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Subject: Solo Play Through as the Gunslinger rss

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Rick Roby
United States
Ballston Spa
New York
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My first time documenting a play through. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it.

I’ve heard tale of a catacomb nearby and being a fearless Gunslinger I figured I’d give it a look. So with a Shotgun and Backpack I entered the darkened entrance.

As I looked around I saw another person to my south. He looks as if he’s been down here for a very long time and does seem a bit deranged (Deranged Explorer). To my north a little ways off I see what can only be the Temple of the Moon, a place I am keen to checkout. However as one would expect a Cultist is present who undoubtedly will make that trip interesting. No sign yet of the other two rooms I’m interested in; The Chamber of the Sun and Cloister of Stars. I suppose it was too much to expect these rooms to be so close to the entrance.

Between me and one of my goals lies the Pit of the Fallen. Certainly a fate I want to avoid so meeting up with a horror here wouldn’t be good. To my east is The Depths. I can sense that this path will only add to my doom, but it may be my only path. To my west I can see nothing but darkness.

Turn 1
Now that I have gotten my bearings it’s time to start exploring. As my eyes adjust further I can see a clearer path to the west as The Inscriptorium comes into view with the Old Knights just beyond.

I decide to head into The Inscriptorium and wait here to see what is out there. The Old Knights room could leave me few options to defend my self. I’ll try the door to north now. From the darkness I can make out the House of Skulls and much to my horror A Crawling Chaos also! I’m committed to entering the room so I will have to face this horror.

Before I can raise my shotgun I see Bones of the Dragon. If only I had found this earlier. I also have the feeling my Doom is approaching (rolling a 1 on the room die) and there are more horrors awaiting me in the dark. This will be a straight up gun fight so my Grit will carry the day. With a mighty blast I easily defeat the Crawling Chaos. While examining the body I find a Shield of Dust. This could help me to defend my self.

At this point I’m feeling a bit tired and need a rest. I’m not happy with this location as that Cultist is pretty close now. I’ll have to hope for the best as I now attempt to survive.

A Tide of Rats comes from a darkened corner, no doubt sensing a meal. I only hope it’s not me. My shotgun blast missed but it did cause those rats to scurry back into the corner for now. I’m sure they will be back.

I also hear the other horrors moving closer. I’ll have to deal with them sooner or later.

Turn 2
After a bit of rest I have but on my recent finds. They should help me as I face what is out there. But now I am faced with a difficult choice. Overcoming the hazard to return to The Inscriptorium would leave me few options. I couldn’t get to The Old Knights which would mean staying there or moving back to the entrance. Neither option is good as I would have horrors right on my back.

I’ll stay here and face what comes my way. First is those Rats. I could use the Bones of the Dragon, but the rats shouldn’t be a problem for my shotgun. Well, that was close (8 to 6). At least I won’t have to worry about them now. Sadly these rats had nothing stashed away.

Now to wait to see if I can survive an attack from the Cultist. They are moving into the room. That Cultist is pretty tough. Thankfully I was able to tie his roll using my Shield of Dust, but just barely. I can see that Deranged Explorer moving my way also. I hope I brought enough ammo.

Turn 3
Certainly no need to change up my equipment at this point and I haven’t heard any more movement so maybe if I can just deal with these two I’ll be OK.

At this point I could make a run for the Temple of the Moon. Only problem is the Cultist will be right behind me and I’ll have to face them again with even worse odds. The alternative is to stay here again and hope I can get the upper hand on them. I could also back tack to take on the Deranged Explorer. The poor soul. Perhaps killing him would be a mercy. Either way I’m going to face both of them soon.

I’ve decided to face the Cultist first. They are right here after all and moving in this place tends to add to the danger. My danger is already pretty high so no need to increase it further.

I again blast away with my trusty shotgun ending the threat from the Cultist (11 to 4). Couldn’t find anything on the remains. Now to set a trap for the Deranged Explorer.

As he moves into the room he runs wildly at me thrashing wildly with a knife. His wild rush caught me off guard. Once again if it wasn’t for the Shield of Dust I’d have been injured. That find was incredibly lucky!

Turn 4
Again no other sounds come my way. Just the ragged breathing of the poor Deranged soul facing me from across the room. I underestimated him before, but not this time. I level my shotgun for what I am hopping will put him out of his misery.

With a mighty roar and a blast of lead I put an end to the Deranged Explorer. He’s been down here so long he had nothing of use on him.

I now feel alone. No sounds of movement are noticeable. Could I now be safe? Better reload my shotgun just in case.

Turn 5
Still no others sounds. The silence is eerie.

I am so close to the Temple of the Moon and nothing is threatening me so I guess it’s time to get moving again. I’ve moved through the Pit of the Fallen and into the Temple of the Moon without anything of note happening.

Turn 6
The eerie silence continues. It’s almost too much to take! I’m still no closer to finding the other rooms so I will just have to wonder around further.

Alas the Lady in White was awaiting me at the catacomb Entrance. Being unable to fight here will make it difficult to get the upper hand on her.

Turn 7
I fear the Lady in White is not the only thing I have too worry about now.

I feel the need to flee from the Lady in White. At least so I can face her on my own terms. The Gate of the Hand will be my salvation as it will allow me to shift to any other room. I sense the Chammer of the Sun, while far is now reachable.

I am now deeper in the catacombs, but as I feared. A Giant Spider awaits me in the Chamber of the Sun. Better to face this head on than wait. Into the Chamber of the Sun with my shotgun blazing. Thankfully nothing bad has accompanied my rush.

My aim was true and my foe is down. Seems my luck changed as once again there is nothing of use.

The Lady in White I am sure is searching for me. I will see her again I am sure. Only one room remains for me to find. I am hoping it is nearby.

Turn 8
I can hear something moving nearby. Left with little choice I now set out in search of the final room I seek, The Cloister of Stars. Moving back the way I came I sense my doom is once again approaching (room roll of 1. I’m now up to 3). As I continue to move the feeling of doom continues. I fear my opponents will now be tougher (doom counter is now 5!)

A Cave Dweller is near. I could run from him but he’ll follow. But I should be able to stay ahead of him. Unless more horrors are lurking just ahead. I’ve decided to move to The Conclave and face the Cave Dweller. Perhaps the final room I seek will be revealed.

Yes! The Cloister of Stars in just beyond. If I can just survive I have a chance. But fist the Cave Dweller must be dealt with. Once again my aim is true and another foe is dispatched.

But my excitement was short lived as a Sussurent Slime attacked from a darkened corner. Feeling I could not fight this new horror I used the Bones of the Dragon defeating the slime. Using the bones was a drastic call as I have yet to find anything else of value in these cursed halls.

Turn 9
Having reached the Cloister of the Stars I have completed what I set out to accomplish. I fear I may never see the sun again, but that is another story.

Edit: Fixed some minor spelling and grammar mistakes.
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Owen Matthew Aurelio
United States
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This is awesome! Ib love that the slime attacked right at the end, lol, he has my favorite abilty!

The Gunslinger is sweet, he was the second character conceived and painted.
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