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Ferdinand Boleslawski
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Played two Skirmish games yesterday both of them with the first variation provided with the draft cards.

3 Players:

Team 1
Dragon of Thebes/Spartoi

Team 2
Hephaestus/Lava Golems
Mechanical Warriors

Team 3

Battle Report: Tentative deployment on Hecate's part who sends in the Dragon on Thebes and Circe, who is looking to make full use of her Metamorphosis power. Hephaestus is more aggressive and deploys fast himself to quickly absorb his first Omphalos. Helios sends in Icarus and Lycaon to claim some of them as well.

Hephaestus ordered his Mechanical Warriors to deal with Lycaon but they came to close to Circe in the process who pounced and triggered her Metamorphosis to get her Wolves. Together with them, she moved in on Lycaon and they finished the job.

This gave Helios the option to use his whip and draw Circe towards his area where he soundly eliminated her.

Hephaestus and his Lava Golems moved to close to Hecate's deployment zone to take some shots at the Dragon of Thebes wounding him and Diomedes took his chance. He proved that God Killer is aptly named and almost took down the god of the forge with a single blow.

While this was happening, Helios turtled with the Myrmidons and Tityos near his starting area, quietly collecting Omphalos in his surroundings to claim them with gem collector. He was waiting for the first reshuffle to trigger, so he became very conservative with his cards, passing some rounds and not drawing the second card.

Hephaestus triggered the reshuffle before Diomedes ended him with a 10 dice swing with God Killer and in Phalanx with the Spartans.

Now it came down to race between Hecate and Helios absorb their fourth Omphalos and Helios edged out Hecate with 4 Omphalos to 3, with Hecate being able to win on the next turn.

4 Players:

Team 1
Infernal Warriors

Team 2
Caucasian Eagle

Team 3

Team 4

Poseidon and Persephone deployed quickly, each of them absorbing one Omphalos. Apollo send out the Caucasian Eagle who attacked the out of position Chiron on Omphalos duty.

Hades deployed Odysseus and the Hoplites who attacked Geryon who took his revenge by chucking a column onto the Hoplites and destroying them instantly.

On the other side of the field, the Minotaur decided it was a good idea to charge the Eagle and Hippolyta who had wandered into the eagles field. He destroyed the eagle but Hippolyta canceled the wounds she received. Her counter attack left the Minotaur on a few hit points.

The Medusa slithered onto a rock and tried to shoot Hector who had deployed in the meantime but failed miserably. Hades switched strategies at this point, his heavy hitters we're not cutting it, so he had to go the Omphalos route.

The Medusa with her movement of two went around and delivered Omphalos to Hades who at this point only activated to absorb. Leonidas and Geryon took it on themselves to stop her and a well placed column to the face took the Medusa down.

Finally Apollo took the field and shot down the Minotaur and made Chiron discard some AoW cards to stay alive.

Meanwhile, Persephone also had collected enough Omphalos to be a threat in that win condition. The question now became who could get enough God activation cards in the second round of activation cards.

In the meantime, Poseidon and Apollo were both trying to stop them, but with both Persephone and Hades profiting whenever something died and Persephone seriously hampering movement, Hades was able to position himself in an area with an Omphalos, claim it and recall the Hoplites guard him for the rest of the round and his next activation brought him victory.


3 player games have the highest possibility of kingmaker problems involved, since one player may easily turtle of, if the other two start duking it out

Diomedes is a Killer

Circe’s power is very scary in a troop heavy environment. And the wolves are hardcore when coupled with her

Helios whip is very dangerous

Eurytus on a Rock is like a machine gun nest

4 player games really limit the amount of AoW cards which make 2 AoW powers very expensive

The turns come around super quickly, even in a 4-player game

Man that game is fun! I can't wait to play again and I'm in talks with a FLGS owner to run a tournament at his place
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thanks very interesting !

I was particularly interested by your 3P report as this will be our main playing sessions.
So, in your opinion, kingmaking seems quite likely in such a setup ?

Basically because 2 players fight it out whereas the 3rd one waits and picks up the loser ?

This would be disappointing...

Would it be possible however to plays with 2 vs. 2 rules with 1 player playing 2 armies ?
thanks !
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Ferdinand Boleslawski
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I'd suggest trying the specific 3-Player scenarios as well. They seem a bit more balanced.

Generally yes, I think that if all three players don't focus their forces equally on each other, there will always be one player profiting from the situation.

I think the team rules with one player commanding 2 forces should work!
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Dave Smith
United Kingdom
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Simple solution to the turtle, both the others attack him instead of each other.
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