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The episode opens with the doctor attending an emergency meeting of the high council .
The visionary warned that omega who ever one though dead was alive and had been plotting his return for some time!
The doctor after some investigation (Susan helped ) finds a weAK spot in omegas anti matter universe .
But before he can use this information to find a solution Susan is dragged off by omegas anti matter minions !
While she's captured she learns omega needs someone to replace him in order for him to return to our universe .
Omega underestimates Susan and she is able to escape and tell the her grandfather what she's learned .
The doctor has his own suspensions and decides to sneak into vip reception ( after the surveillance system suffered and unfortunate system fault).
Unfortunately a court official spots the doctor and demands to see the doctors pass only invited time lords are permitted .
The doctor uses his familys house name to bluff his way in the official is suspicious but knows better than to anger such a powerful house of gallifery .
The doctor blends in with the crowd and soon discovers chancellor goth a fellow he had always suspected of being a trator , is working for omega !
Goth attempts to silence the doctor but he gives goth the slip.
The doctor and Susan encounter guards the doctor trys to reason with them but they won't listen and stun both of them !
The high Council is suspicious of the doctors actions and summit him to a harsh interrogation !
After a few hours they release him only half convinced.
Retreating to the old library Susan and the doctor finds a set of musty scrolls with the oldest form of galliferyen they have ever seen . Before they can decipher the scrolls more of omegas anti matter monsters appear !
Between the two of them the doctor and Susan are able to destroy it.
The doctor takes the scrolls to borusa hopeing he'd he able to translate them for them.
Borusa agrees but while they are working on the document Susan is taken by omegas minions !
( what does he want with her ? Is she the replacement ? )
Borusa and the doctor quickly decode the script and discover a way to close the door way to the other universe !
Borusa also is able to learn from goth how to get Susan back before shuting the gateway (for a lighter punishment ).

Next episode a new president will be elected , Susan becomeso part of a horrible plot and..... good by gallifery hello universe!
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