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So, in between reading the Bios: Megafauna rulebook and gluing Craton placards together (there's a phrase I never expected to type in my life - "craton placards"), I decided I had time to save the universe from ultimate destruction at the hands of The Director.

After selecting my team and selecting a team for The Director, I though this was easily in the bag for me and I kinda felt sorry for The Director. I debated whether it was even fair I was playing on Easy mode (only one substitute for the Director), but I have lost enough that I didn't feel bad about a possible laugher for myself for once. Famous last words.

Still, things looked good in the beginning:

The Director's Team
Mickey Mouse - Primary attack does 2 damage, has an always active ability that was useless this game since Director had no chars that did Magical damage.
Megatron - Does 10 damage to characters with 5 Boost tokens, which kind of combos with Lex Luthor (See below), then 1 damage to opposing char. I didn't plan to boost much with Superman and The Flash so this was OK.
Lex Luthor - Non boostable power to do d6 damage to random opponent which gives that opponent equal number of Boost tokens. He could set someone up for Megatron. My primary worry.
Sylar from Heroes - Only 1 damage to opposing characters. He has an awesome Always Active ability but I didn't see him killing any of my non-Machine characters either.
The Waitress (from a Keri Russell movie I've never heard of, and the card doesn't even have Keri Russell on it!) - She hands out pie tokens that do damage during following upkeep steps - my number #2 target.

Sub - ??? - How bad could it be? More famous last words!

Dave's Team
Superman - Flies around doing 5 (+ Boost) Damage to people. Takes half damage (which I forgot to apply! I just realized! DOH!) AND gives me an extra card draw each turn (which I DID remember).
R2-D2 - Primary ability is healing, but useless this game as he would also be healing Megatron and Lex Luthor (Machine characters) and I don't want that. He is here primarily to fuel The Flash with Cartoon energy, turning ALL my cards into Hearts if I want.
The Flash - For 2 Cartoon Energy, get a Speed token and do damage equal to Speed tokens. Since they are NOT Boost tokens, he's invulnerable to Megatron with the same benefit as if he HAD Boost tokens! Also can ding an opponent during upkeep.
Anna from Frozen - Kind of useless this game as no one on the Director's team would be putting non-Boost tokens on her. But she can move around and get out of the way for Superman and K.I.T.T.
K.I.T.T. - K.I.T.T. can move around and then move someone else AND drop a Boost token on them while moving them.

SUB - Claudia Donovan - Does only one damage, but can steal Boost tokens for my team AND grab any five Energy from my deck at a cost of six of any kind of Energy. I was holding her back until I got rid of Luthor/Megatron combo.

Oh, and I was doing one other thing that I picked up from Kyle. Instead of using two types of Director strategies, I just shuffled up ALL the Director cards (minus the Wimpy ones and the Uber ones) and dealt out 10 at random. That was actually more fun for me not knowing what he/she/it would do next!

TURN 1: The Director does Boost, Move, Attack. Lex Luthor does 3 damage to R2-D2 (giving him 3 Boost tokens... no!) The Waitress hands out a couple of pies. K.I.T.T. moves R2-D2 from Lex to the Waitress, where he knocks a die off her and ends up healing everyone to full... (debated that trade-off).

TURN 2: During upkeep, The Flash grabs a card and The Waitress's pies get flung at Anna and Superman. The Waitress becomes even more dangerous when the Director put a Target on her. (In four turns, she will do 3 damage to everyone on my team.)

K.I.T.T. moves R2-D2 away from The Waitress so Superman can fly in and Freeze Breath her for six damage and out of the game. Target averted, one dangerous character down. The only problem is that now R2-D2 has enough Boost tokens that one attack from Megatron will kill him.

TURN 3: The Director does Boost, Move, Attack again. The Director reveals his substitute "character", the Union Pacfic 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" train! That train shows up right in front of Superman, so we are about to find out if Clark really is "More powerful than a speeding Locomotive"! (I laughed out loud when I dropped a train in front of Superman!)

With R2-D2 in imminent danger of being killed by Megatron on any turn, I use him one last time to convert all six of my Energy cards into Hearts and power up The Flash three times in a row, who unleashes a series of superspeed fists on Sylar, killing him before he ever saw it coming. (2 + 3 + 4) = 9 points of damage. Then I sub out R2-D2 for Claudia Donovan.

TURN 4: - The Flash draws a card duing upkeep and keeps it (not a Heart and no R2-D2 to convert it now). Oh, I was feeling smug at this point at my chances for victory. Then The Director unleashed an Attack+5 strategy.

The Union Pacific train rolled from one end of the field to the other, doing SEVEN damage to everyone on my team, then rolled back the other way, doing another 2 to everyone. Anna gone before even doing a single thing for me. Everyone else on life support. Even Superman (because I forgot his damage halving ability! I think he would have been gone soon anyway). And Lex Luthor does something he has always dreamed about and KILLS Superman with his own Attack + 5.

TURN 5: - The Director uses Web which misses everyone because "everyone" is Claudia Donovan with a single HP left. Claudia uses her two abilities to grab enough cards to power her attack 3 times and steals 3 Boost tokens off Lex Luthor and knock him down to 3HP left.

TURN 6: The Director adds insult to injury and prolongs my agony by doing a Full Heal of it's characters. Claudia Donovan escapes this turn and does enough damage to kill Lex Luthor, even though she steals his Boost token to give her five and expose her to Megatron's blast next turn.

TURN 7: The Director does Boost + 5 and the Union Pacific rolls on down, turning Claudia Donovan into paste on the tracks.

FINAL SCORE: The Director - 54, Dave - ZERO!

I'm guessing this is an omen for my next game of Terraforming Mars with the Venus Next expansion.


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