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Before we get started, I have to acknowledge there are quite a few positive reviews for this game. You will see them. You will read them. This is going to be the opposite view of this game and I had a hard time seeing their point of view. Let me jump into this review and explain why my review is so different.

1. I don't know the designer of the game. I have zero attachment to this game or the success of the game. I simply played the game and either enjoyed it or I didn't. I didn't. This is important to my review.

2. I also paid cash for this game. I wasn't invested in a Kickstarter and I didn't follow the project. I randomly purchased the game and played it.

I don't want this to be a comment on other people, but a comment on who I got to this place with this game.

This reminds me of a game by a designer who doesn't play modern games. I don't know if that is true or not, but it is the feeling I got when I played the game. Also, it appears to borrow heavily from an older game called Zombies. I don't take points off for borrowing from another game, but it has the same theme and feels very similar.

This is a roll and move game. You don't see this mechanic very often except for kid games. Rarely, you will see a game use it this old mechanic and it will work. Does it work here? Not really. You don't make too many decisions and your entire turn is ruled by you rolling the dice. You literally roll the dice and move that number of spaces. You can use some of that movement to pick things up but the more you pick up the slower you move. The zombies move very quickly and likely have a huge advantage in this game. It is very hard to lose as the zombie(s).

The game also is a semi-cooperative but the back of the box doesn't use that term that is highly acceptable in the industry which leads me to believe they may not be firmly in the hobby. You need to work together but also screw over your opponents. There is a slight advantage when people fight the zombies together.

The biggest flaw in the game is the lack of decisions. As all the tiles are face down when the game starts, it is nearly impossible to know the "best" direction to run in. So, you just run as far from the zombies as you can. If you roll high enough, you can get further. If you roll low, they have a much better chance at reaching you. Playing as the zombie is nearly identical to the players except it is a little easier as you are just trying to catch the other people. The combat is easy with both players rolling a single 6 sided die. The best results for the players is a tie (so strange!).

I have to admit this game isn't very good. If you want a "beer & pretzel" game, then this might be it. Why would you get this game over Zombies!? Well, this game has a clear understanding of what you need to get and where to go (no random helicopter). Zombies! has more expansions and ways to play, but this has the mechanic where you move slower the more stuff you carry. All Things Zombies or Zombicide blows this out of the water though (with more complexity though).

There is a variant that comes with the game to play with unique objectives that I highly recommend playing with. It really shakes up the game and approves of it.



The components are not great. I thought this was a print and play when it showed up. The cards are thin, the tiles are pretty bad and the meeples look like someone colored them with a Sharpie. The box is nice and I like the cover, but nothing is else is even passable.

Rule Book:

The rule book is really good. I pretty much learned how to play from the first two pages and then the book spent another 6-7 pages telling me what the first two pages did. Excellent!

Flow of the Game:

The players win if they get to the one of the two exits with the three required supplies. There is also a variant where each player has a unique objective to win. The zombie player wins by preventing the players from escaping. If a player is killed, they become a zombie.

The players each take a turn and then the zombie player:

1. Players - roll a 6 sided die and that is the number of action points (AP) they get for the round. It cost 1 AP to: move a space, flip a tile, pick up a tile, or attack. For each item you carry, the number of AP you get is reduced by one.

2. Zombies - roll a 6 sided die and move that number of spaces. You stop at doors and if you share a space with a player (then fight them).

Combat is by each person rolling a 6 sided dice. If the players roll higher, they get bit and have two rounds to heal. If they roll lower, they become a zombie player. If it is a tie, then the players escape.

Should I buy this game?:

I would recommend this to people who want a beer and pretzels game with a zombie theme. You have to like rolling dice and having Lady Luck make a lot of decisions for you. If you want to be in control of everything, then this isn't then game for you. If you like Zombies!, then you will really like this game.

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