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Subject: My Idea for Event Cards rss

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Colby Boyd

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I have been thinking about a way to mix up the game a little and mess with the difficulty. Don't know if this has been talked about but here it is. What if there was a dice rolling option for Event cards? I think this adds unpredictability, as well as making early rounds easier and later rounds a little more difficult. Any time you would draw an Event card that Spawns, you would follow the following Rule but still follow the Event card for Placement.

Example: Draw Event card and it reads Unexpected Monster, place enemy on the Current Level token. There is a table to refer to and it involves rolling a Blue die. I chose Blue because there are different possibilities for each roll (No shield 2/6, One Shield 3/6, and Two Shield 1/6).

Level 1: (No Shield) Select Agent from Enemy Pile and Spawn Normally.
(One Shield) Draw Enemy (Mob or Agent) and Spawn Normally.
(Two Shields) Spawn No Enemy

Level 2: (No Shield) Spawn Roaming Monster Normally
(One Shield) Select Agent from Enemy Pile and Spawn Normally.
(Two Shields) Draw Enemy (Mob or Agent) and Spawn Normally.

Level 3: (No Shield) Spawn Roaming Monster+ (Draw one Extra Equipment)
(One Shield) Spawn Roaming Monster Normally
(Two Shields) Select Agent From Enemy Pile and Spawn Normally.

Level 4: (No Shield) Spawn 2 Roaming Monsters Normally
(One Shield) Spawn Roaming Monster+
(Two Shields) Spawn Roaming Monster Normally

Level 5: (No Shield) Spawn 2 Roaming Monsters+
(One Shield) Spawn 2 Roaming Monsters
(Two Shields) Spawn Roaming Monster+

This is just my Brain Child and I haven't had time to Play Test it yet. It could fall flat on it's face. If it does work, I can see a version of this that could be applied to Door Cards possibly.

Thanks and Thoughts are Welcome
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Eric B
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I know a lot of people try to make use of dice in their house rules to help determine what happens in the game. I don't know if I have seen it applied to event cards though. I think your ideas for this are pretty interesting. My only criticism, which I brought up in the other thread, would be that all the cards in your example have similar outcomes. For instance all your level 4 and 5 cards spawn Roaming Monsters, just in different ways. If you aren't worried about that then I see no issue with this change. It's definitely another way to mix things up.

By the way, I dunno if I have seen anyone house rule the roaming monsters spawn with 2 treasure. That is something I would like to house rule at levels 5 and possibly 4 to make the game more challenging at later levels. On the one hand it might not make a huge difference since there is the 3 max dice rule, but on the other it's going to pretty much guarantee Roaming Monsters always are maxed on attack/defense dice if they have 2x weapons or 2x armor they can use. That or they are going to have really good armor AND attack if they get a weapon and armor treasure.
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