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Eric Grutz
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Last weekend, the gang sat down for a game of Britannia and it reminded me of why this is one of my favorite games. It was one of our most interactive, deal-making, and closer games that any of us had played (at least until the late game). And after looking over the rules, we’re confident that we didn’t leave out any of the finer rules. So here’s a run down of what happen on that little island:

Turns 1-5:
Romans came ashore and put together a pretty successful invasion. They managed to submit the Welsh, Picts, and Belgae, thus earning them the full 80 points for the first three rounds. The Welsh were given full population growth and managed to keep the Irish at bay. The Belgae had a good counterattack and got a little above average, at 26. In the north, the Scots, Caledonians, and the Picts struck a deal and allowed them each to live in relative peace, scoring points for everyone. And the Brigantes put together a solid showing. At the end of the first five turns, everyone felt that they were in a good position. 114 for the Romans was a little lower than he wanted, but with his Scots firmly in Skye, he thought he was still ok.

Turns 6:10:
The Romano-British took up a scattered position in the south, but united into a closed group at the end of their turn. The Saxons and the Angles made successful invasions, however the Angles were definitely the victims of good dice rolling by the Brigantes. This would end up to hurt the Angles later on in the game. Arthur came and led attacks against the Saxons, but it was the Saxons who would eventually go on to dominate the south of England and went on to win 2 of the 3 Bretwalda votes.

Before Turn 10:
As we all started turn 10, none of us had a firm feeling on who was actually in the lead. Green definitely felt he was losing, but knew his Danes were coming and that he could score big. It was just great listening and trying to convince each other who was in the lead and who needed to be ganged up on.

Turns 10-16:
The Saxons continued to dominate the south and the Danes didn’t have enough gusto to pry the crown away from them. The Saxons won the King’s crown in turns 11-13, which in the end is what helped them win. But red’s crappy Norsemen invasion in turn 11 was still giving us hope. They were turned away by the Caledonians, who had unbelievable rolling. By turn 15 and 16, the Danes finally dented the Saxon kingdom in the south and the Normans took another big chunk out of it. In the end, Harald Hardrada of the Norwegians was crowned King of England, but it was a tarnished crown because his yellow team fell 10 points short of beating red and his mighty Saxons.

Breakdown of points by nations. Their final turn is in ( )

Romans (5): 114
Romano-British (7): 20
Scots (16): 50
Dubliners (16): 11
Norwegians (16): 46
TOTAL: 241

Welsh (16): 83
Caledonians (16): 44
Jutes (7): 16
Danes (16): 74
TOTAL: 217

Brigantes (12): 48
Irish (11): 22
Saxons (16): 171 !
Norsemen (15): 9
TOTAL: 250

Belgae (2): 26
Picts (16): 56
Angles (13): 96
Normans (16): 28
Total: 206
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Lewis Pulsipher
United States
North Carolina
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There's a notion that red and green, and yellow and blue, are pairs: that when one tends to score quite high, the other of the pair will be quite low. It seems to have worked that way in this game, more or less.

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