Christopher Huet

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During the Second War for Galactic Conquest (Our second session), The Yassril Tribes prevailed just besting the rival Saar (Space Rats?) and Nekro Virus. The War began with the Custodians yielding Mecatol Rex to their ancient brothers the Winnu. In response the vast Federation of Sol with the aid of the Space Rats, surrounded and bombarded the capital. As the conflict raged, the Yassril spies and machinations slowly took hold, forcing and all out assault on their homeworld by the Winnu and Nekro Virus. Yet just as the sneaky Swamp Spies seemed down for the count and perhaps our new machine overlords took over, the Yassril stole victory from the jaws of defeat!

Our second game was a built map rather than the preset with 5 players instead of 6. Our grasp on the rules and changes from TI3 were much better and only one player was new to the 4th ed. Much more debate and time spent on Agenda phase, and I'm not convinced the time is worth the impact. I find myself often abstaining out of boredom. The race at the end was incredible though. As the Yass tribes were winning we all charged their system and got a home planet. Lots of dramatic dice rolls with one GF landing ona plant with a space cannon, wincing as the fate of the galaxy relies on an ace shot from a flak cannon lol. There were still plenty of discussions about where phases of the game are exactly. Like "Does the start of agenda phase mean before the first agenda has been drawn and read?" Other debates involve retcon on major mistakes. I forgot about my races scavenge ability and argued that I should get the trade goods for the planets I'd conquered. " Space Rat economics rely on finding flea market trinkets!"

Despite having to liberate his homeworlds, Pat of the tribe won a great game. Kudos!

All Time Points (Games Played)
Pat 18(2)
John 16(2)
Chris 12 (2)
Jamie 8 (2)
Jpg 9 (1)
George 6 (1)
Dan 6 (1)
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Alwin Derijck
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