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Subject: WBC 2007 AAR rss

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John Vasilakos
United States
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A couple of quick AAR's as playing in the Tourney, I didn't want to be rude and take too many notes....

1 First Scenario was a new one...No Monumental Acclaim. I was the Germans and Gary Phillips was the Americans. It used board W which has lots of multi hex buidings and a big one....P1. The Americans, 11 crack Paratroopers have to take P1 to win, as well as clear out another 5 multi hex buldings. Of course the Yanks enter on the opposite side, the 10 row. My germans had a mix of 1st and 2nd line squads, but with a HMG and a MMG... so I figured If I just hunkered down in P1 Gary's monstrous firepower would anihlate me. So I needed to put out some speed bumps. I placed about 4 squads in hexes that would cover most of the hexes the Americans would need to enter in or cross. The remaining force was split between bulding P1, two sq and the HMG, and nearby buildings which covered P1 or from which my Germans could easily fall back on P1. Well with a bit of luck and a well placed HMG (which kept some key hexes under fire) I managed to win this won. Gary played well for the most part, but that turn marker just keeps on ticking and the Americans have a lot of ground to cover.

2. Next was another new one...Going to New York. Here I played Tom McCorry. It uses board X and features a horde of Italians....13 squads trying to cross some open fields and the corn field to place fire on a RR track (represented by the road from GG6 to Y 10. They needed to place 12 FP (no long range) on the RR to win. As a kicker, they would get an instant victory if they took EE7, a building on the other side of the RR. I was the Americans, and had ...6 count em 6 first line squads and a MMG. I realized I would be swarmed and tried to set up for that. Unfortunately I screwed up my set up, First I placed one squad on the instant victory building....cutting in half my availible firepower on my right. I should have put him in the front line there and CX another squad to cover the Instant Death hex. Then I left a squad all by his lonesome in some woods near a map cornor that the IT could enter on...and he went down under the IT hordes. Still I had some hot dice and managed to wipe out almost all of the IT left force. But Tom played very well and beat me...goind on to eventual ASLSK glory!

In sum I had another wonderful time playing ASLSK (actually I don't think I ever had a bad time playing ASLSK) and learned some more valuable lessons....thanks to MMP, Perry and Ken for hosting. Note that these are brand new tournament scenarios and usually MMP publishes them in future Operations....
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