impossible Mode Super-Villains because their First Appearance - Attacks are too punishing and anyone who buys Zoo Keeper would have too much of an advantage.

The variant where you permanently use the Crisis Arkham Breakout, while fun in the other sets, is close to pointless with Teen Titans, as most Attacks would either be discarding a card, discarding an Ongoing card, or gaining a Weakness. Feel free to use it if you want to, though. Only in this variant would I recommend playing with Avatar of the Rot.
The Crisis Immortal Villain should never be played with, as it would be the same as removing all non-Villains with cost 6 or greater from the deck.
The This World is Ours Crisis is not recommended at all, it essentially prevents you from buying Villains.


Crossover Pack 1 - Justice Society of America
This is a nice change of pace that greatly increases the value and use of Starter cards, which I enjoy occasionally playing. It okay with Teen Titans, but it and first five Crossover packs suffer from none of the Super Heroes or Super-Villains interacting with Ongoing cards very much.

Power Girl can be seen as an attempt to make a nerfed version of Superman from the Original Set. She gets a Punch from her discard pile every time she plays a different Super Power, but because there's a definite maximum to how many Punches you'll be able to get (7 at maximum, minus 1 for each you've destroyed, and then you only have access to the ones in your discard pile). I'd recommend changing it to getting a Punch for every Super Power so she can make use of duplicate cards since there will also be times where she'll get nothing due to reshuffling her deck.
Mister Terrific's ability discards a Punch to possibly get an Equipment from the top three cards of your deck, but because there aren't too many powerful Equipment in Teen Titans (and only the three Detonators for Ongoing cards), I recommend not using him with this set.
Wildcat very quickly turns into drawing 1-2 cards nearly every turn, which is significantly more powerful than the other Super Heroes' abilities. I recommend banning him.

The Super-Villains Icicle, Gentleman Ghost, Eclipso, and Gog are better suited to games with 3+ players, and in a 2-player game Icicle should be replaced with a different cost 10 Super-Villain (Psimon and The Brain & Monsieur Mallah are good choices), as getting rid of your only opponent's Super Hero ability is too much of an advantage.


Crossover Pack 2 - Arrow (The Television Series)
This pack introduces a new zone, where you put cards underneath your Super Hero that you can interact with in various ways, and hilariously uses images of the live-action TV show instead of comic book art. It works okay with Teen Titans.

John Diggle is typically better in a game with 3+ players, when there are more opportunities to use Defense cards.
Roy Harper is terrible. "Once during each of your turns, you may put a Super Power from the Line-Up under your Super Hero. At the start of your turns, if there are four or more cards under your Super Hero, +2 Power and you must destroy four cards under your Super Hero." Either increase how much Power he gets or not make it mandatory to destroy the cards as soon as possible, because he rarely gets to use his ability, let alone at a good time, and will often lose access to the cards under him. There are ways to gain the cards underneath your Super Hero, meaning you could get Speed Force or Teen Titans Go! for free, but even then I recommend never playing as him.
When playing with Crossover Pack 2, I recommend using the pack's Super Heroes in a 2-3 player game, but not with 4+ players, because their weaker abilities will likely lead to the game ending from the main deck running out, after 3+ hours of playing.

Explosive Arrow is an especially nasty card in a 2-player game, though I'd still recommend using it.
Detective Lance should be removed from a 2-player game, and even in a game with 3+ players he should not allow you to look at the cards underneath a foe's Super Hero, as it is already easy enough to memorize what they have underneath it, so a better gameplay mechanic would be punishment for not remembering and keeping track.
Bronze Tiger is incredibly powerful with any number of players, so I'd recommend bumping his cost up to 7 or changing the second part of his text to drawing one card instead of two.

Edmund Fyers, the first Super-Villain, is significantly weaker than every other first Super-Villain, and for that reason is usually bought after players have already had 8+ Power a few times. Depending on if you think Slade Wilson (from Teen Titans, not from Arrow) is better, I recommend replacing Edmund Fyers with him, or combining both the cards into one.
Deadshot's First Appearance - Attack can force you to destroy a card with cost 3 or less in your hand or discard pile, and I suspect this to be some sort of oversight. Consider changing this to being forced to destroy a card with cost 3 or less in your hand or changing it to being forced to destroy a card with cost 1, 2, or 3 in your hand or discard pile.


