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Subject: Semi-cooperative reverse-race variant "Wild Hunt" rss

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This is another way of triggering the game end for anyone not liking the current rule.

Thematic background
The Wild Hunt is chasing Ciri, spreading foul influence over the land. The characters are travelling the land to find clues of Ciri’s whereabouts and fight the Wild Hunt’s influence. The common goal is to decrease Wild Hunt’s influence to zero, which also means finding Ciri. The character who contributes the most to that achievement is the winner.

The Wild Hunt track
The VP track is renamed to Wild Hunt Influence Track. At the start of the game take one common marker (or a foul token to be more thematic) and mark the starting influence level on the track. This depends on the number of players and determines game length. Recommended values are:
- 4 players – 70
- 3 players – 55
- 2 players – 40
Players can decide on different starting value as they fit to control game length.

Character’s VP markers
These VP markers are initially put on zero spot on the track, as usual. They mark the individual character’s contribution to overall goal.

Markers movement on VP track
Play proceeds as in standard rules. Every time a character gains VPs, two things happen:
- Character’s VP marker is moved forward on the track to reflect number of gained VPs (as usual), AND
- Wild Hunt’s influence marker is moved the same number of spaces backwards on the track to reflect overall decrease in Wild Hunt’s influence and progress in finding Ciri.
So all characters contribute to fighting Wild Hunt and each of them records his own contribution.

When a character is losing VPs during the game only the character’s VP marker is moved backwards, the Wild Hunt’s marker is not affected. This is to reflect an irreversible loss of character’s chances to win.

Game End
Game ends when the Wild Hunt’s VP marker reaches zero. After that the player with most VP is the winner (see the character’s VP marker position on the track), as he/she has contributed mostly to defeating the Wild Hunt.

Additional Rule: Final Blow
The character pushing the Wild Hunt’s VP marker to zero is gaining the full awarded VPs, even if there is less VPs left on Wild Hunt’s track to beat. This works as a bonus for the character who gives the final blow and triggers the overall victory. Example: Wild Hunt’s VP marker is on space “3” on the track, it is Geralt’s turn and he gains 8 VPs. He moves the Wild Hunt’s marker down 3 spaces- to “0”, which triggers end of the game, and his own VP marker is moved 8 spaces forward, so 5 of that 8 gained VPs are actually the “bonus” after final defeat of the Wild Hunt.
This I think is a nice end-game push your luck mechanic – do I complete a smaller quest to close the game for other players, or do I try to score a big quest and get significant bonus.

Additional rule possibility
This variant creates natural trigger for an additional event. The trigger happens when the character’s and Wild Hunt’s VP markers pass each other (meet) on the track. It should usually happen only once per game, with small probability of happening again if the character loses VPs, but anyway only the first “marker’s meeting” counts. The trigger will eventually happen to every character at some point, and the better the character the sooner it happens. I have some ideas about what thematically could happen at that moment, but I’m eager to hear proposals from the BGG community and Witcher fans.

My loose idea is:
Paralyzing Encounter – when the markers meet in the track, the character indeed meets the Wild Hunt itself. There’s no fight, just sheer horror which leaves the character paralyzed. The player discards all but 1 development cards gained up to this moment.
The Paralyzing Encounter is intended to:
- increase the difficulty of the second part of the game, deleting a possibility of creating a tank-character equipped with whole suit of development cards.
- decrease the impulse to over-develop the character, and push players towards investigation actions
- tentatively hold the progress of the leading player, although all others are destined to meet the Wild Hunt at some point

Please share your feedback and proposals for the “trigger” event.
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Harry Bosch
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In honour of the brave crew of Hr.Ms. Java 27-02-1942 † Battle of the Java Sea
Wow, this sounds very interesting. Will need to play with these rules for a while but I think this will be a major improvement to the standard game.
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