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How can one make "Baubylon" less of a mere 3D version of "Malefiz"? Well, this way:...


Baubylon and Bridegrooms
The Pricess of Baubylon

"Baubylon and Bridegrooms or The Pricess of Baubylon" is a variant of "Baubylon", a dice game for 3 to 6 players with a three dimensional game board.

The object of "Baubylon and Bridegrooms or The Pricess of Baubylon" is to reach a particular marked point on the board with one of your pieces.


48 Blocks to build the board
6 Red stones (i.e., "Guards")
6 Stones in each of 6 colors (i.e., "Bridegroom Piece")
1 Marker (i.e., the Princess, the future Bride; not included)
1 Six sided die (i.e., "D6")


Once upon a time there was an old King who had the most beautiful daughter in the world but no other kids. So he has built a castle, full of Guards, especially for her to keep her from harm. Unfortunately, an evil witch has put that daughter, the Princess, into a deathlike sleep, from which only true love's kiss from one one out of six brothers can awaken her. In despair, the King has issued a proclamation that whoever out of a set of six brothers could enter the room where his daughter is waiting, this man can have the Princess for his Bride and be King after his death. Several sets of six brothers from all over the world presented themselves for the challenge. Each player therefore controls six brothers to make one of them meet the Princess.

Object of the Game

Each player controls six stones (the brothers) of a color and is trying to get to the Marker (i.e., the Princess). As soon as one of these Bridegroom Pieces of any of these players reaches the particular marked point where the Princess (the Bride) is waiting, that player wins, and the game ends.

The Board (Building, Castle)

Just like in "Baubylon", players build the board together out of the blocks. The short side of each piece counts as one space. The long side of a piece counts as 2 spaces.

A vertical move adds to the spaces. To go up a height equal to a short side, costs 2 spaces. To move up the length of a full block costs 4 spaces. Descent costs the same as Ascent.

Note that moving up a short side and onto the space on top costs 3 point, 2 for the vertical lift, and one for the space move.


The players take turns to construct the gameboard (i.e., the building, the castle) by using the blocks. So the players put together the board once for each game. The resulting structure needs at least one entrance only one square above the tabletop. Up to six entrances may be created to keep the game a bit more fluid. You can move horizontally from one entrance to another according to the result of your die roll, with every entrance in clockwise or anticlockwise order costing 1 point.

You may never have a vertical jump higher than the length of a block (never more than 4 spaces). Each space must be reachable with at least a 5.

You need not use all of the blocks if you want a shorter game.

The Red Stones ("Guards")

The players take turns to place the markers on the blocks that constitute the building. The blocks are placed best when scattered around the board. These pieces may be moved by any player as if they were their own. They are however commonly owned. They may be used to for example knock Bridegroom Pieces off the board or block them. A player knocking a Guard off the board takes it and immediately reenters it on one of the free spots available. This represents the fact that your Bridegroom Pieces are moving around in the home of the Bride which provides a constant supply of Guards. Players may under no circumstance discuss anything pertaining to either movement or position of any Guard.

The Marker ("Bride", "Princess")

Finally a player takes their turn to place the marker on one of the blocks that constitute the building. It is placed best if farthest away from any entrance and it must be accessible from at least one side.


Roll the die, and move one of your Bridegroom Pieces or a Guard exactly the listed number of spaces. This means that if you cannot or do not want to move any of your own Bridegroom Pieces, you may move one of the Guards instead. If none of your Bridegroom Pieces and none of the Guards can move that many spaces exactly, then your turn is forfeit. This can happen if for instance you roll a 1 or 2 on your first turn, and cannot enter a piece because there is only one entrance or if you roll a 1 or a 2 with you having your last piece outside the building, and neither Guards nor your Bridegroom Pieces inside the building can move.


You may not pass, you must not skip a turn. You must always move the full amount, including point lost to vertical moves. You are allowed to move on top of another game piece (including a Guard). However, each piece you must climb up to reach the top costs a space. There is no penalty for leaping off a stack of pieces. In this way, you may also remain on top of game pieces.

A stack of stones may never be more than 5 pieces high. If a fifth piece can land onto a stack, it pays the cost to climb up 4 pieces, then replaces the stone on top of the stack. This stone is thrown off of the board, and given back to the owning player who may restart it on any turn.

Pieces that are not at the top of a stack may not be moved. If a 1 is thrown for a piece (Bridegroom Piece or Guard) that is buried in a stack, it can "shake itself" and throw off the piece on top of the stack. The piece on top is removed from the board. If this piece is a Bridegroom Piece, it is returned to the owning player. If the top piece is a Guard, then the player who rolled the die may place that Guard on any free spot available on the board. This represents the fact that there is a constant supply of Guards. The turn then ends for the player in charge of the "shaking" piece.


When a player gets one of their Bridegroom Pieces to the Princess, that player wins because one of the brothers (Bridegroom Piece), who is now a Prince, and the Princess, who is now a Bride, marry and live happily ever after.


Please tell me what you think.
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Hilko Drude
Lower Saxony
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What are you doing!? I don't even know you!
I will send this to Reinhold Wittig. Maybe I can try it with him.
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HilkMAN wrote:
I will send this to Reinhold Wittig. Maybe I can try it with him.

Yes please do. Try the edited version (see above). Please keep me informed.
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