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Subject: [WIP] Card Game I am Working On rss

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Alex Sennert
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We have been working on this game for about a year (found this site a little late into the process).

Please let us know if there is anywhere else we can post this.

We are looking to get this onto KS early next year and would like to have some input on the idea.

Please enjoy.

Tactics War Glory will take you into the driver’s seat of a strategic battle for victory. Plunged into the role of a world leader, you, the player, will use various strategies to obtain victory through the fulfillment of your mission. With the form of resources known as corruption, you will have access to your leader’s special skill and many action cards to aid you. But beware, you can only be so corrupt before the people revolt and will have to remove some before being able to play more cards.

Rule Book:

We will post a demonstration of a turn below.
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Alex Sennert
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The following series of pictures are an example of a turn being played, certain cards are revealed for the sake of demonstration.

The beginning of Pachacuti's turn.
The Blue Deck is the World Deck
The Beige Deck is the Crusade Deck
The Green Deck is the Play Deck
The Yellow cards to the right are the extra leader cards
The six cards in the middle is the "Field" and are available for taking
Both Pachacuti and Cleopatra currently have 0 Corruption
The cards at the bottom are the cards currently in Pachacuti's hand
Cleopatra has 3 territories in her possession, and 1 card in hand

Pachacuti picks up 3 territories
In order blue green yellow blue and green were both available for capture right away, however, had to take green before could take yellow
Red is not available for capture since he does not have a bordering continents territory
Pachacuti gained 3 corruption now at 3 total

Since he could not pick up red, he took the other green territory and Statue of Zeus
Pachacuti gained another 3 corruption because statue of Zeus is an ancient wonder it costs 2 instead of 1 to take from the field
Pachacuti now at 6 total

Pachacuti plays 3 world wonders to lower his corruption back down to 0

Pachacuti plays the attack card "Trail of Tears" to try and take the orange territory from Cleopatra
Pachacuti gains 2 corruption now at 2 total

Cleopatra plays "Alexander the Great" as a defensive card to block "Trail of Tears"
Cleopatra gains 1 corruption now at 1 total

Pachacuti sacrifices a green territory to use his leader skill which copies an opponents ability, in this case Cleopatra's ability which is to nullify 1 defensive card
Pachacuti gains 2 corruption now at 4

Card "Alexander the Great" is therefore no longer effective

Pachacuti gets the orange card, and Cleopatra draws top card from World Deck due to secondary effect of "Trail of Tears"

Now that Pachacuti has the orange territory he is able to take the red territory
Pachacuti gains 1 corruption now at 5 total

Pachacuti plays "Silk Road" to trade mission card with Crusade Deck
Pachacuti gains 1 corruption now at 6 total

Pachacuti ends turn with one card in hand and a new mission card
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