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Terry R
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I'm playing the "Return of Khan" scenario solo, and I'm hoping someone can confirm if I have the rules right regarding when the Pequod is boarded.

Page 6 of the rulebook states:

"At the start of the Away Mission, roll Khan's Data Die to determine how he himself attacks during the ground battle. Every player must suffer this attack unless that player is able to defeat their share of the Planet Tokens entirely through Diplomacy and / or Long Range Attack . . . Once a player has defeated all of their assigned Planet Tokens, they may choose to assign leftover damage to any captured Crew Members that remain . . . Khan himself continues to roll his Data Die to attack during every Away Mission, even if his only remaining defenders are the captured Crew Members."


1. If I am boarding the Pequod - with Khan having at least 1 captured Crew Member - and I am able to defeat all of the Planet Tokens through Diplomacy and/or Long Range Attack (but, I know I will be unable to defeat his captured Crew Members later in the Away Mission), then I completely avoid/disregard Khan's attack even though I have not defeated his captured Crew Member(s) and will not be able to defeat them later in that Away Mission, correct?

2. I assume the "leftover damage" language only applies if you have defeated the planet tokens during the Long Range Attack phase and have excess Long Range Attack or defeated the planet tokens during the Attack phase and have excess Attack, correct?

3. Suppose I am able to defeat all of Khan's loyal followers (Planet Tokens) but unable to defeat Khan's captured Crew Members in my first Away Mission to the Pequod. Per the rule language quoted above, when I conduct my next Away Mission, Khan will role his Data Die again to attack. Am I correct that the only way to avoid Khan's attack is to defeat all of the captured Crew Members in the Long Range Attack phase?

4. If at least one Planet Token is not defeated in an Away Mission to the Pequod, am I correct that you should leave the same Planet Token(s) face up beside the Pequod (i.e., replacement Class L or Class K Planet Tokens are not drawn the next time the Pequod is boarded)?

5. If the Pequod is disabled and Khan's Wrath occurs (he runs out of cards) - forcing your ship to retreat if he enters your space - does the retreat trigger any Damage Cards (per paragraph 1. Retreat under "A Player Attacked by Khan" on page 14)? I would assume not, since you are not "attacked," but would like confirmation that my understanding is correct.

Thank you!

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Andrew Parks
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1. For the "Return of Khan" scenario, you must also defeat all of the thralls to avoid Khan's attack. The text regarding the defeat of the Planet Tokens precedes the "Khan's Thralls" section, which makes things a little harder during that scenario.

2. Correct

3. Yes

4. Correct

5. No, this is different than when he is attacking with his fleet. Essentially, you are just getting out of the way of his ramming ship, so you don't take any damage.
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