graeme tate
United Kingdom
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For me this one of the most fun games to come out in a long while, I just want a little more angst ref Dino choices and a little more Euro elements to the game start - Enjoy :-)

Jurassic Lark

Set up the game as normal including initial labs, specialists etc but give each player 18 Bucks
Roll the initial Phase 1 dice then proceed as follows once all players have seen what’s on offer.

Randomise an initial/setup order of play and set the players turn order meeples on the turn track as normal. Then simultaneously bid for first round turn order. (Money in fist - 3,2,1 reveal )
Highest bidder goes first, with ties broken in favour of the initial setup order of play.

The first turn can be crucial, depending on which DNA labs and specialists are available. This simply allows players to fight for right to go first but at a cost of a little cash.

On future turns victory points still determines the turn order.

Once Objectives are gained the points are scored immediately.

An exploding die” Chaos Variant is used for the threat die.
Roll the threat die at the beginning of phase 4
A 0-3 increase is possible, but if a 3 is rolled, then roll another die and add the result to the threat.

This makes an “everybody gets eaten” scenario a possibility but also includes the possibility of a minimal threat increase. It allows players to take risks in their dino development vs security. After all it might be 0 extra threat. In practice, the threat level tends to be a little lower than the standard game. As the standard game invariably takes it threat from a larger pool. But the posibility of a 0-6 threat exists.

The Threat level of the Large Carnivores is increased by 1.

[i]They cost more anyway, have a higher excitement level so surely a higher threat would be appropriate? It would make it a slightly tougher decision to go for them and in turn make the Small Carnivores more attractive.

[/i]Victory points lost for eaten visitors are tweaked slightly.
1 Victim -1 Vp
Every subsequent visitor eaten is -2 Vps.
Hooligans eaten - No loss to anyone  0 Vps.
Note - Hooligans are still eaten after visitors who got into the park

Apart from the above the game play the game exacly as normal - Enjoy!
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Windy City Meeple
United States
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Re: Jurrasic Lark variant
I love all these ideas but I also think if you took the turn order bidding mechanism from Five Tribes from each round it could make it interesting.
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