Crossover Pack 3 - Legion of Super Heroes
This pack introduces a gimmick called Time Travel, which allows you to discard a card in order to play a Time Travel card from the Line-Up or top of the Super-Villain stack, but you become unable to buy that card. It is quite lengthy, with the shortest time probably being one with 3 players (no more, no less). It isn't very well-suited for any set in particular, and works okay with Teen Titans, but I would recommend skipping this pack entirely.

In a 2-player game, either both players should play as one of Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy, or neither of them should. In order to speed up the game, I recommend as many players as possible use these Super Heroes, as they all allow for more Time Travel to happen.
Cosmic Boy's ability should be changed to "...give a card with cost 4 or less in the Line-Up Time Travel this turn," to make him more comparable to Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad. Equipment is usually the weakest card type in each set, but is good enough in Teen Titans that he shouldn't be given a stronger ability to compensate for it.

Dawnstar is nearly useless in a 2-player game, but needs to be included because they are already only 14 Time Travel cards in the main deck.
Universo is better suited to a game with more players, much like the Super-Villains.

Every Super-Villain besides the first one has an Attack instead of a First Appearance - Attack and only gives you Power if the Attack doesn't affect any foe and only if you own the Super-Villain. The rules even call a 5-player game Impossible Mode. Games with 4+ players will see these Attacks used endlessly, so I don't recommend playing with that many players. On the other hand, in a 2-player game, a Super-Villain will either force your opponent to discard a single card or give you +3 Power, making them one of the weakest sets of Super-Villains of any set or pack.
It is this mechanic that makes me recommend a 3-player game far more than any other number of players, and ultimately makes me not recommend this pack at all otherwise.


Crossover Pack 4 - Watchmen
This pack is primarily focused on a cooperative mode that includes a secret traitor. It comes with no Super-Villains, only ten cards that can be used in a competitive game, four of which are duplicates with the only difference being their card type, five of which are overpowered, and one that is much less useful in a 2-player game. I do not recommend buying this pack if you're not going to play the cooperative mode with 3-4 players, but if you do own it, the cards work well for a competitive game.

The second time Dr. Manhattan plays a Super Power, he may destroy a card in his hand. Forever Evil already focuses on destruction, so I would recommend not using him.
The Comedian should not draw a card from playing a Super-Villain, as he is balanced for the Watchmen cooperative game where these don't show up.
A 2-player game should not consist of Rorschach vs Ozymandias, as Ozymandias's ability can completely cancel out Rorschach's ability.

Nite Owl Mask is much less useful in a 2-player game, and should probably not be used.
Sally Juspeczyk usually results in gaining multiple free cards, and should either be changed to cost 6 or not be used.
New York City is a Location that shouldn't be removed, but be warned that it gives quite the advantage to the person who gets it, as they will have exclusive access to buying destroyed cards, which this pack makes there be even more of.
Duplication should not be allowed to play Super-Villains/Super Heroes again, as it is balanced for a cooperative game in which those don't appear.
Disintegration is a Watchmen cooperative mode only card. It should always be removed from a competitive game.

The Challenges Rioting, Cancer Scare, and Alien Invasion (which is basically the same as the Arkham Breakout Crisis, but also when an Attack card is destroyed) could all be used in a competitive game, though Alien Invasion is the only one I recommend, as Rioting would just make the game incredibly tedious and Cancer Scare would quickly empty the Weakness stack.
Loyalty Cards, Villainous Machinations, and Mastermind Plots are all not used in a competitive game.


Crossover Pack 5 - The Rouges
This pack is intended to go with the Forever Evil set, and works best with it. It contains significantly more cards than any of the previous packs, makes great use of the VP tokens from Forever Evil (so if you don't own it you'll need something to use as counters, preferably something you divide up into 1's and 5's), and all of the playable Super-Villains have the new ability Teamwork, where an opponent gains one VP (from the bank) so you can play the top card of their deck. Having a choice of who you Teamwork (and purposefully repeating who the previous player(s) Teamwork'd) makes a game with 3+ players much more engaging than a 2-player, but a 2-player game is still fun. Cards from this set also are all shuffled into the top half of the main deck, and are all worth 0 victory points, instead giving you VP tokens to use as a currency of sorts.

