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Subject: Siccarus Walks in the Dark rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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The 10th Quest of my Purge the Mirrors Campaign that runs each of the
16 Lightbringers I use through the Tutorial Quest. The Campaign is set in
the Midnight RPG-Forge of Shadow source book.

I've been at this for a few weeks now so if you just reading this the background
for the Campaign starts here:

(Spies for the King of Rags have reported on conversations overheard between Legates at the Blood Moon Tavern.
The Legates are constructing Black Mirrors throughout the Catacombs/Tunnels that underlie Steel Hill Districts.
Once constructed these Mirrors will allow communication between the Shadow Forces Garrison and
drain off the Wards that protect the Resistance hideouts. These rumors were confirmed when Bjorn had
raided a Shadow outpost and retrieved papers that revealed plans for the Mirror Project.


Construction of the Mirrors is however a time and resource consuming process so the work goes slowly allowing
the forces of the Resistance to discover the locations of the Mirror construction. The King of Rags how dispatched
his Lightbringers to destroy the Mirrors before they can be activated.)

Market Ward, Steel Hill
Early Morning, Shareel 6th, 5YS

The Master Assassin had been brooding in his quarters his anger against Prince Aushav
and being cooped up underground like some animal festering just beneath the surface.
He finally swallowed his pride and informed the King of Rags he was willing to undertake
any assignments the Thief's Guild Leader would give him.

It was a bitter pill for the former Master of the now dissolved Assassins Guild to
have to take orders from another but he had to accept the new realities of life
under the heel of the Shadow.

Still moving through the catacombs under the Market Quarter was for the first time
since Steel Hill was betrayed to the Darkness that he again felt a sense of purpose.
He would have preferred to have been given a task to cut the throat of some
damn Clan collaborator to Prince Aushav rule but smashing a Dark Mirror was
more important to the Resistance and hopefully it might give him a chance for
a little "wet" work along the way.

The object of his Quest was in the rooms just ahead Sicarius chose the farther door
as it was nearer to his planned escape route. Sword at the ready he slowly
cracked the door open to reveal an empty room with the Black Mirror setting
in the far corner. Moving into the room he caught a glimpse of Orc Flayers
in an adjacent room moving quickly he examined a couple of trunks and
took a short sword and a sack of gold some poor Gnomish merchant would
never need again. Gold under the Shadows rule was worthless but still many
of Clan Strachan & Kelli chiefs liked to flaunt their new power and importance
they received from backing Prince Aushuv power grab. The Gold melted down
into trinkets could barter a lot of favors. The Assassin now got down to business
although he yearned to surprise the Orcs still unaware of him in the next room,
he knew the Black Mirror was far more important so without further thought he
smashed the glass. Before the Orcs could react he was out of the room and
back in the Shadows of the corridor.

The Orcs gave pursuit unsure of the interlopers Location until they gained
the corridor and saw the Assassin up ahead. Too far ahead of them to catch
but they sounded the alarm.

An Orge Mage answered the call and came down the corridor blocking
Sicarius escape route.

The Assassin was far to experienced to be trapped so easily using his Shadow
Crawler skill he slipped around the hulking Mage and made good his escape.

Later back at the Resistance Headquarters he turned in the sack of Gold for
a Javelin of sure shot.

That was too easy although a few things really broke Sicarius way.
No Guard in the objective room and drawing the Gnomish Gold Sack
which gave 3 XP allowing Sicarius to utilize his Shadow Crawl Skill
to get round the Orge Mage.

So a bit luck that otherwise would have had Sicarius pinned down in
combat with the Orge & the Orc Flayer Mob.
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