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Stevie P
United States
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Darkborne Strategy Guide
The Cards
Cards you can use with your Focus:
• Bat Swarm x2
Cards you can use with your primary weapon:
• Deterrent Example (interrupt) x2
Blood Magic only cards:
• Blood Puppet x2
• Mist Walk x2
• Passage of the Dead
• Ritual of Blood x2
• Torment x2
Feral cards:
• Blood Seeker x2
• Frenzy x4
• Killing Spree x2
• Strength of the Fallen x2
• Vampiric Bite x2
Green Flame:
• Animus
• Blood Bonds
• Pounce (Feral)
• Nightcrawler (Feral)
• Wolfe Shade
• Play the Darkborne like the Apprentice, he is not a tank. Keep him on the fringes of the battle.
• Use Bat Swarm (range 3) to kill minions and Torment (range 4) to soften up bigger targets
• Minion killing – Use Bat Swarm to kill 3 and drop treasure. In Feral mode use multiple Frenzy cards and the Feral Attack
• Move in to pick up treasure as long as its on the fringe and not in the middle of a pack of baddies
• When fighting captains, mini-bosses, or bosses use cards like Ritual of Blood and Torment to give the other
Heroes a fighting chance for some killer blows
• Get to know the Blood Magic cards. Pumping up effects or moving through occupied spaces should not be taken lightly.
Portalling to a treasure token (Path of the Dead) should be in the back of your mind for a very fast way to get around the board
• Leave minions at the end or out on the fringes to get your Vitality back with your Feral Attack.
Although if you have 2 Frenzy cards there is nothing like taking out a captain in a double Frenzied Feral Attack.
• Be careful not to get caught and surrounded. If this happens use Mist Walk or Path of the Dead (if there is a treasure token)
to get out of the fray
• You have the ability to flip into Feral mode and back for 1 AP. You can use this to generate AP to avoid a loitering penalty
Cards (Normal Mode)
• Darkborne (Normal side) – Blood Magic cards are pumpable with your life.
Remember to leave some minions at the end so you can go feral and replenish your Vitality. Can use Focus items.
Can’t restore Vit. You must use Feral mode to restore your Vit
• Bat Swarm – An expensive card, but it is worth it. Pick 3 targets, range is pumpable, and you don’t need LoS.
This is you minion killer / treasure dropper. Use it.
• Blood Puppet – The range 2 means you have to be close, but controlling a captain for 1 Vit can have devastating results.
Use it on minions to trigger traps, get in the way of bigger monsters, and attack each other.
This card is very versatile.
• Deterrent Example – This is an expensive card for an interrupt, but does massive damage (3) which is a captain killer.
It may also be worth taking the AP penalty if you are surrounded or are the target for many minion attacks.
Kill one minion (easy) and then every other non-boss enemy must make a courage check to attack you
• Mist Walk – This is your 2 MP Aggressive movement reaction card, but with a twist.
You can spend 1 Vit to move through occupied squares.
Use this special ability to:
o get out of being surrounded
o to get to a prime target like a quest item or lair

• Passage of the Dead – This is your 3 MP Aggressive movement action card, but with a twist.
For 2 Vit you can move to an unoccupied square containing a treasure token.
I envision you melt into the earth and then rise up in the treasure space.
It will cost you a bunch of life but you can move a ton of spaces to portal to a treasure token,
pick it up (if you want), and still have 3 MP (2+3-1-1) to work with.
Playing Myth Dungeons? Draw the creatures back a tile and then portal back behind them to that dropped treasure
or don’t pick up that treasure by the exit until you are about to leave, then portal back from anywhere.
• Ritual of Blood – This card shows you play well with others. Maybe just so you can snack on them later, but hey,
no one needs to know that. You can use this plus the pumpable +1d10/+1FD to give a hero (including yourself) a massive killer blow.
• Torment – Your minor attack card, but also lets you put some of your lifeforce into it making it easier
for the next hero coming in for a massive attack. Extra D10s if you don’t move.
What’s not to like.
Cards (Feral Mode)
• Darkborne (Feral side) – Feral Attack is a no AP free attack. Life Leech is you Vit gainer.
Feral Form you have to put your primary and secondary item in your inventory.
You can flip back and forth from normal to feral modes for 1 AP each time but remember you
can only equip items from your inventory during the refresh phase.
• Blood Seeker – It’s an ongoing card but is only useful if there are captains or larger enemies as
they can be wounded. Takes up a slot, only gives you 1 MP, costs 1 AP, there are 2 of them.
You will probably never use this card.
Get rid of this card at your first opportunity
• Frenzy – Gives you more free Feral Attacks. Use it!
• Killing Spree – Get all the Frenzy cards you can from your discard pile and then play any one Feral card stacked on this card.
• Strength of the Fallen – You need a treasure token with-in 3 to gain 1 DMG.
There are 2 of these cards. You will probably never use this card.
Get rid of this card at your first opportunity
• Vampiric Bite – When you are replenishing this card is great. This is the only way to get more than
1 Vit on multiple darkness FD results. Feral Attack only gives you 1 Vit even if you roll 2 darkness FD.

Green Flame Novice Cards
• Animus – Activate and control 1 "Encounter" type trap. While limit use it is very powerful if you are in an Encounter trap.
• Blood Bonds – Your pool of Blood Magic just expanded. This is the big teamwork card.
Use this to expand your Blood Magic capabilities by draining a companion and then having them
take a vitality potion. You can then Ritual of Blood or Torment to give another Hero some serious punch on their next hit.
• Nightcrawler – You are now free to walk around the cabin … and wreak havoc.
Play this smart and you should be able to stay in the shadows and pick off those minions while building up your Vitality.
• Pounce (Feral) – The only way to get the Aggressive move bonus is to flip to Feral mode after Mist Walking.
In such a case you can cover some serious distance (Move 2, Mist Walk 2, Pounce/Dash 2) then possibly get an extra
damage and knock the enemy prone. Not bad.
• Wolf Shade – This is basically a range 4, no LoS, massive attack. You need to have an open path to
your victim for the wolf to move. This is another focus attack so don’t forget to add your secondary to the dice pool.
For 3 life you can do it a second time. Combined with Blood Bonds that’s probably 6 easy damage plus whatever your focus gives you.
You also need an open space adjacent to you so if you are surrounded you can’t use this.
• Only 1 card uses my secondary weapon and 1 card uses my primary weapon, do I even need decent items in these slots?
o Bat Swarm is your minion killer and will be one of your most used cards so the focus is important.
o Deterrent Example is your captain killer and only interrupt so even though it will not use your
primary weapon much when you need it you need a decent primary weapon.
• Do I need to play a card to flip back and forth to Feral Mode? No, you only need to pay the 1 AP and
stuff your primary/secondary weapons into your inventory.
• What is this Darkborne’s fate symbol? Darkness
• How does stacked work for Killing spree? You can play any ONE card on killing spree. It doesn't need to be frenzy.

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Tobias Loeffler
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Thanks Stevie! This is a really nice overview of the Darkborne. I guess it's time to start working on those JM cards!

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