When playing with this pack, all players should play as one of the included Super-Villains.
If it weren't for his ability to use Teamwork, Trickster would be the undisputed worst playable Super-Villain/Super Hero. Never play as him under any circumstances, his ability is so bad that there is no possible way to fix it. Only in Heroes Unite can he have any chance of working (that's a lie, even then he won't work).
Heatwave's ability is entirely dependent on being able to destroy cards with cost 2 or greater, so he should only be used when using Forever Evil, as destruction is far more prevalent in that set (or if you also mix in some Watchmen cards, but even then shouldn't be used).
Golden Glider and Mirror Master are both significantly more powerful than Captain Cold and Weather Wizard, so in a 2-player game I recommend either GG vs MM or CC vs WW (or Heatwave vs Trickster as a joke).

Bag of Tricks says, "Pay X VPs: +X Power and draw X cards." The rules state that you can do this one VP at a time, but if you use this absurdly powerful card you should play that you have to pay all the VPs you're going to pay all at once. Typically, I put this card at the very bottom of the top half of the deck and then remove it once it shows up, just to signify that we've gotten through all of the cards from the pack.
Patty Spivot can easily allow you to Teamwork twice, and for that reason should probably have cost 4 or 5 instead of 3.

The Flash (Return From The Speed Force) is better suited to a game with 3+ players. I suspect that because he allows you to Teamwork more than one foe, in a 5-player game whoever's turn it is when he is revealed will easily be able to buy him now that they're going to be able to play at least 7 cards in a single turn.


Crossover Pack 6 - Birds of Prey
This pack focuses on having a bunch of Ongoing cards that rotate when certain things happen, and grant you a special ability when they rotate all the way up. It's quite the simple gimmick, but enjoyable nonetheless. It's best suited for the Teen Titans set.

All Super Heroes in this pack have abilities that have to do with rotating cards, so I recommend that all players use them.
The only Super Hero of note is Katana, who has a particularly weak ability. Consider upgrading her to both being able to destroy a Starter in her hand AND rotate a card, and change being able to destroy a Starter in her hand to something like destroying a Starter she controls, a Starter in her hand or discard pile, a cost 0 in her hand, etc.

Whip and Roulette have the same game text but different costs. Roulette is a typo and should read "+1 Power" instead of "+2 Power".
Clocktower is a Location that can allow you to take extra turns, and should probably be removed from a 2-player game where you only have one opponent.
Manhunter is an especially powerful card that WILL allow you to mill your entire deck and should be shuffled back into the deck if it shows up too early or just banned all together.

Posion Ivy is best suited for a game with 3+ players.


Crossover Pack 7 - New Gods
This pack is yet to be released.


Multiverse Box
The Multiverse Box is an incredibly weird and chaotic way to get you to use all the expansions at once. It's weird enough that I wouldn't worry about having appropriate game balance besides removing the overpowered and useless playable Super Heroes and Super-Villains.
The list of cards to use/ban when using the Multiverse Box is too long to be listed here, so look for that on its own forum when I finally get around to writing it.


Rivals - Batman vs The Joker
This standalone expansion is a 2-player mode where instead of fighting Super-Villains you fight each other. The smaller number of cards in the expansion can lead to a lot of repetition when playing it, so eventually mixing in some cards from a main set could help change things up at the risk of diluting the Rivals-specific cards. Most of the cards usable in a non-Rivals game aren't particularly interesting, so I don't recommend bothering to combine it with any sets.

Exactly half of the cards from Rivals have to do with Confrontation/Block. Of those, these are the only ones worth using in a non-Rivals game:
Utility Belt x2 (Block)
Black Canary x1 (inferior, more expensive version of Sonic Siren)
Killer Croc x1 (inferior Villain version of Sonic Siren)
Poison Ivy x1 (but only if used in a game with a lot of Block cards)

All other Confrontation/Block cards would just become more expensive versions of other cards.

