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Wow, so this is what you get for 100 pieces of gold.
Last week, I got taken out to the woodshed, when I was playing Germany. I wasn’t sure when I would get to be able to play Germany again, as the nations are randomly dealt out when we play. I had gone to the washroom when they were dealing out nations, and when I got back, the France deck was in front of me. Ken then said I was actually dealt Germany, and Ken was shuffling the Germany deck and asked if I wanted to play France? I said I preferred to play Germany, as I had some unfinished business, so Ken gave me the Germany deck. Don was Austria Hungary, Trevor was Russia, Ken was France and Craig was UK.

Don played Franz Ferdinand Avenged to take over Serbia. Trevor plays Russia Mobilizes to build in Petrograd and Poland. I play the economic warfare card OHL – for the cost of 2 cards, I draft a build army, play a status card which was Mustard Gas, and got to play another economic warfare card which forced France to discard 3 cards and gave Central powers 1 VP. Ken puts down Ranult FT Tanks, while Craig played Grand fleet to build a fleet in the English Channel and draft another fleet.
Don built in Galacia. Trevor played an event card which let him build in Prussia and attack Galacia and he unprepared a card as he knew I had mustard gas. His thinking was that if your score is at 0, if you get hit by mustard gas, you can’t lose a VP as you are at 0. (We didn’t know what the rule was so Don started looking). I land battled Prussia anyways to knock out the Russian army there. Ken builds in Rome, while Craig builds in Belgium.

Don then plays the status card that gives the Central powers 2 VP if there is no unit adjacent to Serbia. At this point, we have found the rule where if you have no prepared cards and are at 0 VP, Germany gains a VP. We asked Trevor if he wanted to discard a couple of cards, as I would attack him once more before the scoring round, but he was fine (at the end of the game, he said he had 5 build armies and 2 land battles and didn’t want to lose any of them). So the score was Central 11, Entente 7.

Trevor builds a fleet in the Baltic and attacks me in Berlin a couple of times, forcing me to use a prepared build army card. Ken has started a battle in Western Germany, but I am still holding that. Unlike last week , I am using prepared cards that have double defence in and around Western Germany/Belgium rather than playing the cards. Craig has spent a lot of effort to neutralize Don’s status card around Serbia, so that gave me some breathing room.

On turn 7 before the scoring round, Craig gets the Girl with the Yellow Hands. But I had attacked him a couple of times in Belgium, and I knew he had discarded a couple of build armies in the process, so I hoped that would slow him down. Trevor also as feeling the effects of the mustard gas, and did not play cards for a couple of rounds to conserve cards. Don was inching closer in Galacia to prepare for some Russian attrition cards.

Score was now Central 21, Entente 15.

I lost the mustard gas on turn 8, but I came back out with Triple Trench Lines. This helped me against Russia who was land battling me via the Baltic Sea, and it made it expensive for Trevor to do that. It was around here that Ken and Craig had battled me out of Western Germany, and Ken had built in Western Germany threatening Berlin. I responded with a Place in the Sun to take back Western Germany, and used Schlieffen Plan to take over Belgium (I think that was the sequence, I can’t remember if Schlieffen Plan allows you to battle in Belgium, I might have done that in Picardy). Germany was solid defensively, and the score was Central 36, Entente 26.

Craig would spend his time attacking Don in Istanbul and Bulgaria, The Entente were gaining and it was now Central 45, Entente 38.

Trevor plays Peace Land and Bread for 5 VPs, and he is almost out of cards, after Don had fired all the attrition cards at him. I could have gotten one more attrition on Trevor before he abandoned Poland/Petrogad, but I didn’t do it in time. I play Christmas Truce on the last round for 2 VP and the score is Central 59, Entente 56.

Central powers win on board position. Attrition wasn't a big factor other than limiting what Russia could do as they were trying to conserve cards.

It was actually quite a close game. I was able to hang on a bit longer as Germany this game, using the double defence prepared symbols rather than playing them as cards allowing me to keep Belgium and Western Germany. In the post game discussion, I was able to benefit from Craig and Ken spending some time attacking Don in Serbia and Greece. Perhaps if they spent a little more time on Germany, then Germany may have crumbled.

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