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Subject: Expansion Idea - Ares rss

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Nick Hansen
United States
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So I've played this game twice so far; both myself and my fiance are in love with the game. We're big greek mythos fans and I wanted to share my idea on this forum to see how a favorite of ours could make it into the game, regardless if we'll actually see it happen or not.

Ares - the god of war.

Design- I love the idea I saw a bgg user toss in an earlier Ares thread that he'd be a ruthless sniper. That, mixed with his typical spartan drab and some fiery high tech, would make an awesome monument. I'd love if his pose for the monument were to be as if he was ready to take his shot.

Gameplay- so I think I'm going to playtest my game with some mock up bits to see if the levels feel balanced. The obvious issue to me with a monument for Ares is that you need to compensate for the skill that is not being increased. Ares, being the god of war and man-slaughter, I'm going to playtest with the following levels of his monument.

Level 1 - Kill one hoplite in an adjacent region to your army.
Level 2 - Kill two hoplites in an adjacent region to your army.
Level 3 - Kill three hoplites in an adjacent region to your army.
Level 4 - Kill three hoplites in an adjacent region to your army. Invade +3
Level 5 - Kill three hoplites in an adjacent region to your army. Invade +3

New mechanic - Invade. On level 4 and 5 of Ares' monument, praying to Ares allows you to move an adjacent army into the region that had just suffered the loss from praying to Ares with a starting combat boost.

If you get a level 4 Ares in your game, you better have the priests to take advantage of these potential power moves!

Ares' unique artifact - Trojan Horse! The Trojan horse would be a three piece miniature (assembled like monuments) that could be built and have devastating affects! Its a slightly complex artifact, however.

Here is how it would work.

First activation - Set base piece of the Trojan horse miniature in any area you control.
Second activation - Add the second part of the Trojan horse miniature.
Third activation - Add the final part of the Trojan horse miniature. Trojan horse artifact gains passive ability: At the end of your turn, trojan horse kills one enemy hoplite in it's region.
Any additional activation of artifact would move the Trojan horse to an adjacent region.

Now you have a unique invulnerable deadly force that can makes controlling the Ares monument worth it!

I don't really post in BGG so I hope I'm posting this to the right place! I'm going to test this idea out by using two d6's and I'll elaborate how it changes the game for my group here after we get a few more plays in. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated!

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Jason Clubb
United States
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Very interesting take on Ares!

For me, his pose might be more of a command type, with riflein one hand and the other holding a spear pointing forward, as to say "engage this way!". Regardless, he would look fierce and ready for battle.

Tell us how the playtest goes. If He seems a bit powerful, maybe add in a extra hoplite battle casuality for the attacker if he is used. Some sort of cost to use the Trojan Horse might be a good idea. This would be representative of the ferocity that your troops are given by Ares as they would wade into combat without thought of their own lives.

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Michał Misztal
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A I said earlier on facebook (and probably here on bgg):
"Ares wasn't god of war and bloodshed only. In Sparta, he was also considered a model soldier... and Spartans despised "berserker rage" and glorified discipline and fighting as unit rather than personal bravery. What's more, Ares was also a patron of harsh justice and judges, executioners... and SPIES and military intelligence!
That opens some new possibilities for Ares as a monument, don't you think? Visualised as a kind of sniper-scout (or a drill sergeant ), perhaps connected to the army upgrade mechanic? For example, he could give a free "army upgrade" action and/or let you to force one of opponents to discard a battle card from his hand?"

But it's hard not to make him overpowered. Ability to kill 3 enemy Hoplites in one Region seems too powerful (Athena's power is balanced by a finite number of Hoplites).
Maybe change it for "kill up to 1/2/3 Hoplites in different regions (you can kill yor own Hoplites)"?

What about this: instead of upgrading Hero's Attribute, a player gets a Discipline token that he can:
- discard at he start of the battle to get +3 bonus to his Army Strengh
- discard at the end of battle, after all Battle Cards are played, to get +2 to his Army Strengh
(- OR take a Glory Token for the Land he won a battle in... but it can unbalance all Glory Tokens rules, especially make Heracles too powerful).

Ares 1st level - get 1 Discipline Token.
Ares 2nd level - get 1 Discipline Token and kill up to 1 Hoplite in any Region.
Ares 3rd level - get 1 Discipline Token and kill up to 2 Hoplites in different Regions.
Ares 4th level - get 1 Discipline Token and kill up to 3 Hoplites in different Regions.
Ares 5th level - get 1 Discipline Token and kill up to 3 Hoplites in different Regions.
On levels 2-5, you can kill yor own Hoplites.
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