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Gerard Arceo
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Untold is a story telling game in which players create a story using the story cubes guided by the game board and scene cards.


Players expand every scene by taking turns asking questions, and rolling the story cubes to craft the answers that would enrich the story. After the players ask questions, they would describe the actions their character would make, resolving conflicts or crafting solutions for the problem, and exploring the outcome of those actions. The game ends when the player reached the final scene and has completed all actions that can be done in that scene.

Initial impression:

Untold is not a typical competitive board game, but rather a cooperative story crafting, that everyone experiences inside and outside of the story.


The strength of this game is in it's simplicity. Set up is really easy, learning and teaching the game to absolutely newcomers is easy. This game is inclusive for everyone. For expirenced roleplaying game players, the openness of the game structure is a fresh experience, as one is not limited by rules and parameters for every scenario. The game encourages the imagination to roam, to expand the mind by identifying the pattern in the symbols of the story cubes, and synthesizing a compelling and exciting story that unfolds in ways that is still exciting and unexpected despite the board and scene cards becoming a bit predictable after a couple of plays.

The components for this game are really in good quality, the game box looks elegant, the board and the tokens are made with really thick board, that could endure a lot of plays. Though in the future I hope for a deluxe version of the game with plastic board, plastic scene cards and resin tokens, which would add a bit more to an already beautifully made game.

Areas for improvement:

The game still have a room for improvement, the outcome cards could sometimes be a bit confusing, such as a "green but" is a postive with some negative consequences and a "red but" is a negative with some positive consequences, a "red and" is a doubly bad outcome and a "green and" is a doubly successful outcome.

The reaction cards are sometimes difficult to incorporate in the scene such as the "in love" emoticon, I know this could be worked around by interpreting it in different ways, but the initial reaction players show is that of confusion, and I think there is still better alternative for this. I also noticed that the reaction cards are only 10 while outcome cards are 15, this usually results to some outcome cards having no reaction card to reveal, resulting for us to reshuffle the reaction cards. This may be a minor issue, but I think including more reaction cards equal to the outcome cards would keep the game's pace continuous and consistent.

After several plays, one could see the structure of every scene, making the game a bit predictable at times, though variability still greatly depends on every player's imagination, sometimes, there's a part of your brain that anticipates the structure of the next scene. These structures also give rise to some gaps in the story, such as how characters are transported from one location to another, players could always fill the gap using their imagination, though initially it doesn't make sense, and those moments could take one's immersion away from the game even if just for a moment.

One of the strength of the game is placing the player in 2 roles, the character of the story and also the story teller. This is gives a fresh perspective to players but sometimes it decreases their immersion towards actually playing as their character. As much as this is a weakness of the game it is also one of it's best features as it allows 2 players to enjoy roleplaying without the need of a game master. In addition it also allows a player to play the whole game solo, without minimizing the experience that the game offers in 2 or more players.


The game is really good, It promotes creativity by allowing the imagination to expand, guided by the story cubes and the scene cards and I think this is a great addition to anyone's game collection, it provides a new experience for players that engages the imagination and creativity in very enjoyable ways that keeps the players involved and intersted while keeping a collaborative and welcoming environment for ideas to thrive and stories to flourish.


The game is a good starting point for people who are new to roleplaying game, or board games in general, and a fresh experience for veteran roleplaying game players, or veteran board game players.

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Michael Fox
United Kingdom
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Thanks for the write-up, Gerard!
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