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Subject: UMCR Trivia for Dummies Review: Speed Trivia rss

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Nick Van Dam
United States
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Trivia for Dummies was one of the first games my wife suggested we buy. She spied it at a thrift store and was curious about how it played. We finally got it to the table last night when her mom was visiting. Were we the Dummies for it?

- The game has very basic components. The board is of descent mass produced quality. The design is easy to use, and fits the art work of the books the game mimics, but isn't overly interesting to look at.

- it comes with a standard die and 4 cheap pawns.

- The player cards (10 each) are of ok quality and have an art style that fits with the design of the game.

- The trivia cards are of low quality, but are functional, and the questions are very easy.

- the rules are simple and easy to understand

Game Play

The object of the game is to get your pawn to the finish space. This is accomplished by roll and move along with answering trivia questions.

If you answer a question correctly you get to roll and move. The space you land on decides the category of the question. The players then answer through the use of their cards, with a color, number, or true or false. The first one to answer correctly wins the chance to roll and move. You may also just advance one instead of rolling to move.

Our experience

The game was relatively easy to figure out, and play was quick. The game was over in just a few minutes. One player, the one who usually dominates trivia game (the quickest thinker) also dominated this game.

- It is easy to explain
- It is quick
- most answer are obvious so everyone has a chance to answer correctly

- The questions are too easy
- Suffers from the same problems as any trivia game, with one player dominating the others.
- The game appears cheap and doesn't have very good table presence
- Roll and move is problematic when needing to land on a specific space to end a game. IE Trivial Pursuit.

Response to Cons

- The point of the game is to have easy questions, it is called Trivia for dummies. This is because it is a speed game rather than a real trivia game.
- The problem of one person dominating was supposed to be mitigated by the easy questions, but then simply the fastest thinker will dominate. However at least this makes the game relatively quick.
- The game appears cheap because it is... we just paid a couple of dollars for it so being cheap really isn't out of line.
- Roll and move is mitigated by the option to move one ahead instead of rolling, this really is an improvement over traditional roll and moves, that may be worth house ruling in other games.

Final Thoughts

As Trivia games go this definitely does offer something different. It makes it about speed rather than obscure knowledge. There are the occasional cards that will teach you something, but they are few and far between. Also the option of multiple choice answers is interesting, but ultimately the game failed for us. It suffered from one player dominance which took the fun out of the game.
This combined with the problem that the answers to the questions were on the same side as the questions (making it impossible for everyone to play (one player had to abstain from answering the questions that round). With the game made for 3 or 4 players, one player sitting out each round really decreases the sense of participation and competition, which made the game less fun.
I can see some good ideas implemented in this game, but for us it just didn't come together.

I could see some groups really having some fun with this game, but I just couldn't choose this game over a game like Wits and Wagers if you want a light party style trivia game. If you want a heavier Trivia game I'd still have to go with Trivial Pursuit, or the Trivia Crack app on my phone. With category dice, or house rules which speed up the game Trivial pursuit can provide depth without and interminable game.

So who is this game for? Perhaps people that really like speed games. If you like Trivia I'd consider one of the games I mentioned above.

I rate this game a 4/10

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