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Subject: Scenario 2 Streets of Ligny rss

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bertrand d
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Streets of Ligny, les rues de Ligny is the smallest scenario of the Last Eagles game.
First of all having a beautiful separate map that can be set up on the kitchen table is wonderful. It is also a good opportunity to train solo and prepare the overall game with some knowledge of what may happen on part of the field.


The Prussians have decided to defend a series of villages, and assaulting a village is always a difficult deal. The IVe Corps from General Gerard is ready for that task with 3 infantry divisions supported by the 4e Cavalerie division.
In front of him, the Prussian 4.Brigade of Generalmajor Henckel von Donnersmarck is defending the Castle, Church and Farms of Eastern Ligny. Only a battery artillery protects the northern flank to avoid a quick crossing by French cavalry. 3.Brigade of Generalmajor von Jagow is close by on the Western bank of the rivulet.

15 heures - En avant
The 14e division attacks La Ferme d’en Haut, while 12e and 13e are tasked to assault the Chateau. Artillerie is divided between the 2 attacks to support any failed onslaught.
The cavalerie division is tasked to take the northern part for Ligny. They repulse the Prussian horse artillery, which still saves half of the guns.
Light infantery of 9e Léger is deployed to take the Ferme d’en Haut on the run but fails. Gérard renews the assault, at the same time as the assault on the castle is started.

Note an interesting rule that fordbids infantry to leave a ZOC and reenter another in the same activation, unless a friendly unit is already present. It prevents you to reorganize your assault easily once you are engaged.
As it is the last activation of the hour, and confident that the Castle will be taken, General Gerard leads the assault on the Ferme d’en Haut. The Prussians rout and Gerard enters the farm building, but in the south the castle is not taken.
Von Pirch launches an immediate counterattack with 3. Brigade, they repulse the cavalry from the Northern part of Ligny and with the Jäger in the lead try to retake the Ferme d’en Haut.

Note that the one unit limit had Gerard choose the strong 63e de Ligne and not the better quality 9e Léger for the advance after combat in the farm. In consequence the assaulting Prussians have number and quality for their counterattack.
Gerard refrains from leading the defense at the front but its presence helps the French to stand after having lost half of the regiment.

6VP Prussian, 2 VP French for the large buildings, no unit loss as the Prussian artillery retreated and was not routed.

16 heures – Achevons le travail
The battery (12PE) installed in front of the Ligny castle destroys the remaining 19. Inf. Regt.
It frees immediately the two infantry divisions for an all-out assault on the center of the village and its Church. The 4. Westphalien Landwehr losses half of its man but stays in the Church, now almost encircled. The 8e Chasseur overruns the 15. Fuss Batterie in the West.

The Prussians artillery push back the 111e Inf and 8e Chasseurs, giving room for reorganization to Von Pirch. The Church is now in the hands of 29. Inf. Regt, while the Landwehr pulls back.
Gerard renews the assault.

The main assault is still on the church, but the 111e is now on the West bank to avoid a frontal assault on the strong 2. Fuss Batterie and the 9e Leger is tasked to encircle the church from the North. Bad surprise a couple of guns of the 2. Reitende Batterie great them with deadly canister fire and the light bataillon cease to exist. The 69e de Ligne routs. Prussian artillery also repulse the French in the West. Slaughter goes on in the Church with 29. Inf Rgt not wanting to leave the ground.

Von Pirch has limited choices, part of 7. Inf Regt is pushed into the church, the Landwehr is kept to defend the Ferme d’en Bas and reduced units are coupled with batteries for close defense.

10 VP Prussian, 6 VP French for buildings, 2 Prussians units lost vs 1 French.

17 heures – l’église sanglante et rédemption
Von Pirch calls in its own 8. Brigade and General Gerard knows that all efforts must have results before the Prussian reinforcement arrive.
He decides on a gamble. While he launches himself the assault on the church leading the best troops from only 2 hexes, he launches a combined infantry/cavalry assault on the north of the church. This time the guns are taken and the whole 7. Inf Regt in East Ligny routs. The attack in West Ligny is less successful with a full French stack routing.

Von Pirch can only watch from the Western part of Ligny. The 8.Brigade and the artillery build a strong defense position in the West, but they are too far away for a counterattack.
With only one unit lost to 4 Prussians and 3 buildings out of 4 in his hands (enabling a -5VP at scenario end), General Gerard builds a strong defensive line with batteries all around and proposes a truce (and a cup of tea) to Von Pirch.

After disappointing artillery fire on his 2nd activation, the Prussian general must admit he has more to lose than win in an assault on the French positions.
French tactical victory.
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Jason Loftiss
United States
Wichita Falls
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Nice AAR. Enjoyed it.
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