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Bernie Koh
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Did a solo playthrough of Vengeance with Johnny Silver
Original post at
Read more of my playthrough with other games there!

The name's Silver, Johnny Silver....and I got a grudge to bear with this Japanese gang known as the Tengu-Kai

I don't know what I did. I can't half remember, but I know I was tortured at the hands of 3 of them gang bosses. A mean sonna' beyotch known as Batoman strung me up and implemented one of those "Japanese-water-torture" devices on me. Stressed me out so bad I can't even remember what I did to wrong him. Must've insulted his man-bun. Another one of them, this tattooed freak they called Dae-Shi roughed me real bad, left me with a limp. And after that, they handed me over to their leader, a big fat Sumo-like dude whose name I can't recall.

All I remember was being kicked out of this dojo onto the streets. They also stole some of my family heirlooms. I swore I get them back for what they'd done. Some day.

Took about a few weeks for me to recover back my sanity. The rest also allowed me to train my reflexes, something I'd need if I wanted to get back at those damn yakuza-wannabes. Picked up an old pistol and managed to find some time to scout out some places where I reckon them lowlife Tengu-Kai hang out.

Jackpot! The shady laundromat turned out to be the hideout of that Bato-man-bun. I knew I was in for a fight, but I was ready.

Rushing into the main laundromat area, I picked up a knife lying on the floor, ducked and stabbed the first thug blocking my way. Followed that up with a stabbing the toughie in the corner and shooting the lone gunman snoozing in the back.
Couldn't do a darn thing about that yakuza lady, she was prepared. Took a small amount of beating, but reeled up and prepared to fight back.

Swinging around as I got up, I stabbed the chick and took my aim at Batoman. If it wasn't for that thug in the way, I would've got him dead to rights.

Still, it was down to me and him, all he had was his baseball bat. And you know what they say, never bring a bat to a gunfight. Close enough.

Well, that was one down. I spent the day, cleaning up the bodies and holding up in that laundromat planning my next move. Found a couple of med-pacs, and killing Batoman managed to appease my sanity further, which helped a ton.
Also picked up another pistol. It could come in handy.

The phone rang at the laundromat. I picked it up and stay silent. Lo-and-behold, if it wasn't ol' Dae-Shi, calling to check on Batoman. I let him ramble on a bit, enough time for me to find out where he was.
Picking up my supplies, I head over to this rathole of an apartment downtown.

Sneaking up, I took down a Tengu thug and her lover by surprise before they could do anything. But a gunman playing cards in the next room saw me and took a shot. Grazed my shoulder, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Rushing in, knives blazing, I took out the gunman and his poker buddy. Took out the 2 pistols I had stored away, and shot down Dae-shi's drinking buddies before they knew what happened.

With a knife in each hand, I rushed over to mad tatooed freak and stabbed him multiple times until he went down. But not before he cursed and muttered that his boss would be back to take revenge. Not if I get to him first.

Seeing as how I got a bit of time, I holed up in that rat's nest and cleaned myself up good. Who would've thought that a dump like that stocked enough supplies to feed a king.
Even found this old manual that taught this technique called a "Shuriken Storm". Figured it'd be pretty poetic to use their own skills agains them.

Guessed they must've found ol' Batoman's body in the laundromat. This hell rider called Limp Oscar appeared one evening and beat the snot outta me while I was asleep. Guess ol' Fatso must've hired him to give me a beating. He's next on my naughty list.

Followed ol' Limpy to a nearby diner where he was holed up with his biker gang. Seemed like an opportune time to practice what I picked up.

Rushing in the front door, I took a shot at the thug stuffing his face in the next room. Managed to duck an incoming hit, and took a blocker out by feeding him my knife. His buddy however knocked out a couple of my teeth in the process.

Grabbing the knives on the nearby table, I stuck poor chucko full of lead and ran into the next room. The Hell Biker at the table must have been too shocked to do anything, while I threw all the knives I had at Limp Oscar and his dinner companion at the adjoining suite. I can't even remember how I dispatched the poor sod next to me, I do remember, however, finishing the rest of his burger and milkshake.

Just as I was finishing that milk shake, a couple of yakuza dudes busted into the dinner. Behind them, I could see that fat freak Sumo, the boss of the Tengu-Kai gang. I remember his name now - Kazu Ono.
Winded from the last fight, all I could do was try to get out. Saw an opportunity to run out the back door and took it. But not before suffering a hatchet to a shoulder from one of this goons.

After hiding in the alley way for a while, old fatty must've gotten tired of looking for me and decided to head back. I followed him. Back to where it all happened. The Tengu-Kai Dojo. It's all coming back to me now.

Rushing in, I ducked incoming hit from one of wierdly dressed dudes at the entrance. Sliced them up real good before turning my sites to the gang upstairs. He must've saw me cos he sent a bouncer dude to block the stairs. Won't do him much good.

I rushed up the stairs and stabbed the bouncer, while unleashing a set of hidden knives into this bodyguards. I ran to face him. With no one else to stop me, it was down to this.

Bloody and wheezing from the fight, at least I can say I escaped with my sanity in tact. Searched the dojo and found all the heirlooms the gang stole. Also found a bottles of whisky. Cracking open one of them, I did something I haven't done since this all began. I smiled....

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Simon MJL
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Nice! Sounds like fun! How would you rate the solo version of the game? Any replay-ability value?
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Dr. Love
United States
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Thanks for the play through.
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