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Subject: Solo Game: Into the Dungeon rss

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Jerry Schippa
United States
Sun Prairie
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I was playing around with some ideas on a solo game for Dragonwood and wanted to share for some feedback and just to make it available.

The goal of the solo game is just to defeat the two dragons, nothing else matters.

1. Set aside the two dragons, the purple cards, and the orange cards from the encounter deck.

2. Shuffle the encounter deck and remove 14 cards from the game. Place those 14 cards back into the box.

3. Shuffle in the enchantment (purple), Treasure (Event/orange), and the encounter cards (except the two dragons) together.

4. Shuffle the BLUE Dragon in the bottom half of the encounter deck, and place the RED Dragon at the very bottom of the deck.

5. Shuffle the players cards as normal and hand yourself 5 cards (replacing the lucky ladybugs as normal).

6. Reveal the top 5 encounter cards and place them in front of you in a line which indicates the quest area. Reveal the top two player cards and place them face up next to the player deck (reshuffle any lucky lady bug cards into the deck if revealed).

On your turn you decide which of the exposed 5 (or less) cards you wish to have an encounter with. You may choose to attempt to capture it like normal, or you may choose to pass on the card and draw a card either off the top of the deck or one of the two face up cards.

If you choose to draw a card off the top of the deck or one from the face up offering you MUST choose which of the 5 cards (or less) to remove from the quest area.

If you chose to draw a card and remove an orange "Treasure" (aka event) card you may draw a card from the top of the player deck in addition to the card you originally chose to draw.

If you chose to draw a card and remove an enchantment card, nothing happens, you remove the enchantment from the quest area.

If you chose to draw a card and remove an encounter card, you must flip that card over and place it face down next to the play area. These face down cards represent your hand size (health). You start the game with a hand size of 10 and for each creature that defeats you, you lose one (1) health per creature.

If at any point you have more cards in your hand at the end of your turn you must discard down to your hand limit. This means if your health is at 5 and you currently have 5 cards, you may still draw cards, but at the end of your turn you must discard back down to 5...essentially you can replace cards.

Example: You lost to a hungry bear, flip the hungry bear face up and add it to your health track. Since you already had two cards face down, your new health total is 7 (10-2-1). If you have more cards in your hand than your health total you must discard down to your hand limit.

On your turn you may choose to try and capture a creature or enchantment. This works the same way as the original game with the following exceptions.

Any number of enchantments may be used during your turn to your benefit, but only once per turn. After you defeat the BLUE Dragon draw two player cards from the top of the deck.

Turn Order
1. Choose which card in the Quest Area to activate (creature, enchantment, or orange card).

2. Choose one of the following actions

2a. Draw a card from the face up cards or deck and remove the activated card.
Creature Cards hurt your health
Enchantment cards do nothing.
Orange Cards allow you to draw 1 extra card.

2b. Attempt to capture a creature or enchantment.

3. Refill the Quest Area to 5 cards if possible by drawing off the top of the Encounter deck and discard down to your hand limit if neccessary.

The goal of the game is to capture the two dragons. No other captured cars count for anything.

I hope this is a decent solo option that gives the feel of one person going through a dungeon in an attempt to stop the two Dragons. This variant should give the player some additional choices when it comes to what enchantments to give up, and when as well as when to take damage and when to try and keep your health up.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Edit: For added difficulty I think you could choose to only remove 12, 10, or 8 creature cards from the game during setup.
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