Norbert Chan
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Wow, so this is what you get for 100 pieces of gold.
Player order was myself, Jean, Craig, Ken, Don and Trevor. Going first, I went on the trade good area to get a high value good, and I was able to build 4th in buildings. In building order, Craig got the Missionaries (worth 2 colonists when coming off the boat), Ken got soldiers, Trevor bought Navigator (get a captain in the explore box), while I bought Settlers to get an extra colonist. I also got a merchant ship, so I was in decent shape after the first round.

In the second round, the building that gives you $20 came up, and Don was able to buy it, and buy New World Catography and get a 5 native explore chit, so Don took the early lead.

In the third round, Jean got the building that lets you put a colonist on the X sport, Don bought the settlers building and Craig got trader which gives $5 a round. There weren’t a lot of colonists on the board yet and the scores were were Craig and Don at 8 and everyone else at 6.

Craig’s game started to take off when he got the Cathedral in round 5 or so. That meant every missionary he put on (and he had 2 missionaries a turn now) were worth 3 colonists. But in round 4, Jean had bought the building that gives you a colonist in the Y spot, so both Jean and Craig were getting lots of people onto the board.

Ken and I were fighting over trade goods. One turn, Ken took battled me for a merchant ship and he was ahead of me in turn order. But Ken was slowly building up three different sets, and using his eventual 3 merchant ships to create three four of a kind goods at game end.

However, it was clear that Craig with his at least 2 missionaries at turn (worth 6 colonists) was overtaking the board. So everyone used soldiers where they could to trim down Craig’s colonists.

At the last round, I used the university to build first, buying the tile that gives 1 per trade good, worth 9 VPs to me. I could have denied Craig the population tile (1 VP for every 2 colonists) but that would have set up someone else as the winner. Craig bought population, and Jean bought the one that gives 2 VP per capital building, good for 10 VPs total. Craig gained an incredible 14 VP with population. Ken bought wealth (1VP for every $5) which gave him around 8 VPS.
The scores were:

Craig 73,
Jean 72,
Ken 66,
Don 63,
Norbert 56,
Trevor 55.

Craig is green, Jean is blue, Ken is white, Don is orange, I am yellow and Trevor is red.

At the end, the points on the board overwhelmed anything that Ken could generate with goods. Ken did earn 18 VPs through the goods. Trevor was the best person at discovery tiles, but he was last.
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