Of the non-Confrontation/Block cards from Rivals, the following are more expensive/inferior versions of cards from other sets or expansions:
Batarang x2 (Crystal Shield)
Laughing Gas x2 (Scarecrow/Black Lantern Corps)
Hugo Strange x1 (Fastest Man Alive)
Both of these cards are rather generic anyways, so they wouldn't change anything by adding them to any main set.

Of the non-Confrontation/Block cards from Rivals, the following are identical generic cards included in main sets:
Vicky Vale x1 (Kid Flash, Legion Flight Ring, Johnny Quick)
Batwoman x1 (Raven)
Red Robin x1 (Doomsday)
Insanity x2 (Lasso of Truth, Katana)
The Penguin (Catwoman, Legion Flight Ring, Giant Growth)
These cards do not meaningfully affect gameplay, and are unnecessary to add.

Of the rest of the non-Confrontation/Block cards from Rivals, the following are cards that I would recommend adding to a non-Rivals game, only a few are particularly interesting, though I shall list all of them anyways.
Batmobile x2
Alfred Pennyworth x1
Huntress x1
Oracle x1
Nightwing x1
Robin x1
Arkham Asylum x1 (actually interesting)
Wayne Manor x1 (actually interesting)
Homicidal Maniac x2
World's Greatest Detective x2
The Riddler x1
Victor Zsaz x1
Clayface x1 (3+ players only)
Two-Face x1
Bane x1
Mr. Freeze x1

The various Bathman and The Joker Super Heroes and Super-Villains are much more well balanced for Rivals in which they face each other. The cost 9 ones are playable in a competitive game but are somewhat weak, especially compared to the similar Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. I do not recommend using the cost 12 ones even though they are usable, and the cost 15 ones are Rivals mode exclusive.


The Original Set, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, and Confrontations
These sets are all standalone sets, all of which are simpler than Teen Titans, so one of them is probably better to play with people who haven't played a DC Comics Deck-Building game before. If you want to get one of them and try mixing sets together, go for it! Probably don't mix with Confrontations, though. (It's similar to Rivals.)
Get creative!

Shapeshift's ability to take on all card names actually becomes relevant when you combine it with the Original Set or Heroes Unite, so simply adding the three copies of that card to one of those sets with no other changes is a recommended change.


Other Promo Cards

Martian Manhunter quickly turns into +3 or +6 Power nearly ever turn and is overpowered.
Starfire (the promo, not from Teen Titans) is an actually balanced promo, but is worse in a game with 4-5 players. If used, you might not want to count the cost 8 Teen Titans Go! against her, especially if it shows up early, as it might be awhile before anyone can do anything about that card.
Bane is intended for Forever Evil and is overpowered, being able to quickly turn Kicks into Super Heroes/Super-Villains.
The Joker is intended for Forever Evil but might be of some use in Teen Titans, if admittedly weak. Only use with 3+ players.
Vixen benefits from too many different card types and is overpowered.
Black Lightning requires you to discard too many cards to be useful.

Gotham City Docks is a Location that gives you more control over what's in the Line-Up, which I recommend adding. It doesn't need to replace any of the Teen Titans Locations, but consider replacing Tamaran or The Colony with it if your group of players don't see those cards as particularly useful.
Gypsy is intended to go with the Birds of Prey pack and quickly turns into draw a card nearly every turn, which is incredibly overpowered for a card with cost 2.

Felix Faust is a Super-Villain with an interesting First Appearance -Attack with 3+ people, but his effect when you play him is incredibly overpowered, allowing you to put tons of good cards from your discard pile into your hands.


Cryptozoic 2015 Volunteer Promo Cards
You don't, and will never, own the Cryptozoic 2015 Volunteer Promo Cards.


I plan on making posts like this for every set, pack, expansion, promo, and whatever for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game series.
I am insane.
Help. Let me out.
Hello. I am a hippopotamus. Here's them in gaming.
Hopefully I can stop copy-pasting this post every time now that I'm moving on to talking about the Crisis Expansions and Crossover packs instead of another main set.
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